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Every kitchen needs a microwave, a professional one that can help the user heat up different types of food and drinks. The market offers a wide variety of models, with the capacity to ease up the cooking process, in all of its phases. Reading some of the current best microwaves reviews is exactly what you need to do if you want to identify the most efficient product, worthy of using in your home. It’s important to have in your kitchen a high quality microwave oven that can provide the right culinary assistance, every time you need it to. Now, you have the opportunity to understand more about the top microwaves currently available on the market.


Panasonic NN-SD681S


Best Microwaves reviewsPanasonic always managed to create high quality electronic devices, and the NN-SD681S microwave makes no exception. Equipped with Inverter technology which provides and maintains true microwave power, evening out the temperatures and consistence of the food structure. This stainless 1.2 cubic foot oven retains the color, flavour and nutrients from the food. Small, light and modern, the oven weighs only 25-1/2 pounds which makes it ideal to be placed in various places of the kitchen. Equipped with Sensor cooking button, the oven has an intuitive feature which helps you create delicious meals, by automatically adjusting the power and cooking levels.

“I didn’t expect Panasonic to make microwaves but I was really impressed with the features that it had. Since I have it, I didn’t experience any problems with it and the drinks or foods that I cook or warm up inside, turn out just great.” Jacob Flanders

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Panasonic NN-H965BF


A growing number of the latest best microwaves reviews written by satisfied users, emphasize on the great operating system of Panasonic NN-H965BF oven, a model that seems to work without problems. The 2.2 cubic feet capacity of the microwave oven can fit with ease an entire meal, operating on the powerful 1.250 watts thus maintaining a quick cook and defrost system. This microwave oven features the One-Touch Sensor cooking feature which allows the device to safely calculate how the evenly redistribute heat on various foods. The art of cooking is taken a step further with this microwave oven from Panasonic.

“Everything about this microwave is excellent, the capacity, the different pograms, the power consumption, everything. Plus its price is very resonable and the design is very modern. Its controls are simple and didn’t cause me any problems.” 

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Sunbeam SGS90701B


When it comes to microwave ovens, one model stands out: Sunbeam SGS90701B, designed to prepare with ease any type of meal. The oven has a roomy 0/7 cubic foot space, packing a furious 700 watts of cooking power. You have the ability to select all the cooking options you need, six of their kind or any of the ten power levels that can accommodate with ease any food. Express cooking or various weights defrost that gives you the possibility to prepare anything with ease. The LED display of the oven enables you to have by your side a professional and high quality cooking instrument.

“The quality to price ratio for this microwave is absolutely amazing and I recommed getting it to everyone who has the chance. For me it works brilliant and makes my food nice and warm. The design also goes wonderful with my kitchen furniture.” Andrea Scott

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Haier MWM0701TB


If you want to use a high quality microwave, always ready to deliver an efficient cooking process, then Haier MWM0701TB is the product you should consider. This compact 700-watt oven has a more than enough space of 2/3-cubic-foot capacity where you can prepare any type of meal. With an impressive positive feedback from the best microwaves reviews, this model comes with soft-touch controls and even 8 auto-cook settings for various types of food such as potatoes, pizza, soup, popcorn and many others. Furthermore the oven comes with 30-seconds option, child-safety lock and also a pull-handle format which makes it very easy to cook, unlike the working process of traditional models.

“The Haier MWM0701TB is the perfect example of a microwave which has everything anyone needs and which comes for a very affordable price. At least this is the conclusion I have reached after I have been using it for a couple of months now.” Casey Jones

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Daewoo KOR6L0B


Do you want a great microwave in your kitchen? Well, if the answer is yes then Daewoo KOR6L0b should be on the short list. Designed with attention, the oven has 0.7 cu. Ft. capacity which is more than enough to prepare delicious food, worthy of sharing with friends or even family members. The oven has a 600W power output, preparing easier food, quite tasty. You should also know that the oven has 10 power levels and also a powerful, but very precise 59 minute and 90 seconds cooking timer, designed to accommodate the layers of any food. Easy to control and manage, this microwave oven is certainly a great addition to your home.

“For my needs the Daewoo KOR6LoB has everything. It is simple to use, has a lot of different programs for all type of drinks and foods and consumes not that much energy, not adding too much to my yearly power bill. In conclusion a wonderful microwave to own!” Chris Norris

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