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Top IP Phones in 2019


The advanced technology in gadgetry has brought us to the incredibly convenient smartphones that people use today. However, this does not eliminate the need for telephone system which has found its use more necessary in buildings and establishments for convenient and cheap communication system. The latest innovation for phone systems is the IP phones, which make use of the internet to send telephone signals. Different models of VoIP or IP phones are designed to accommodate every customer’s needs. Some of the best brands were discussed in the best IP phones reviews. We have compiled some of the popular models here to make the search easier and faster for interested buyers.


Grandstream GS-GXP2160 Enterprise IP Telephone VoIP Phone


Best IP Phone ReviewsThe Grandstream GS-GXP2160 VoIP phone stood out in the best IP phone reviews because of its responsive and tactile qualities, allowing it to deliver good and clear sound. There are 6 dual-color line keys. This phone has a 4.3 inch colored screen and 5 soft keys which can be programmed according to context sensitivity. It accommodates 5-way voice conferences. This is a user-friendly phone with easy configurations, ideal for enterprise use.

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Polycom SoundPoint IP 301 Phone


This phone costs almost half the price as the Grandstream 2160 but it delivers just as great a service. It is an ideal entry-level IP phone for household and business use. The features that it has are specific to a corporate environment and are intended to boost productivity through a smoother communication flow. With 2 Ethernet ports, a readable LCD display, 2 possible line connections, the Polycom SoundPoint IP 301 Phone is indeed a cost-effective phone that is considered the best IP phone in 2019.

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Yealink YEA-W52P Business IP HD DECT Cordless Phone


Another impressive product that graced the market since the past year is the Yealink YEA-W52P IP cordless phone. It is a versatile phone that can be used conveniently at home or in a corporate environment. This phone does not allow loss of packets, jitters, and delays. It can accommodate five handsets with consistent high quality sound. This phone also has a wide wireless range and it can be configured easily. With all its positive feedback in the top IP Phones reviews, it is considered one of the best phones on the market today.

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Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone


The Cisco SPA 303 IP phone is inspired by the best IP phone in 2019. It is the ideal IP phone for small businesses as it is cost-effective and designed for easy configuration. This phone delivers excellent sound quality with both speakerphone and handsets. It adapts the asterisk system for a more convenience. It can be powered either by PoE or with an adapter. The only catch is its monochrome LCD display without backlit features that makes it hard to read.

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Grandstream GS-DP715 VoIP DECT IP Cordless Phone


The Grandstream GS-DP715 VoIP DECT IP Cordless Phone represents a good combination of VoIP technology with a DECT wireless phone. It can support 5 handsets through its independent extensions. The compatibility with the asterisk system provides convenience for all users – whether it is for household or corporate use. Being a DECT phone it delivers clear audio, has a  good range for residential or business use, and has a good battery life which is ideal for a wireless phone.

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