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The benefits of a good massage are endless. If you love having that but don’t have the time and money to visit a massage salon every time you feel the need to relieve some stress, you should try a home massager. These devices are usually pretty compact, affordable and just powerful enough to make you feel relaxed after a 10 minute long session. The options are many and choosing the right massager may be difficult. We’ve taken the time to go through most of the best massager reviews we could find in order to make a list of suggestions. All our picks are based on user feedback and on in detail reviews which reveal both the good and the bad when it comes to these devices.


truMedic TENS Unit Electronic


Best massager reviewsEven if it may come off as a bit more expensive than all the others on the list, this little pulse massager is definitely a product to consider. Created especially for people who live a stressful life, the Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is considered by most as the best massager in 2019. It is far more advanced than most similarly purposed not only when it comes to the technology used but also when it comes to design. It is compact but very powerful. It can be used even while working out. It will help get ripped in no time.

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Frankies Deep Tissue Hammer


This deep tissue massager is according to some of the best massager reviews, the closest you will get to a professional device without having to pay a fortune to have it. It is pretty compact, easy to hold and really efficient. It is perfect for recovering after injury and it is also excellent for those who suffer from back pain. It covers a decent body area and it can run on two different speed settings depending on your needs. It is well built, affordable and has a great weight to it so as to spare you the extra effort of having to push harder in some cases.

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U.S. Jaclean Tapping Pro


Even though this is not the best massager in 2019, it still manages to do a decent job every time you use it. It has an ergonomic design with a long handle which allows a thorough massage regardless of the area you need to focus on. It is delivered with three different interchangeable heads for different types of massages. It is great for those suffering from fatigue and muscle aches. It even comes with an infrared light to stimulate blood flow and relax your body even more. It is actually pretty impressive how much you get from a device costing less than $25.

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HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action


Created by professionals, the HHP-350 is included in all the top rated massager reviews we could find. It has a unique design which is very efficient especially when it comes to massaging your back all by yourself. It uses a percussion action to make you feel each and every muscle relaxing. It has a variable speed feature and it uses not one but two pivoting heads which allows it to focus on larger areas. It can be used with three add-ons each destined for a different type of massage. It can be firm, gentle or soothing which is a mode that uses heat to relax your entire body.

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Pamvia Waterproof Handheld Wireless Vibrating


If you are a woman and you love pampering yourself while taking a relaxing bath, we recommend the vibrating massager designed by Pamvia. It runs on two AA batteries which means it is wireless. It is perfect for those who need to travel on business but want to relax at the end of the day with a calming massage. It works on two vibration settings, with the high mode providing up to 5300 vibrations per minute. It is very soft and flexible while still managing to deliver a firm massage. It is very quiet, it is waterproof and very affordable.

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