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How to Buy a Reliable Jab Saw


Otherwise called drywall saws, the products found in the best jab saw reviews are equipped with large teeth that can cut aggressively despite the small size of the tool. Designed for slicing strongly through plasterboard and also for close-quarter sawing, a jab saw is a handy tool that needs to be bought after careful consideration of its most essential aspects.

Best Jab saw

Blade Construction

Nearly every saw blade found in top rated jab saws 2019 is made of steel/stainless steel. Easy to shape, steel is strong yet has low cost.

The saw blades of a jab saw are narrow and nearly tapered to a point in order to ensure effortless fit into any space. Some models feature induction-hardened teeth that ensure long tool life without requiring sharpening. The coarse teeth enable quick cutting through wallboard, backing board and gypsum.

Designed much like a kitchen knife, a jab saw can also be used to saw holes for switch plates and electric outlets. The sharp point makes the tool self-starting, as it is great for making plunge cuts.

Some models feature a folding design to keep the blade neatly stored into the handle.


Teeth Design

The small, sharp points laid out along the cutting edge of the jab saw are called the teeth. The best jab saw 2019 typically comprises more teeth per inch (TPI), which ensures a finer finish to the cut. This makes high TPI saws perfect for detailed work including kitchen countertops. Coarse-teeth saws are ideal for cutting branches and doing similar level tasks.

The teeth may be double- or triple-ground. Sharpened on the top and sides, double-ground teeth are a regular type of element. With triple-ground teeth, there are three cutting edges that deliver faster and more exceptional cutting performance, since the blade slices through using both push and pull strokes.


Teeth Set

When looking through the products available on the market and on the best jab saw reviews, one must check out the “set” of the teeth of each tool. This refers to the distance at which the teeth stick out from the center of the blade. The set makes the cut wider than the blade and keeps the saw from binding or getting stuck in the cut. The kerf is the width of the cut.

The blades of a saw have each tooth in alternating directions, creating the set. What and how the teeth cut through material are determined by their orientation and shape.

A jab saw may have a crosscut or a rip layout of teeth.

Crosscut teeth use both the push and pull of each stroke to cut. Rip teeth cut along the grain of wood and are coarser than crosscut teeth.


Top Jab Saws in 2019


Nearly every manufacturer of carpentry, woodworking, construction or power tools have their own line of jab saws. The jab saw may be a small item, but it needs to be bought after careful consideration of how it is made and the benefits of owning a specific model or brand instead of buying others. To simplify your shopping experience, we present three products, one of which would surely make a great addition to any toolbox.



Stanley 15-206


1.Stanley 15-206Proven by many satisfied users to work really great at making cuts in plasterboards, the Stanley 15-206 jab saw is a 6-inch tool with an epoxy-bonded blade that ensures durability and user safety while being ferruled to the handle. The ferrule ensures security against splitting so the jab saw can handle the most demanding cutting applications while maintaining tool integrity. Compared to non-epoxy bonded blades, this tool’s blade will keep its connection inside the handle, is three times as durable and will not suddenly come off.

The self-starting point makes the item suitable for making plunge cuts. The big wooden hilt provides a strong grip during use. The perfect shape of the pommel can be used to tap in or drive the blade into the wall with the other hand. The teeth and the point are both sharp and will surely bite into the surface effortlessly. The user will find it easy to cut out a new square hole into drywall. This tool enables effortless poking through sheet rock any time.

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, the Stanley 15-206 has often been used to carve pumpkins as well. The unit is ensured with reliable craftsmanship and quality and even ships with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Dewalt DWHT20123 Folding


2.Dewalt DWHT20123Equipped with a six-inch blade and a seven-inch handle, the Dewalt DWHT20123 jab saw is a multipurpose tool that should easily find its place in any modern toolbox. With a stainless steel blade, the tool is resistant to rust and chipping and can handle small cutting jobs around the home. Many users have proven this model to have no looseness in the handle or blade at all. The teeth can cut aggressively, designed to slice through material accurately and quickly. When folded into the handle, the blade is covered completely, ensuring safety during transport. The tool itself is lightweight, providing portability and easy carrying in the pocket.

The jab saw has a locking mechanism that works via a button that has to be pressed before unfolding the blade manually, preventing accidental self-opening of the tool. The rasp and the saw are built together, eliminating the need to rummage around in the toolbox for another tool. The yellow and black combination used in the construction of the handle makes the tool easy to find in a ‘busy’ tool box. The item fits easily into a medium-size slot of your tool belt, keeping it handy at all times. The handle has a neat little hole through which a lanyard can be put in, for problem-free tool belt attachment.

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Stanley 20-556 FatMax FatMax


3.Stanley 20-556 FatMaxEngineered to meet high standards for performance and quality, the Stanley 20-556 FatMax jab saw is geared with a sharpened tip that can punch through drywall along with similar surfaces without effort. The jab saw is perfect for use on wood, drywall and plastic, and will surely cut through pumpkins with ease. The slip-resistant handle makes the versatile hand tool easy to control with a precision grip while ensuring durability and strength. Boasting the class-leading SharpTooth technology, the FatMax jab saw slices through material on the push and pull strokes, cutting through any surface twice as fast compared to regular tooth styles.

The blade is hardened and tempered to ensure long tool life as well as dependable service. Engineered to be tough, this tool offers genuine accuracy so users can complete projects confidently and with professional results. The six-inch blade is built rugged and tough to cut through Durorock with ease and precision. The blade has been designed to be 15 percent thicker compared to regular saws, ensuring straighter cuts with less binding in the cut. The unique three cutting surfaces on the jab saw have induction-hardened sharp teeth that do not require frequent sharpening, retaining their sharp points up to five times longer than the standard teeth in competing products.

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