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Top Leather Wallets in 2019


Men use very little accessory but they are very practical with everything they own. One of the things that every man possesses is a wallet. According to the best leather wallet reviews, the most popular and masculine type of wallets are usually made of leather. It can be synthetic or genuine leather – as long as the design is neat and functional. Although wallets look pretty much the same, there are certain factors that set a particular brand apart from others. Here is a list of the bestselling wallets for men.


Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Passcase


Made from 100% genuine Cowhide leather, the Tommy Hilfiger Ranger Passcase wallet for men has made quite a reputation in the best leather wallet reviews. Quality-wise, this wallet is a sure winner. The leather has a great feel to it and the Tommy Hilfiger logo is sewn in. The wallet is not too bulky and has just the right dimensions to fit IDs, credit cards, and some cash. Because of its compact size, it is the ideal wallet for back pockets.

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Levi’s Men’s Extra Capacity Slimfold


For a more professional looking wallet, Levi’s has designed the Extra Capacity Slimfold Wallet. The description itself introduces this particular product to be the ideal wallet for men who have quite a number of cards they need to keep. Extra Capacity means there are 13 spaces for cards and IDs in this wallet, not to mention an extra space for the bills. Even with its capacity, the Levi’s bifold wallet is guaranteed to hold everything inside it securely as it has good construction and double stitching all throughout.

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Dockers Men’s Extra Capacity


Just within the price range of the first two mentioned wallets is the Extra Capacity leather designed by Dockers for men. This sleek and classy wallet made of 100% genuine leather has a bifold layout that contains nine card slots, a single bill pocket, and one ID window. The best thing about this leather wallet is that it’s durable and not at all flimsy. In fact, consumers have reported this wallet to still be in good condition after 15 years of use.  It has a very neat look, which makes it the best leather wallet in 2019 for younger men in the working class.

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Alpine Swiss Men’s Bifold Removable Flip Up ID Window


Budget-wise, the Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather bifold wallet is the people’s favorite. For a little over 10 bucks, anyone can have high quality wallet made of soft lambskin leather. The quality of the leather is apparent with its smell and texture, and it doesn’t have the typical plastic-like texture that other wallets have. The snug cards slots and secure ID window keep the cards and other wallet contents intact.  A lot of consumers have commented positively on the removable ID window flap.

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Calvin Klein Men’s Bookfold


The Calvin Klein leather bookfold for men may not be the best leather wallet in 2019 but it is right up there with Levi’s, Dockers, and other popular brands. It is made of high quality genuine lea ther with synthetic lining. The brown leather has a rather rugged and classy look. It comes with 10 card slots, an ID window, and a bill pocket. The bookfold design offers a more organized system of arranging cards. A lot of people also find the flap closure a convenience.

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