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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hockey skates money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. If you are going to be slapping the puck around on the ice you need the right equipment which is why we have gathered information from expert reviews, feedback generated by consumers, social media activity, and compared sales figures, brand quality, prices and value for your money so we could find the best hockey skates on the market. In our research we found that the Bauer Vapor X50 stood out as the best hockey equipment due to its comfortable fit, durable and supportive construction, along with its professional design that will keep you upright and looking your best on the ice. Even though these hockey skates are the top pick this pair might not be readily available when needed or priced to fit all budgets, which is why we also recommend taking a look at the Bauer Senior Supreme 140. These hockey skates come with a durable and supportive construction, and are designed to be responsive on the ice. Make sharp turns and sudden stops without a problem, and these hockey skates also comes at an affordable price.



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Getting a good pair of hockey skates nowadays look like a daunting task. With so many available options out there, any prospective buyer can end up feeling a little baffled. The trick of choosing the right skates is to correlate your needs and physical features with the characteristics of the model you want to purchase. What’s more, since research never hurt anyone, we urge you to take some time and read several customer reviews to find out which unit you have to buy.

For your consideration, we’ve created a list of the details you should consider if you want to get the best value for the price. Have a look at it below.

Best hockey skates


Sizing and fit

Skate sizes are different, and they sometimes differ depending on the manufacturer that constructs them. A size 9 might fit differently if you purchase a new pair from a brand you haven’t tried before. Getting the right size is probably the most important factor when it comes to buying the right product.

If you have little to no experience when it comes to picking a hockey skate, we advise you to go to a store and try out some models to understand which one’s the best for you. Only then can you order some roller hockey skates online.

You can start by identifying your foot type. For one, you might want to measure the width of your ankles or heels, the depth of your feet and the width of the front of your feet. All of these attributes are often times listed in the product description.




Purchasing youth hockey skates is a little complicated, and the rule of thumb in this case might be to avoid buying high-end models. Children tend to grow up very fast, so you might want to buy a mid-priceline skate that fits well instead of an expensive model that your kid won’t be able to use a season from now.



Quality and construction

In terms of quality, you need to pay attention to all of these four factors: stiffness, moisture management, weight, and blade quality. What’s your level and frequency of play? If you don’t intend on using the skates very often, you might be satisfied with a mid-quality pair. Beginners and amateurs might want to look for performance level hockey skates, of which the boot is fairly soft. This kind of boot makes it possible for the user to benefit from enhanced mobility.



Inline and ice hockey skates

Although they look similarly, inline hockey skates are different from ice hockey skates. The first have a chassis with wheels, while the second have a holder and runner. The motions on inline surfaces and ice are different, although they may look the same at a first glance. On this account, some ice hockey skates might do wonders for inline hockey but the vast majority of models that now exist on the market aren’t really fit for inline skating. Before sticking to a certain product, we recommend estimating your tendency. Do you prefer ice hockey or roller hockey?



Top Hockey Skates in 2019


Hockey is a well-appreciated sport and like any other game, it has its own set of equipment. Hockey skates, for example, are an important part of the overall gear for hockey players and it must be given a great deal of consideration. The best hockey skates reviews provide a list of the highly recommended models that are ideal for professional or recreational use. Our team has compiled a list of products to make the search easier for interested buyers.



Bauer Vapor X 50


Best Hockey States Reviews

Often considered the best Bauer skates there is very little not to like about the Vapor X50. Whether this is your first time on the ice or you need a pair of responsive skates for you next hockey match, this product might be exactly what you are looking for. The skates come with a durable construction and are responsive to your every move. You will also appreciate the ankle support, along with the sharp blades that make it easy to stop and turn.





Designed to last for at least 5 years you would expect these skates to feel heavy on your feet, but this is not the case with the Vapor X50 from Bauer. The synthetic material is durable and resistant to normal wear and tear, but it is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. With these hockey skates you can concentrate on your game and not on the aches and pains in your feet.

The front laces and tall design not only ensure a secure fit, but also provides plenty of ankle support when you are out on the ice. One of the most common injuries in hockey or casual ice skating is sprained or twisted ankles. With the supportive design of these hockey skates from Bauer you can confidentially glide across of the ice without worrying about potential injuries.

You will appreciate the sharp blade that makes it easy to glide across natural and manmade ice. This also lets you quickly turn to block or follow the puck, along with making stops on a dime. When you have complete control of your movements on the ice, you can start concentrating on your game and watch your performance improve.



