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Top leaf mulchers in 2019


Everyone hates when they have a large pile of leaves in their yard and must dispense of them somehow. This task takes hard work and most importantly time. If you want to shorten this time and the effort you put into it, then a good suggestion would be to get a leaf mulcher. If you don’t really know which one to get, the best option is to see what the best leaf mulchers reviews have to say about different models and based on their analysis, make your final decision.


Flowtron LE-800 Leaf-Eater Electric


Best Leaf mulchers reviewsFlowtron LE-800 will reduce 8 bags of leaves into just one, making it much easier to dispense of the excess leaves in your yard or garden. It comes with a 21 inch hooper, so filling the machine up for mulching is not difficult. The materials that go into its construction are extremely durable: high-density polyethylene and steel. The three legs provide it with stability for when it is operating. We were very impressed by the 30 to 1 mulch reduction ratio, which was the main reason for placing this leaf shredder/mukcher on the top of our list.

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WORX WG430 Electric


With WORX WG430 you won’t just get a leaf shredder, you will get a mulcher as well, making sure that too many leaves in your yard won’t become an issue. One of its best features is its speed and the mulcher can shred 53 gallons of leaves per minute. Also it has one of the best mulch ratios in the business, 11:1. When the cutting line is not operating as well as you would like, replacing it will be easy and won’t require any tools. Many customers have named it as one of the best leaf mulchers in 2019.

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Flowtron LE-900 Mulcher


You want to have a beautiful yard? Then FLowtron LE-900 is just what you need to help you with this matter. This machine’s operation has two different steps, firstly it shreds the leaves then it mulchs them, making for an excellent waste reduction ratio, which can go up to 30 to 1. The powerful motor manages to set the cutting lines in motion with enough momentum, so they make short work of large quantities of leaves. Surprisingly it just weighs 17 pounds and is very easy to set up. Because of these top notch features, the best leaf mulchers reviews hold it in high regards.

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Black & Decker BV3600 Blower Vac


The top leaf mulchers reviews recommend Black & Decker BV3600 because it has done very well in the tests they have put it through. The very affordable price range, is another reason for this model’s success. You can use it either as a blower or as a mulcher, depending on the task at hand. To switch from blower to mulcher is very simple and you will manage to it quickly, without the use of any tools. The reliable 12 amp motor is the key for its smooth operation in both its roles.

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Earthwise BVM20010 Electric


This particular leaf blower from Earthwise has a great advantage over its rivals, it can function as a vacuum, scooping up leaves and as a mulcher, so you take better care of your garden. The 10 amp motor is very versatile and reliable, being able to operate at two different speeds. It has a alrge capacity of 1.5 bushel, which comes in handy when mulching. When you change from one role to another, you won’t need to use any tools. We believe that this multi-purpose tool can prove to be very useful.

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