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Most people would love to hear their favorite tunes through quality speakers despite the genre. In this case, they look for an iPod that can provide them with the quality sound of their choice. There are lots of iPods on the market but you look through best iPods reviews to get the satisfaction of listening to your favorite songs on the one suited for you.


Apple iPod touch 64GB (5th Generation)


Best iPods reviewsBased from previous surveys, the Apple iPod touch 5th generation becomes one of the demands of customers when it comes to music listening. The product has the so called FaceTime camera that can produce high quality and resolution of videos and photos. You can also save an impressive amount of files because of the 64GB memory. You can watch any movies up to 7 hours and a maximum of 40 hours for music.

“I bought this iPod using this review site and I was guided to the Amazon website. It was that easy. Got free shipping, a small discount, non stop support system and also full Apple warranty. I had no problems with it ever since. Anyone can acquire good brand products from the web with no worries!” Eva Gilray

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Apple iPod touch 32GB black (5th generation)


The Apple iPod touch 32 GB black version is one of the latest innovations of technology nowadays. People are really satisfied with its features. The device is powered by the iOS6 operating system making it more impressive. Features also include the 5-megapixel iSight camera, 4-inch retina display and a 6-mm ultra thin design of 32 GB memory. Furthermore, the product can capture up to 1080p resolution that is worth sharing with your friends and family.

“I’m an Apple fan and I like to take my favorite tunes anywhere around. With this big screen I can even watch my videos and record something thanks to the great application system. It is a good investment if you want to save some money. I personally did just that and I’m confident in my iPod’s quality.” Eduarda Sousa

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Apple iPod touch 16GB white (4th generation)


Aside from the ability to provide the users with quality sound and music, the Apple touch 16 GB model also has various applications from which you can take advantage while listening to the favorite songs. For instance are the FaceTime calls, Wi-Fi with message, notification center and message. Aside from that, it is capable to accommodate 200 features powered by the IOS. Furthermore, you can also do video calling and talk with your friends. The camera is at its best allowing you to take clear photos and videos.

“I’ve always wished for an iPod touch but couldn’t afford a late generation one. With the discounts provided by Amazon I could manage to get one. This truly made my day and after I’ve unboxed it my media feast began. Now I can listen to my favorite music, play games use the web with ease.” Sue Joseph

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Apple iPod touch 8GB black (4th generation)


One of the best innovations of technology today is the Apple iPod touch capable of producing high quality sounds and photos. It has a memory of 8GB that can store vast number of files without worrying about space. It can save 10,000 images, 2000 songs, 10 quality videos and more. It has a format of MP3, MPEG-4, AAC and H.264 that is able to play movies, songs and videos for a long time. It can play a maximum of 40 hours of continuous music.

“Always loved this classy look! It’s hard, durable and reliable. Has the appstore connectivity and came together with the apple headset. I like a lot the way they provide sound clarity and definition. It was brought to my door quite fast and pay nothing in expense to that.” Matthias Adler

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Apple iPod touch 32GB Black (4th generation)


Being one of the most popular models in the best iPods reviews, the Apple iPod touch with an internal memory of 32 GB had many innovative features making it withstand other iPods of today’s market. One thing people love most about this device is the iMovie which can edit and combine videos in the discretion and style of the owner thus allowing it to be shared in any social media sites. High definition images and photos can be provided by the Apple iPod touch which is really amazing. The product can store up to 8000 songs where you can listen to with greater comfort.

“Like the way this gadget fits in my car. I connect it and immediately can have all time greatest tunes at the comfort of my finger. It is accessible anywhere I place it and can be carried around with ease during my daily promenade. Congrats to Amazon for providing us with top products and free shipping anywhere in the US.” Joseph Pound

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