While this isn’t a negative point it is still important to remember to order your hockey skates a size and a half smaller than your normal footwear to ensure a comfortable fit.


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Bauer Senior Supreme 140


2.Bauer Senior Supreme 140 SkateEven though these are technically the second choice, there is still very little not to like about these Bauer ice skates. This pair is designed to be comfortable, durable and supportive, along with providing you with plenty of control on the ice.






This pair of hockey skates from Bauer comes with a durable synthetic construction that is also lightweight and comfortable on your feet. The lightweight design helps to prevent leg fatigue, and you will also appreciate the inner liner that helps to keep sweat and moisture away from your feet.

The Senior Supreme 140 hockey skates are designed to provide plenty of ankle support on the ice. The front laces help to ensure a secure fit, while the tall sides keep your ankles from turning. The skates will also form to your feet while you are wearing them to provide you with a supportive and comfortable fit that makes it easy to concentrate on your game.

You will appreciate being able to quickly control your movements on the ice. The stainless runner glides easily over synthetic and natural ice, and is responsive to your slightest movement. Easily turn when you need to and quickly stop to block, and never worry about losing control when you are wearing these hockey skates.



There have been some mentions that the support in the sides of the skates can wear out, but this issue can usually be resolved with a simple phone call to customer service.


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Bauer Vapor X30


Bauer is a known manufacturer of the best hockey skates in 2019. In fact, all of its products received great recognition in the product reviews sites because of their excellent build and high quality material construction. The Vapor X30, for example, received landslide 5-star ratings not just for its premium nylon quarter package but for its anatomical ankle support with patented design as well. The microfiber material used for the lining and the shaped EVA foot bed provide maximum comfort.



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American Athletic Shoe Cougar Soft Boot


For those who are looking for more affordable hockey skates with excellent quality, the American Athletic Shoe Senior are the best hockey skates in 2019. Aesthetically, these hockey skates have professional styling. The padding provides comfort and warmth, keeping the user comfortable even in case of long exposure to ice. The Velcro strap gives added support and ensures ankle stability. These skates don’t have any friction spots inside and offer a great deal of side support.




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Bauer Supreme ONE.4


Another excellent Bauer product is the Supreme ONE.4 ice hockey skates. For a very affordable price, it offers the signature quality that every Bauer product has – durability, quality and excellent material selection. The skates are very comfortable and they are built with great support for maximum ankle stability. The only concern that many consumers would like to point out is the sizing. These skates usually come in bigger-than-standard size and people should adjust their respective shoe sizing.



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Tour Hockey TR440


The Tour hockey TR440 adult hockey skate model did not make a very good impression for consumers who gave their feedback but, based on some of the reviews, it has a very decent quality, especially for a product at its price point. Bauer skates have superior quality for just the same price. For the record, most of the negative reviews are are the cause of bad shipping service. The quality of the hockey skates are, according to most consumers, is fine.




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Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225


Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225The Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225 is a pair of inline hockey skates that do what they’re supposed to do and do it well. The model has been spoken highly of by an impressive number of buyers, who have taken the time and written detailed reviews.

So, what makes this unit so acclaimed? For one, the skates feature reinforced ankle support and a Deluxe EVA comfort padding. The specialized ankle support makes it possible for users to practice a long game without ever feeling tired or like they should switch the pair of skates. On this account, this model somehow manages to combine comfort and quality.

According to some of the buyers’ opinions we came across, the wheel size and the sturdiness of the skate make this product well worth the money. If you’re looking for a pair that offers the best value for the price, you might have just found it.


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Tour Hockey ZT800 Inline Youth


Tour Hockey ZT800Unlike the skates we have showcased above, these have been specifically designed to speak to the needs of children. The neat thing about them is that they can be adjusted in accordance with the preferences and growth of the kid using them. Some of the people who have purchased the Tour Hockey ZT800 claim they got it for their four-year-olds, but since the model is very customizable, the size wasn’t an issue. In fact, the size adjustment mechanism seems to be the feature that makes this unit worth considering.

As is the case with the item described above, this one has reinforced ankle support and a deluxe EVA comfort padding. These remarkable beginner hockey roller skates make it possible for the absolute rookie to start learning fast from the moment he or she begins wearing them. If you’re looking for your son’s or daughter’s skills to improve in a timely manner, this is the model to analyze.


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