Best Handheld Floor Steam Cleaner Reviews

Top Handheld Floor Steam Cleaners in 2019


A Floor Steam cleaner is a well-designed household cleaning device. Compared to a vacuum cleaner, its cleaning features are more advanced. A lot of people are switching into floor steam cleaners  because, unlike the vacuum cleaner, it does not only remove the dirt, it also gets rid of harmful microorganisms that pose health risks to the members of the household. The market offers a lot of options for handheld floor steam cleaner models – from high-end products to affordable consumer models. Because there is a variety of options to choose from, it would be practical to consult the  online to find out which product to buy.  Our team sorted out some of the standout products to help narrow down the search.


Steamfast SF-370 Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Best Handheld Floor Steam Cleaner ReviewsThe Steamfast SF-370 is a well-appreciated mid-range multi-purpose steam cleaner. It is designed to clean and disinfect a wide variety of surfaces. It can be used with ease not just for cleaning carpets but for pet cages, shower and bath tubs, countertops, refrigerators, and a list of other household parts as well. The machine itself is equipped with various attachments for multiple purposes. This is indeed the best handheld floor steam cleaner in 2019 for under 200 bucks.

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McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner


A lot of people can attest to the excellent performance of the McCulloch MC-1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting carpets, bathrooms, and other household furnishings. The steam it generates lasts for a longer time than that of an average steam cleaner. It also cleans organic buildups effectively, such as calciumdeposits, toothpaste, soap scum, and a lot of other dirt. It is slightly expensive than the previous model but the features are all worth it.

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Steamfast SF-275 Canister Cleaner


In terms of overall style and construction, the Steamfast SF-275 canister steam cleaner is definitely the winner  over the other four. Its large tank is not just for aesthetic purposes only, it actually provides a larger capacity for continuous steam generation up to 45 minutes. The package comes with different accessories that allows it to be used for cleaning other surfaces. It works well for getting rid of tough stains but its lack of pressure doesn’t really work for blasting nooks and crannies.

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Hoover TwinTank WH20100


For a budget model, the hoover twinTank handheld steam cleaner does possess some impressive features. The design makes it easy to carry and hold when steaming elevated things. It can be operated using one hand. The extender attachment is really advantageous for reaching higher areas to clean. The attachments that come with it can be attached securely and works quite well. However, it does have some flaws which, considering its very affodable price, are somewhat tolerable.

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Dirt Devil Easy Steam PD20005


The Dirt Devil Easy Steam handheld Steamer is the cheapest among these five units, with a price that is almost impossible for a handheld steam cleaner. Its design is almost the same as the previous model . It only weighs 3 pounds, which makes it lighter than the rest of the steam cleaners. Its lightweight structure works in its favor because it makes it more portable and easy to carry. Its major issue though is that it only produces a small amount of steam and it has to be heated up again for about a minute to produce more steam.

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