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Top LED lanterns in 2019


Darkness can be conquered with the right lighting instrument. People living in the countryside or that simple have to work at night need to have by their side a powerful and reliable lantern. To this extent the industry’s response to create thousands of lantern models is absolutely normal. Still, one question needs to be answered: which is the most efficient lantern? Today, more and more people are now trying to utilize a professional LED lantern. Reading the best LED lanterns reviews, which provide the right insight on the advantages or disadvantages of using a particular product, represents the best way to identify a great model.


Rayovac Sportsman


Best LED Lanterns reviewsRayovac Sportsman LED lantern is a great lighting instrument that will precisely light out any location you need. This lantern comes with a force of 4-watt LEDs that last for over 100.000 hours which never need to be replaced; obviously this means you will save money. Furthermore Rayovac lantern comes with 240 lumens and also three modes: high, low and strobe which can accommodate with ease to any condition. The lantern comes with a green LED light that blinks around 5 seconds whenever the lantern is off. Sportsman LED lantern operates on three D batteries.

“A lantern can always come in handy in different circumstances and one I particulary recommend, because I own it, is the Rayovac Sportsmen LED lantern. It operates on a single batch of batteries for an incredible amount of time, thus saving me money.” Paul Michael

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Energizer LED

A growing number of the current best LED lanterns reviews, underlines the great operating system of Energizer lantern, which reunites the powerful light force of over 300 lumens output. Energizer LED lantern is water resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The model has a smart dimming technology that allows you to control the brightness of the lantern and also rung time of the lantern. Energizer LED lantern runs on 4 AA or 8 AA batteries. You should also know that this powerful lantern has an area of lighting condition of 360 which is quite impressive to say the least.

“This lantern shines bright during the night or in dark places and at the same time is very easy to carry around with me, anywhere I go. It costs almost nothing, making it from my point of view ideal for any house, cause you might never know when you need it.” Dan Cosby

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Energizer Weather Ready


One of the best LED lanterns currently available on the market is, according to recent statistics and user testimonials, Energizer Weather Ready. Easy to use, powerful and durable, Energizer Weather Ready lantern unfolds around 360 degrees of room filling clear light. In addition, Energizer LED lantern will run with ease to an impressive 135 hours with the 4 D batteries. This lantern has 96 lumens and can perform for around 135 hours of run time, offering three modes of light: high, low and also nightlight. If you are struggling from time to time to battle dark places, then use with confidence Energizer LED lantern.

“I bought it for such a low price and up untill now it has proven to be extremely useful in various situations and jobs I had to do and there wasn’t sufficient light. Buying it won’t be a problem cause you can find it pretty much anywhere.” Anthony Cooper

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Lighting EVER


Recommended by more and more of the current best LED lanterns reviews, Lighting EVER LED lantern will certainly become a great addition to any home, providing a force light with ease. This powerful LED lantern is ultra-bright 300lm with 3 modes, always at your disposal: 100%, 50% and flashing, for special situations like distress signals. Lighting EVER LED lantern is water resistant, being powered by 3 D batteries that are not included in the basic package. You have the possibility Lighting EVER LED lantern in gardens, while camping in the mountain, hiking and other outdoor activities.

“It is great to have around the home a reliable lantern cause you don`t know when you are going to need it, you never know when a power outage will occur and things like this. I found it very useful and because it is so powerful I even let it light my garden at night.” Samantha Alfred

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Dorcy 41-1047


When it comes to lanterns, Dorcy 41-1047 LED model is ideal for persons that undergo outdoor activities. This powerful LED lantern contains 9 extra bright 5-millimeter LED bulbs that become a great lighting source, irrespective of the darkness spread. Dorcy 41-1047 LED lantern features a user-friendly top handle, carefully mounted push button which lets you use the device with ease. With a compact design, Dorcy LED lantern makes the light ideal for any situation. The force of the light comes from the 27-lumens and maintained for around 12-hour, as the battery holds. You can even use the lantern in an auto emergency kit.

“Whenever there is not enough light for me to continue my activities, I just switch on the Dorcy 41-1047 LED lantern and I just continue with whatever I was doing. It is cheap, it is bright and lasts for a long time, there is nothing more I could ask from a lantern.” William Crowe

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