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How to Purchase a Top Handheld Mixer:


Mixing dough, beating egg whites and other kitchen tasks, are much easier done with a mixer than with your hand. Handheld mixers are preferred by many people because they are easy to store away and use. However, since there are so many brands and models on the market, choosing one can feel a bit daunting. See the following guide for more information on getting the right handheld mixer for your kitchen needs.



Do not let yourself fooled by the many features offered by various models. What really matters, as most best handheld mixer reviews can tell you, is wattage. Handheld mixers are known to be less powerful than stand models, because they have to be lightweight and smaller in size. Nonetheless, there are models that come equipped with more powerful motors. These are the ones to take into consideration, because they are more likely to help you with your kitchen tasks. A motor that sports less than 75-100 watts may get the job done, but not so well, when you want to mix tougher dough, for instance.



A handheld mixer is good to have in the kitchen, but you should not spend an arm and a leg on a model, no matter how many features it claims to have. You can actually find a lot of products under 100 dollars that are efficient and convenient, in the same time.



There are several brands on the market known for their powerful and efficient mixers. Best handheld mixer reviews do not include, though, just the commercially successful models. You will find plenty of gems on the market that do not necessarily come with a big name attached next to their price tag. The most important advantage is that you will not have to pay extra just for the brand.



Extra features are nice to have in a handheld mixer. For instance, a countdown timer is a nice touch. Available attachments like sausage grinders, pasta extruders and so on, can be added bonuses. Nonetheless, do not forget to focus mainly on power and price, before looking into any additional features.


Top Handheld Mixers in 2019


We want to help you pick the best products for your kitchen. For this reason, we put together a list with the top rated handheld mixers 2019, so you can make an informed choice with ease. See which of the following products are good choices for your kitchen needs and avoid spending money on features you do not really want.


Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage


If you are looking for the best handheld mixer 2019, look no further than the Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage model. Enjoying hundreds of satisfied customer reviews, this handheld mixer has absolutely everything you are looking for in such a kitchen appliance.

First of all, it operates with the help of a 220 watt motor, which means that it packs enough power to help you mix all the recipes you want. A particular sore spot with handheld mixers is the fact that they cannot have too powerful motors. This is not, as you can see, the case with this Cuisinart mixer.

The model is easy to operate. It has an on/off button and 9 different speeds. These speeds are used for various types of mixing, so you can basically mix almost anything you need for your delicious recipes. The snap on storage space is a more than welcome addition because it keeps the food inside, even if it tends to splatter in all directions. If splattering is an issue for you, start with the first 3 speed levels; these are especially designed to reduce splattering, until your ingredients become easier to mix.

Nice extras like dough hooks, a chef’s whisk and a spatula are included with the package.

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Hamilton Beach 62650


In case you want a good and reliable mixer at a decent price, the Hamilton Beach 62650 model is a pretty decent choice, as it combines quality and performance, on one hand, with an advantageous price, on the other. Many best handheld mixer reviews include this Hamilton mixer on their list because of its reliable performance and convenience.

The motor yields 290 watts, which means enough power for you to mix all types of dough you want. This model also comes with a snap on storage case, to eliminate splattering.

The best thing about this elegant looking mixer is that it comes at a very decent price. The brushed stainless steel case hiding the powerful motor is also an unexpected bonus from a model this cheap. All in all, if you are looking for a good handheld mixer that comes at a great price, the Hamilton Beach 62650 is a recommended option. Traditional beaters, whisk and wire beaters are included as additional attachments for a variety of recipes.

With an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users, the Hamilton Beach 62650 is considered the best handheld mixer 2019, and it definitely deserves a place on our list, as well.

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Kitchenaid KHM512ER


The Kitchenaid 5 Speed Hand Mixer does not come equipped with too many frills, but, for its main purpose, it is a reliable kitchen tool. Compared to the products presented above, this one may feel a bit like a bare bones model, but the truth is that many people do not need a lot of features in their handheld mixers. For them, this mixer can be exactly what they want.

Its most important feature is represented by its five different speeds. These allow you to mix different ingredients for tasty recipes, and the motor is powerful enough to allow mixing double batches of dough for cookies.

The wire beaters are the only ones available, so be aware that they may not be strong enough for thicker dough. As long as you intend to use the Kitchenaid 5 Speed Hand Mixer for its purpose, and you do not want it to outperform its own abilities, you will be satisfied with this kitchen helper.

The mixer is easy to use and it is lightweight. These are two traits that people want in any handheld device, and the Kitchenaid model delivers. Most best handheld mixer reviews mention this model among others, as a budget minded option.

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