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Professional Buying Guide on Headphones Amps


If you consider yourself an audiophile, you’ve probably thought about adding an amp to your headphones. A headphone amp can dramatically improve the quality of sound so you can easily hear every note and variation in tone. Capable of providing you with stereo quality sound from your portable headphones, these small amps are perfect for use in and out of the studio and there are several types to choose from. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that can help you find the best headphones amp in 2019.

Best Headphones Amp


As stated in the best headphones amp reviews there are three main types to choose from, and each have its own advantages. Portable headphone amps are designed to be used with laptops and mobile devices, while larger desktop models are perfect when you need exceptional sound quality and have a limited amount of space. There are also full size amplifiers for headphones, but the higher price often limits these to use in the studio. While portable headphone amps are generally the most affordably priced, how and where you are going to use it will help you decide which type is best for you.



The best headphones amp reviews state that you want to carefully consider a few aspects that can affect its performance. Headphone amps with a low distortion rate help to ensure that every note is crystal clear, along with the ratio of signal to noise. The output impedance is another aspect to consider, and this is generally determined by the range listed on the headphones. Headphone amps with a larger damping factor generally produce a more stable sound, and you will also want to consider the amount of power it puts out. The power output on the amp should be compatible with the headphones to ensure high quality sound that won’t hurt your sensitive ears.



There are a few features that should be considered that can improve your listening experience, and one of the most important is to ensure that the headphone amp has enough plugs and jacks to connect your devices. RCA jacks and 3.5mm jacks are generally recommended, and some models also include a convenient USB port. Easy to use controls are always appreciated, especially if you are using more than one channel. Volume control switches and bright indicator lights are other features that should be considered before you make your final decision. Some headphone amps also include a convenient battery that eliminates the need for power cords. Not only does this give you the freedom to move freely around, it also means that there is one less cord for you to deal with. Headphone amps with rechargeable batteries are generally preferred, and some models even include convenient adapters that ensure you never run out of power.


Top Headphones Amps in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the top rated headphones amps in 2019. Designed to provide you with exceptional sound quality at an affordable price, maybe one of these headphone amps is exactly what you are looking for.


FiiO E6 Portable


1.FiiO E6It is easy to see why this is one of the best selling amps for headphones. It features a durable and compact construction that fits easily on crowded workspaces, and can be conveniently packed with the rest of your gear. It is designed for use with headphones that feature low sensitivity, and with the low distortion and noise ratio every note sounds crystal clear. This compact amp also features a built in equalizer so you can enjoy thumping bass without interference. You will always appreciate the convenient clip that lets you attach this portable amp to your backpack or belt loop.

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Behringer Microamp HA400


2.Behringer HA400You will love having 4 channels that are capable of producing crisp, clear notes, and the volume can be easily adjusted to prevent distortion and ear damage. Its sturdy construction is perfect for use on stage, and its compact design makes it easy to pack with the rest of your gear. The bright light indicates when the power is on, and you will also appreciate the included 12 volt adapter that ensures you never have to worry about running out of power.

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Pyle-Pro PHA40 Stereo


3.Pyle-Pro PHA40With the bright red indicator light you always know when the headphone amp is turned on, and you will also appreciate having 4 channels that can be easily adjusted to the perfect volume. The included adapter ensures that you never have to worry about running out of power, and its compact and durable construction is perfect for traveling. Designed to produce high quality sound with your headphones, you also have the advantage of the ¼” output jacks. Connect to your stereo or headphones to enjoy amazing high quality sound.

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Creative Sound Blaster E1


4.Creative Sound Blaster E1It is easy to see why this headphone amplifier is a popular choice with consumers. With 600 Ohm you can enjoy a studio quality listening experience with your headphones, and you can connect an additional set of without losing any of the sound quality. You will appreciate the long lasting built in battery that is capable of providing power for up to 25 hours. It also features a compact and lightweight design that is perfect for traveling, and you  have the advantage of the built in microphone that lets you easily connect to Skype and your smart phone.

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Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7 Multi-Hybrid


5.Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7This amplifier features an innovative design that simply looks cool sitting on your desk or workspace. It has a lightweight and durable construction that is easy to carry, and an eye-catching design that makes you want to show it off. This headphones amp is capable of producing high quality sound, without distortion or interference. There are also stereo inputs and a headphone jack, so you can easily connect your various devices. With its ability to produce crisp and clear sounds, you can enjoy a stereo quality listening experience from your headphones.

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