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What to Consider When Buying a Magnifying Mirror


Humans probably first saw their reflections in a simple pool of water, and with the way things have become since then, we now have a wide array of products featured in the best magnifying mirror reviews to serve that purpose. With the remarkable range of sizes, prices and technical specifications on magnifying mirrors being sold on the market, it has become even more imperative that the buyer performs a modest amount of research or reading before setting out to make a purchase. This ensures that you are able to get a product you will truly enjoy looking into for years.

A.Magnifying Mirror

Size and Purpose

Whether it be for travel or for simple home use, your mirror should be of the right size to suit your needs. There are products featured in the best magnifying mirror reviews that are small or compact for travel but provide a powerful 15X magnification, making them ideal for make-up application. With this type of mirror, you may also be able to see those zits and skin imperfections with a better view.

However, for checking how your clothes fit or giving your hairstyle an overall view, a small mirror is not enough. You will need a larger magnifying mirror such as a wall-mounted model featured as the top rated magnifying mirror 2019 in reputable online stores. Remember: what you can use when you shave doesn’t offer enough viewing capacity to help you get a thorough check of your outfit from head to foot.


Portability, Adjustability and Convenience

The best magnifying mirror 2019 that is wall-mounted may save on vital shelf space and is ideal for smaller bathrooms, but it may not be perfect for every other application. Although a wall-mounted mirror may be larger and more effective, aside from presenting less risks of breakage compared to a mirror with stand, people who want a magnifying mirror they can adjust to a preferred height may not find such models suitable for them. For space with sufficient lighting, wall-mounted units are the best, but if you want to be able to move the mirror from room to room or to be used by different people, you may need a magnifying mirror with stand and with casters.

The absence of extra room lighting and wiring may necessitate the use of a magnifying mirror with integrated lighting. Bright LED lighting is preferred.


Extra Features

If you want to be able to view your skin really up close, you should check out products highlighted in the best magnifying mirror reviews that are double sided. These types will give you a really close view of your skin pores, and feature a second side that offers a more normal perspective. A double-sided magnifying mirror is great for makeup application, pore cleaning, shaving and tweezering tasks.

Mirrors with anti-mist properties are ideal for bathroom installation. These types are also prefect for shaving, tweezering and getting rid of blackheads right after steaming the skin.


Top Magnifying Mirrors in 2019


It can be difficult to make a choice among the many magnifying mirrors available on the market. As simple an item as it may be, a magnifying mirror needs to be chosen carefully to ensure that you get the most out of it. Here are three products that are consistent best sellers online.


DecoBros MM-002-1 Two-Sided


1.DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided SwivelThe DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mount Mirror deserves to be included in the best magnifying mirror reviews due to its dual magnification options. You can use the regular 1X magnification option to have a normal view. Or use the 7X magnification to view details more closely, so you can make sure every detail of your makeup or your hairstyle is in place. This magnifying mirror is every girl’s best friend, as it shows you any imperfections so you can immediately do something about them before you even leave the house.

The 13.5-inch extension allows you to position the mirror properly so you can get the best perspective possible. The matte nickel finish gives the unit a really smart, space-age and classy look. This two-sided circular mirror measures 8 inches in diameter and is built with a smooth 360-degree design, so you can turn it any way to get the best view. Use this magnifying mirror to check out if your beauty regimen is effective, and to check whether those tiniest details are truly contributing to the enhancement of your looks.

Shaving, tweezering and make up application become easier when you do them in front of this very honest looking glass that features magnification capability.

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Jerdon JP910NB Vanity


2.Jerdon JP910NB 6-Inch Vanity MirrorA bit of vanity is not a sin, and every girl or boy is guilty of having it one way or the other. What better way to enjoy that tiny morsel of vanity than with the best magnifying mirror 2019 featured in some reviews. The Jerdon JP910NB 6-Inch Vanity Mirror may just be a small and unassuming piece of equipment, but it proves hugely helpful if you’re constantly trying to achieve perfection in every aspect of your looks. The swivel design on this two-sided mirror enables you to flip it over easily to make the most of its magnification options. The mirror stands 11 inches high and upright on your vanity, table or countertop, so you’ll get a comfortable viewing angle at all times.

The magnification level is superbly high at 10X on one side, so you can check whether every detail of your hair and makeup is in place. The 10X magnification helps you achieve a smooth and flawless look, even in those hard-to-see areas. The attractive nickel finish gives the mirror a sleek and smart look while protecting it against condensation and moisture, which just slide off the sides. This means you can use the mirror in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. The smart finish also allows you to have the mirror constantly in plain sight.

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Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra Strong


3.Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra StrongThis elegant dual-sided magnifying mirror offers a 1X magnification for normal viewing, plus a powerful 15X magnification on the other side, for a more intensive view. Get a clear, crisp high-definition imaging capability that is truly remarkable, so you can make sure no detail is ever out of place with your make up or hairstyle. The mirror frame has a diameter of 7.75 inches, and the viewing surface on both sides is 7 inches, giving you enough viewing capability to see all around. The magnifying mirror is built with distortion-free glass, so viewing the tiniest detail is effortless and true.

People with poor close up vision will appreciate the powerful 15X strong magnification. The brushed nickel finish endows the mirror with a smooth, moisture-resilient look that you’ll love to have on your dresser or among your beauty tools. The Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra Strong 15x/1x Supervision Vanity Mirror helps you see things really closely, so you won’t miss a thing or any tiny detail.

With this product, you will always love what you see, and other people will surely appreciate the extra effort you put in to look perfect at every angle. Use this every time you want to look amazingly flawless and really “put together”.

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