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Employing propelled air to move leaves and other debris, the best leaf blower sweepers 2019 can also be used to tackle a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks. A leaf blower is a wise investment for any home or business owner, as it keeps the property neat and tidy. Here’s what to check out in this type of gear.

Best Leaf Blower Sweeper

Suitable Power Source

Gasoline fuels the larger and more powerful machines mentioned in the best leaf blower sweeper reviews, but homeowners may choose smaller leaf blowers powered by electricity for a greener alternative. Some models run on batteries while others come with power cables. Electric models operate with less noise compared to their gas-fed counterparts. They are also less awkward to use thanks to the absence of a fuel tank.


Leaf Blowing Capacity

The power of the machines highlighted in the best leaf blower sweeper reviews is quantified in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A higher CFM rating means a greater air volume coming out of the machine for greater power to move leaves and debris.

The miles per hour (MPH) rating denotes the speed at which air exits the leaf blower. For faster removal of leaves and debris, machines with a faster MPH rating are ideal.


Ease of Use

The top rated leaf blower sweeper 2019 comes with easy handling thanks to a lightweight design. It should have a bottom-mounted air intake that is less likely to pull at your clothing compared to a side-mounted component.

A shut-off switch is convenient and offers safety, as well. This feature enables quick and easy shutoff of the motor.

The nozzle can be rounded or flattened. A flat tip is useful for sweeping leaves, while a round tip is perfect for loosening embedded leaves off surfaces. Some models come with both types.

An electric blower with multiple speeds enables you to adjust the power level according to what you’re working on. Increasing it lets you handle open ground or hard surfaces, while working around flower beds will require a lower power level.

The hand grip should be comfortable to hold. An auxiliary or second handle provides greater controllability.


Top Leaf Blower Sweepers in 2019


Like any other investment, purchasing a leaf blower should come with a decent amount of research to equip the buyer with sufficient knowledge on what makes a unit good and what makes it a waste to acquire. If you can’t stand doing an extra ten minutes of reading, then take your cue from these three topselling machines.


Black and Decker LSW20 Cordless


1.Black and Decker LSW20Lightweight at just 3.7 pounds, the Black and Decker LSW20 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper helps give your yard a neat and trim appearance that you would only get with professional landscaping. Removing leaves and debris on your patio, driveway and sidewalk, the leaf blower/sweeper has an efficient design that enables easy clearing of debris from hard surfaces. The built-in scraper helps loosen embedded wet leaves from the surface for easy sweeping. The machine runs quietly while ensuring efficient removal of debris all around your property. The powerful airflow ensures that leaves and debris are swept off surfaces most efficiently.

The Black and Decker LSW20 is quiet and comfortable to use, making it both neighbor- and user-friendly. It offers easy handling yet ensures reliable sweeping power delivered by its 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery. The machine won’t create harmful fumes nor will it be messy to operate, compared to gas-powered machines that run on gas-and-oil mixes. Just recharge it when the battery runs down, and it’s again ready to tackle a new round of leaf blowing and sweeping. The cordless design eliminates annoying extension cords and provides better mobility around the property. The trigger button locks on, effectively preventing hand fatigue.

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Worx WG545.1 WORXAIR Multi-Purpose


2.WORX WG545.1 WORXAIRThe WORX WG545.1 WORXAIR Lithium Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner enables you to create a clean zone anywhere in your property. This multi-purpose blower comes with nine convenient attachments to help you keep your property well-maintained at all times. Eliminating smelly exhausts and tangled cords, the leaf blower, sweeper and cleaner dries, inflates, deflates, dusts, sweeps, clears and cleans a variety of things in and around your property, RV, boat, or auto. The long tube ensures reliable clearing of debris from patios, decks, garage floors and porches. The long design and narrow nozzle ensure more focused blowing while ensuring you won’t have to bend over to get the cleaning done.

The long tube is also perfect for gaining access around and under objects. The dust brush helps remove debris and dust in hard-to-reach crevices. The included 90-degree wand with air brush lets you clear cobwebs in corners around the area. It also serves to clean sliding door and window frame tracks, to dislodge dust and dirt from creases in cushions, and clean hard-to-reach and recessed spaces. The short tube is designed with a stubby air cannon that proves to be useful for quick cleanups. The tube produces a concentrated air blast that handles dust and debris on a variety of surfaces such as table tops, screened-in porches, garage floors, patio steps and many others.

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LawnMaster BL705 Electric


3.LawnMaster BL705Engineered with a capable 8-amp motor, the LawnMaster BL705 Electric Blower/Sweeper produces a strong air speed of 160 MPH to move dust and debris most efficiently from various surfaces. The durable one-piece blower tube delivers a focused blast of air to blow off dust and debris around the home and the property. Safe for the environment, the LawnMaster BL705 Electric Blower/Sweeper produces a powerful gust to clear away debris and leaves, keeping your property neat and clean. The lightweight design makes the machine ideal for outdoor usage, so you can have it in your hand for extended periods without worrying too much about user fatigue.

The durable one-piece blower tube is built for lasting use and utilization through many seasons. The built-in cord retainer keeps the unit plugged into the AC outlet. A greener and cleaner alternative to gas-fueled sweepers, the LawnMaster BL705 Electric Blower/Sweeper delivers efficient cleaning every time. Weighing in at just 4 pounds, the machine won’t stress you out during use. It is easy to carry and can blow well enough to dry the exterior of your auto. Because it is AC powered, the leaf blower ensures that you do not need to recharge it every so often, which also guarantees sustained operation without power running out.

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