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How to Choose the Best LED Grow Lights


If have ever thought that you have been gifted with a green thumb, you might be interested in some of the top rated LED grow lights in 2019. There’s a large number of reasons to look for LED grow lights, but we’ve decided to collect some details that need to be considered by any buyer before choosing a specific model. Here’s the short yet informative buying guide we’ve put together if you’re still having second thoughts about the lights you need to pick.

Best LED grow lights

Energy efficiency

It’s quite clear that LED grow lights are more efficient in terms of energy than their CFL and HID counterparts. While CFL bulbs can last for about 10,000 hours and HID ones for approximately 1,000 hours, a single LED bulb will generally keep on working for 25,000 hours. Most LED models operate between 2 and 17 watts of electricity, which automatically makes them remarkably economical.

Not only are these lights long-lasting, but they can also help a buyer cut down their electricity bills.


More light but less heat

Even if you pick the biggest and baddest LED grow lights, they’ll still produce fewer BTUs per hour compared to a regular light bulb. For example, a 300W model can produce up to 3.4 BTUs per hour, while its incandescent counterpart will let out 85. Some plants actually don’t like extreme heat, so choosing LED might save you money which would otherwise be spent on buying a cooling system.


Number of LEDs and their color

Some units nowadays come with up to 12 LEDs or even more. Furthermore, some can even allow buyers to select their preferred color tones. It’s up to every customer to assess his or her needs and preferences and to make the right decision in terms of LED grow lights models.



Although they’re generally thought of as relatively inexpensive, convenient and long-lasting, researching a particular unit before buying it is still more satisfactory than returning it. We recommend that prospecting buyers invest some time in reading as much info as possible, including customer reviews. Most people who run into minor or major glitches will usually specify these details in their ratings.


Top LED Grow Lights in 2019


Finding the best LED grow lights of 2019 may look like a daunting task. After having gone through hundreds of models, we have selected three of the most acclaimed ones on the market today. All of the following systems have over time gathered the appreciation of many American customers, who praise their dependability, convenience and price.


TaoTronics TT-GL20 LED Plant Grow Light


1.TaoTronics LED Plant GrowTaoTronics is a winner brand in matters of reputation. The company is well-known for manufacturing top-quality products, and this one is no exception.

This system comes with 12 LEDs, of which 3 are blue and 9 are red. This combination helps users create the perfect environment for the vast majority of plants that any buyer might be interested in growing in their apartment or small house. It’s said that red light sources promote photosynthesis, while blue ones help preserve the health of leaves.

One of the most acclaimed features of this model is its usability. According to the description provided by the manufacturers and considering the best LED grow lights reviews it has gathered, these lights are easy to install and utilize, and they require no special lamp. They can be adapted to a desk lamp.

The power of the entire unit is 12 watts, and the frequency is between 50 and 60 Hz. The lifespan of this model is absolutely breathtaking, since it can last for up to and more than 50,000 hours.

The manufacturers are offering a 12-month warranty on this item.

More than 75% of the individuals who have chosen the TaoTronics grow light for hydroponic garden greenhouses provided 5-star reviews.

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Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light


2.Advanced Platinum Series P300Compared to the previously described TaoTronics model, this PlatinumLED Grow Lights item is definitely destined for hardcore or professional gardeners. It’s considerably more expensive and might be a little out of the budget of some people. Nevertheless, if you believe that you’d benefit from owning a superior, high-quality LED grow light system, this one’s the one to get.

While the unit consumes only 180 watts of power, it can be utilized for replacing any 400-watt HPS grow light. There are no color variations on the bulbs of this model, but this characteristic doesn’t really do any damage to the performance of the Advanced Platinum Series unit. This one has it all and will use all to promote the photosynthesis of any of your plants.

A noteworthy advantage to choosing this model, aside from its obvious extreme performance stands in the selectable Veg/Flower switches, which come with high speed quiet fans complete with aluminum cooling heat sinks.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty on this item, and a 90-day return guarantee is part of the deal.

The lifespan of the LEDs is an approximate 100,000 hours.

80% of the individuals who have chosen this model were satisfied with its quality. Thus, it seems that the unit has gathered some of the best LED grow lights reviews.

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Galaxyhydro LED Grow Plant Light


3.Galaxyhydro LED GrowAlthough it might look like a pretty basic LED system, the Galaxyhydro is known for its performance and durability. Compared to the model we’ve described before, this one features red, blue and white light altogether. 75% of the IR LEDs are red, and they are known for stimulating plant growth. They’re fit to use both with vegetables and with flowers.

The model is known for being quiet and capable of excellent performance. You don’t need to worry about heat-related issues with this one, as it has a potent cooling performance regardless of its 5.5-pound weight. The brand recommends that customers use this LED light system continuously from 10 to 16 hours per day, in order to prevent overheating and to maintain the long life of the bulbs.

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this item.

For some people, it could be that the Galaxyhydro is not be the best choice, since it’s a bit more expensive than the first model we’ve showcased. Leaving financial details aside, we’ll say that this unit is certainly worth having a look at, as it’s being praised for the good value it offers. Some buyers have been using it since the beginning of 2014 without experiencing any technical issues.

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