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Top litter boxes in 2019


Your cat deserves the best when it comes to hygiene. Currently there are dozens of litter boxes you can choose from in order to keep both your bet and home clean and smell-free. Picking the right product is going to be hard considering the large array of options. Our experts have gone through most of the best litter box reviews they could find in order to make a list of recommendations. They’ve narrowed it down to five products which are all pretty unique but at the same time manage to serve the same general purpose.


Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning


Best litter box reviewsThis is considered by most as being the best litter box in 2019. It is definitely the most advanced when it comes to design features. Besides having a futuristic design which seems very appealing to cats, it is also cost efficient. It will save not only money but also time because of its self-cleaning abilities. It will change the litter after each use without any external intervention. It is already fitted with a garbage bag in which all the waste is dumped. It will not get stuck and it will run smoothly for many years to come.

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ScoopFree Self-Cleaning


This product designed by Brilliant Pet is one of the top rated litter boxes in 2019. It has a simple yet very efficient design which will not require you to come into contact with the waste left behind by your pet. It will automatically clean things up throughout the whole month. The crystals used with this litter box absorb smell and liquid so there is no need to worry anymore. It has a generous litter area which is perfect even for the largest of cats.  It comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee which you will probably never end up using considering how efficient and well-designed this litter box is.

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Pet Studio MDF Cat Cabinet


Most of the best litter box reviews say that this is one of the smartest investments to make. It is basically a custom made piece of furniture destined to accommodate your cat and its needs. You can either dedicated it entirely to your pent or you can turn it into a useful storage unit which can even hold a large TV on top. It has a very convenient drawer which can be turned into the cat’s sleeping space. The area designed to fit the litter box is very generous and it will not make the cat feel trapped. It will have enough room to move around freely.

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CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box


This is considered by most as the best litter box in 2019. It basically cleans itself so you don’t have to do much. It has a mechanism which automatically flushes the waste and also cleans the litter filled area. It is filled with washable granules which are very similar to normal granules. This means your cat will still be able to satisfy its needs to cover things up. It is large enough to handle up to 3 cats living in the same home. It must be placed near a power outlet and a cold water pipe as it requires both to stay clean.

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Designer Catbox Enclosure


This is a very elegant solution to a common problem cat owners face each day. The Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure provides the answer to all those problems. It offers the necessary space to hold a litter box without messing up your whole décor. It nicely hides the cat’s litter box while still looking elegant. It is a very nice piece of furniture adapted to soothe the needs of both you and your pet. The interior is spacious and can hold a quite large litter box while still offering the cat enough room to move around.

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