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What to Consider When Buyng Karate Uniforms


A karate practitioner needs to read the best karate uniform reviews to ensure a perfect apparel that is suitable for this type of martial arts. The uniform denotes the specific rank, skill level or style of the practitioner. You can’t just get a karate uniform off the shelf because you like its color. It has to be the right style for the specific type of martial arts or the requirements of the school you attend.

A.Karate uniform


Clothes make the man, as does the karate uniform make the martial arts practitioner. The karate uniform, or GI, can be made of either cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends or even silk.

Cotton is naturally absorbent, which makes it perfect to use in training uniforms. The cotton GI you find in the best karate uniform reviews should be able to whisk away sweat from the body so you always feel comfortable. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, so rashes and itching are effectively prevented. Cotton undergoes lower industrial refining, which has made it a highly popular material in the making of GI.

Polyester has less likelihood of shrinking unlike cotton. Of course, most premium quality GI comes pre-shrunk, which renders this advantage meaningless. Polyester is also more durable than cotton, owing to the fact that it has a synthetic origin. This enables polyester items in the best karate uniform reviews to still get high marks. Polyester GI also has high resistance to stains.

Cotton-polyester blends may be cheaper but sweat absorption is not stellar, at best. Silk uniforms are not really made for everyday use, but only for special purposes.



The best karate uniform reviews feature different sizes of GI. Height is typically utilized as a determining factor for the size. The Asian markets generally have smaller sizes of karate uniforms compared to the American and Australian markets. A typical smallest size is 00, which signifies a maximum height of four feet. The largest size can be 7, which can be used by a karate practitioner who is 6 feet and 7 inches tall. Take into consideration the shrinkage factor when choosing the karate uniform size.

Preshrunk uniforms are preferred, or you can go for a uniform that is slightly bigger than your normal size to ensure that it will still fit properly after being washed.



When shopping for the best karate uniform 2019, it is essential to take note of the weight.

Eight-ounce GIs are the cheapest, but the light weight can be embarrassing when you consider the white underwear you have to use underneath. The light weight can mean greater sheerness, making 8-oz uniforms partially see-through. Durability can easily become an issue, as well.

Ten-ounce GI is perfect for beginners or those looking to just try out the sport without committing to anything. Not overly heavy, a 10-oz karate uniform won’t blow a hole in the pocket and still provides a durable-enough apparel.

Twelve-ounce karate GI is quite durable and provides ample snap when executing techniques. Fourteen-ounce uniforms are for those who’ve made karate a way of life, promising as it does that element of long-lasting durability. Sixteen-ounce karate uniforms are exceptionally tough, made for everyday training. A bit thicker and heavier than all the others, a 16-oz GI sits nicely on the shoulders. It is a professional-grade karate GI weight that comes with a price.


Top Karate Uniforms in 2019


What the heck is it with karate practitioners and their uniforms? Well, as it turns out, there’s a lot going on with your choice of uniform and you as the karate practitioner. Your uniform will speak not only of your rank but also your capability, skill and personality. Choose well from these three products that are worth investing in.


Adidas Student Karate Gi


1.Adidas Student Karate GiFrom the world-renowned brand with three stripes comes this best karate uniform 2019. Designed with an American Cut, the Adidas Student Karate Gi is made of 45% polyester and 55% cotton twill, giving you the light weight of polyester and combining that with the ample moisture absorbency of cotton. Perfect for students of karate, the GI uses a polycotton blend that is designed to be 20% more resilient against tearing. The drawstring with an elastic waist ensures a secure and premium fit. The Adidas Student Karate Gi comes at a superbly affordable price. It is an attractive piece of apparel that any young karate enthusiast will surely love wearing. Available in size 0000 to size six, this uniform can be used by karate practitioners 100 cm to 190 cm tall.

The Adidas logo on the arm matches the Adidas logo on the front leg, and the cool execution of the logos in navy blue is a perfect complement to the light color of the uniform. The drawstring is long enough to allow perfect tightening. The tailored fit of the top gives the karate GI a more expensive and attractive look. The GI washes well so it is able to retain its shape and appearance even after many uses.

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Tiger Claw White Student


2.Tiger Claw 7.5 OzDefinitely one of the top rated karate uniforms 2019, the Tiger Claw 7.5 Oz White Student Apparel is designed with a traditional wrap-around look. This makes the uniform easy to put on and also take off. This is a 7.5-ounce lightweight karate apparel that comes with a white belt, to ensure it gives a comfortable fit to the wearer at all times. Unleash the brave fighter and the tiger in you when you wear this traditional uniform that gives you enough confidence to execute your moves while providing ample comfort to move about with ease.

The Tiger Claw 7.5 Oz White Student Karate Uniform belongs to a line of beginner’s uniforms that are made of a durable blend of cotton and polyester, which ensures a wrinkle-free finish. You’ll love how the karate GI fits your martial arts lifestyle, helping you achieve a level of discipline as you practice your karate moves and move further up the ladder in rank and skill. The Tiger Claw 7.5 Oz White Student Karate Uniform enables you to develop a profound spirit of training that helps you gain more confidence in the sport and also increase your skills while enjoying the deep-rooted confidence of being more than just a beginner student.

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ProForce Ultra Lightweight


3.ProForce 5oz.This 5oz. ultra lightweight Student Uniform is the newest and lightest uniform from ProForce. Designed for students, the ProForce 5oz. Ultra Lightweight Student Uniform is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester blend, giving it the benefits of both cotton and polyester minus the weaknesses of both materials. The uniform comes with reinforced stitching at the seams that provides strength to handle even the most strenuous workout with exceptional strength balanced by comfort for the wearer. The student of karate will surely love having on this karate GI during every training session.

Allowing exceptional ease of movement and giving you greater confidence in your skills each day, the ProForce 5oz. Ultra Lightweight Student Uniform promotes a spirit of well-being as you practice your martial arts. At just five ounces, the ProForce Ultra Lightweight Student Uniform offers easy wearing and problem-free combination of every element that includes the jacket, pants and white belt. The pants come with an elastic drawstring waist that ensures a perfect fit. This karate GI is machine washable, so you can just put it in the washing machine and not worry about shrinkage or product deterioration.

Grow in skill and stature in your martial arts with this superb apparel that gives you that professional karateka look.

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