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Top Home Security Systems in 2019


With all the threats out there, it is very reasonable for people to install a home security system. It’s a good thing they come cheaper today than they used to. A good home security system is very accessible these days. Some of the highly recommended products in the best home security system reviews are listed in this article. We have compiled these items to make it easier for the buyers to choose the best.


Professional Wireless Kit


Best Home Security System ReviewsThe Professional Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit received landslide 5-star ratings in the best home security system reviews. This state of the art security system takes very little effort to install. This is actually an upgraded version of the previous model. Helpful security features have been added for very reliable performance. There are functions like power outage warning, volume adjust, as well as door/window open remind.

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Simplisafe2 Wireless Plus Package


With the various security threats out there, people are keener about putting up the best home security system in 2019 at their homes. One of the most popular products available on the market is the Simplisafe 2 Wireless home security system. It comes with 8 pieces of security devices that makes up a reliable system for protection. It is a wireless security system with programmed sensors which can be installed easily.

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LaView Complete 960H


The LaView Complete 960H is the best security system in 2019 that features a smart technology for keeping the house safer. This surveillance system is ideal not just for home use but for businesses as well. The package includes 4 high resolution fixed lens bullet cameras, 4 60 feet Siamese cables, a surveillance hard drive with 500 GB capacity, a digital video recorder, and adaptor. The cameras work efficiently, it has great phone support, and the design is just ingenious.

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Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B Wireless Kit


The best home security systems in 2019 use passive motion sensors in detecting suspicious movements. The Fortress Wireless home security alarm system is designed to keep any building or house safe and it uses passive motion sensors for accurate detection. Once the security is breached, this security system automatically dials a programmed number. The system includes a control panel, passive motion detectors, window and door contacts, a siren, and panic alarm.

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Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB H.264 Internet & 3G Phone Accessible DVR


For less than $200, one can avail this impressive home security system that is designed for maximum home protection. The camera quality is very reasonable for the price, and the DVR works great. The interface may not be very user friendly and the IE software is a little buggy. It is not compatible with iOS devices but there are remedies for iPhone use. All in all, the quality of the product is very predictable for its price. It may not be the best but it is actually a very decent security system that does the job for almost half the price of other units.

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