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Top memory foam pillows in 2019


When we sleep, our brain and body rest, to recharge for the next day. To feel great in the morning, we need to sleep comfortably, otherwise we will wake up with pains in certain regions. The most annoying pain being in the neck area. To make sure this doesn’t become an issue, you should invest in a reliable pillow. The new models are built from memory foam, which are superior to the standard ones made of feather. Read the best memory foam pillows reviews for more information about the most comfortable models.


Sleep Better Iso-Cool


Best Memory Foam Pillows reviewsWhen it comes to memory foam pillows the most popular model you will encounter is Sleep Better Iso-Cool. Except this special type of foam, other features enhance its level of comfort: the cotton and the Outlast Adaptive Comfort material. This special material is fitted with microscopic PCM beads, that won’t allow the pillow’s surface to get too hot and cause you to sweat. The cover is made from cotton and is hypoallergenic. The whole pillow is closed off with a reliable zipper.

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Classic Brands Conforma


If you want the best comfort level when you are sleeping, then you should seriously consider getting Classic Brands Conforma. This pillow is 5 inches thick and is specially designed for people who prefer to sleep on their sides or on their back. Your head and neck will be always properly aligned with this pillow, to wake up after sleeping on it without any pains. Three years of warranty are included by the manufacturer, making it one of the best memory foam pillows in 2019.

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Sleep Innovations Reversible Gel


For a very affordable price you can have a very comfortable pillow on Sleep Innovations Reversible foam pillow. Under the cover there are 2 layers of foam, the first one being gel infused memory foam and the second one being premium memory foam. It molds, so it can take the pressure of your neck and your spine, thus giving you the most comfortable sleep ever. This will lead you to be full of energy in the mornings and has convinced the top memory foam pillows reviews to recommend it.

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Soft Living BP-MC4 Body Pillow


This body pillow from Soft Living has all the necessary features to make sure you will have a well nights rest, feeling excellent the next day when you wake up. It is made of breathable material, which will ensure its temperature won’t get too hot, thus you always stay cool and don’t wake up during the night all sweaty. It looks after your health because its cover is anti-microbial and non-allergenic. Enjoy your night sleep even more with the purchase of the BP-MC4 from Soft Living.

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Sleep Innovations Reversible 2-in-1


The best memory foam pillows reviews agree that the high comfort level of this model is better than most of its rivals. At a first glance it looks like a normal pillow with cotton covers, but there is a lot more to it: This pillow has a memory foam surface underneath the cover and a fiber pillow surface, a standard feature for modern day pillows. Another thing to look out for is Ventilated SureTemp foam, which keeps the pillow cool, so it will never get too hot, making you sweat and feel uncomfortable.

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