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Top knife sharpeners in 2019


In every kitchen, knives are present, in different shapes and sizes, all ready to help the user cut down vegetables and meat. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a knife is not that long if you don’t replace the “batteries”. How can you do it? Well, you have to get the knife sharpened with the right tool and thus you won’t have to purchase a new one. Reading some of the best knife sharpeners reviews represents the quickest way to find and use a great product, with the capacity to sharpen any knife. Take a professional knife sharpener, find a place for it in your kitchen and enjoy having sharp knives that cut with precision whatever you want.


Presto 08800 EverSharp


Best Knife Sharpeners reviewsPresto 08800 EverSharp knife sharpener, will improve the quality of every knife you have, within a short period of time. This powerful electric sharpener has razor-sharp edges that use the fast rotating Sapphirite grinding wheels, which can be found in all the professional shops. EverSharp knife sharpener has a precise two-stage system which allows the knives to be sharpened on Stage 1 and afterwards hone in Stage 2. Simple and easy to use, this model will extend the lifespan and efficiency of you knives. EverSharp delivers the ideal sharpening angle for each side of the blade, without harming it.

“I hate when my knives go blunt and don`t cut anymore. To solve this problem I bought the Presto 08800 knife sharpener. This electric device made my knives cut like they were brand new. Based on its excellent performance that pleased me my advice to others is to purchase it if they have the chance.Darren Walt

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Smith’s Abrasives Edgeware


The best knife sharpeners reviews, written by professional cooks and thousands of housewives underline the simple and powerful efficiency of Smith Abrasives Edgeware Edge Grip 2 model.  This efficient knife sharpener is lightweight and easy to use, allowing the user to sharpen any type of knives without harming the blade. Smith Abrasive Edgeware has carbide blades and also crossed ceramic rods that also incorporate pre-set sharpening angles. The 2 stages of Edgeware offer the user the capacity to place a razor sharp edge on damaged blades. You won’t have to worry about using a dull knife ever again once you begin using Edgeware.

“I got this sharpener to take proper care of my knives and always have them nice and sharp. Thanks to it I will never ever experience cutting with a blunt knife ever again. And to add to the list of advantage, I must also say that it is pretty cheap.” Jake Robbins

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Lansky PS-MED01


It’s time to take your knives to the “doctor”. If you are searching for an efficient knife sharpener, Lansky PS-MED01 model will certainly deliver the right “remedy” to your existing damaged cutting tools. Made with Tungsten Carbide, Lansky PS-MED01 will need only three or four strokes to sharpen and restore the blade with precision. Lansky PS-MED01 knife sharpener has ceramic sharpening rods that deliver the right finish to your blade, with the right amount needed to cut vegetables, meat easily. Furthermore the model was designed to fully remedy even the smallest serrations, improving the quality of the knives.

“Cheap, effective and simple to use, these are the words that for me best describe the Lansky PS-MED01 knife sharpener. So far I am very pleased with what it is able to do, so my knives never were sharper than now. I neat little device for any kitchen.” William Boyd

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Smith’s CCKS


A growing number of best knife sharpeners reviews recommend people that have problems with their knives to use Smith’s CCKS device, designed to provide high quality effects on the blade. This portable and lightweight knife sharpener comes with a lanyard hole and also non-slip rubber feed which protect you from hazardous accidents. Smith’s CCKS sharpener has a crossed carbide blades and rods that provide quick razor edge setting that will sharpen the blades of any knife. Once you begin using CCKS sharpener you will have sharp knives at your disposal, always ready to be used.

“A simple device which sharpens knifes easily and with not too much effort from my part. It has a small size so I can take with me even on cookouts. I paid nearly nothing for it but it is a very valuable kitchen utensile from my point of view.” Andy Blaire

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Zwilling J.A Henckels Twin sharp


Every knife with a damaged blade will find solace in Zwilling J.A Henckels knife sharpener, which will provide a much needed assistance. Suitable for knives with fine edges, this model from Zwilling won’t work on coated knives. This powerful stainless steel sharpener comprises the beneficial effects of two modules: the first one has steel wheels, designed for coarse sharpening and also pre-sharpening while the second module uses ceramic wheels for precise sharpening. Ideal for right and left handed, Zwilling J.A Henckels has rubber feet that measures around 8 inches and 3 inches tall. So, if you want a reliable knife sharpener then this model from Zwilling will provide the best effects on the blade.

“A small device for kitchens all over the US which for me does wonders because it makes my knives sharp so the cut through everything easily. The blades of my knives never felt sharper and I recommend this sharpener to other kitchens as well.” Malcom Strong

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