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Top Lapdesks in 2019


If you would rather not balance your laptop on your knees or if you hate sitting behind a full-size computer table, a lap desk can be your perfect working partner. Ideally, a lapdesk lets you use your laptop while protecting you from the heat generated by your computing instrument. The lapdesk has to be lightweight so it won’t cause leg fatigue. It can be made of synthetic material, preferably have slots for other implements such as pens, elastic bands and such, and can have multi-functionality. After doing interviews among self-confessed desk haters like me, I have found the following brands to deserve mention in the best Lapdesk reviews.


Logitech N315 939-000395 Portable


Best Lapdesk ReviewsDesigned to shield your lap from generated heat when you have your laptop propped on it, the LogitechN315 is surely the best Lapdesk in 2019. Your lap stays cool as you work comfortably with your notebook or laptop for extended periods. This lapdesk even comes with a retractable mouse pad so you wouldn’t have to pull a table close to you when you want to use a mouse. The lapdesk is light and thin, so you can easily put it into your laptop carrier. Your computing device is kept stable thanks to the lapdesk’s non-slip surface.

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Logitech N500Comfort White /Grey


The Logitech N500 has a 4-layer design that functions really well to protect your lap from the heat generated by your laptop. That makes this lapdesk a real favorite in the best Lapdesk reviews. It is constructed with soft air-mesh fabric so heat is dissipated away from your body. The breathable padding puts extra comfort for your legs. The Logitech N500 lapdesk also has an angled riser so your legs and neck do not get unduly strained while you work seated. The lapdesk has a lightweight and secure style so your laptop is fully anchored on the bed, floor or sofa.

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LapGear 45303 Multi-Purpose Jumbo

The organizer trays are made extra deep on the LapGear 45303 lap desk, so there will always be enough holding space for your other work materials and gadgets. Thanks to the molded plastic material of this lapdesk, you will always have an easy to clean and impact-resistant assistant while you do your work on your laptop. There are also side storage pockets at the bottom, so you can have your MP3 players, notepads and more close to you. The rigid yet comfortable frame makes this the best Lapdesk in 2019.

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Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Comforter


The dual purpose of the Cooler Master Lapdesk earns it a place among the top Lapdesks in 2019. Aside from being a lapdesk, the Cooler Master Lapdesk also acts as a cooling mat so your lap is kept protected from the accumulated heat from your laptop. A heavy-duty sponge cushion gives you extra padding so you can enjoy comfort when your laptop is propped against your lap. You can also choose to work with the cushioned surface or the rigid surface up for greater flexibility. There is a grooved storage section for cables or writing implements.

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Lap Desk Originals 45014Creative


Strength and durability contribute to the Lap Desk Originals Lap Desk’s popularity. It has a lightweight molded-plastic construction, making it easy to clean and highly impact resistant. The micro-bead lap pads on the lap desk ensure that it stays firmly anchored to your lap while giving you a contoured fit. A lap shield is integrated for extra protection against heat. The Creative Lap desk lessens the possibility of harm from heat, electromagnetic force and electromagnetic interference emitted by your laptop so you can work in complete safety.

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