Best iPhone/ iPod Speaker Dock Reviews


Top iPhone/ iPod Speaker Docks in 2019


Apple products are very popular on the market. Aside from improving the gadgets’ quality and performance, there also are other accessories that are being developed to cater to the consumer’s convenience. The speaker docks for iPhones and iPods, for example, are just one of the examples of these accessories. Speaker docks are used to enhance the production of sound for a better music and video experience. There are a lot of models for speaker docks on all electronic good stores out there, which is why it can be really hard to choose which one to buy. Fortunately, our team is dedicated to help all buyers find the best items in the shortest time possible. We came up with a list of popular items in the best iPhone/iPod speaker dock reviews online.


Logitech S715i Portable


Best iPhone/ iPod Speaker Dock ReviewsThe Logitech S715i is undoubtedly the most popular iPod/iPhone speaker dock in this list. It has gained a lot of positive feedbacks, despite its expensive price, as posted in the reviews, electing it as the best iPod/iPhone speaker dock in 2019. It is designed for dual voltage so it works even in countries with different standard voltage. The Logitech S715i’s ingenious design is compatible with all iPods. The remote is  very easy to use and it works even when not directly pointed at the speaker.

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Sony ICFCS15IPN Lightning


Positive feedbacks are pouring for this clock iPhone/iPod clock radio speaker dock made by one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of electronic gadgets. The Sony ACFCS15IPN is a very affordable speaker dock with lots of convenient functions. Aside from producing quality sound from iPods and iPhones, it also functions as a clock and radio. The connector is flexible and accommodates the iPhone or iPod even if it’s not placed in the right angle.

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Philips Fidelio Premium DS7550 30-Pin


This product from Philips is popular on the market because of its simple yet elegant design, not to mention its incredible performance in producing great audio from all kinds of iPods and iPhones. The Philips Fidelio Premium DS7550 portable speaker dock for iPods and iPhones delivers rich and balanced sound with the help of its neodymium magnets. This feature is unique to Philips products and it is very effective in producing crisp and detailed sound.

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Sony ICFC11IP Lightning


The Sony ICFC11IP is nothing close to the ICFCS15IPN in terms of appearance, but a lot of customers report it to deliver a better performance. It can play any iPod and iPhone units but it is especially designed for the iPhone 5. The radio and clock features are very convenient. The sound it delivers is clear and crisp. The remote is very easy to use. However, it cannot play iPhones in cases and some people find this to be a disadvantage.

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Philips DS3205


The Philips DS3205 charging speaker dock is not as impressive as the previous low-end units but it does have excellent features and it looks very stylish. Even though it isn’t as popular as the other speaker dock models mentioned in the top iphone/ipod speaker dock reviews, it is still being complimented for its amazing audio performance. Most of the comments on its flaws are about volume and the fact that it doesn’t play iPhones with cases on.

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