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A hammer drill, also known as a roto hammer or rotary hammer, has many uses in the construction site as well as the home workshop. It works pretty much like a regular hand drill being smacked on its back side with a mallet. Providing a short and rapid hammer thrust, the tool pulverizes relatively brittle material and provides faster drilling. Many of the units featured in the best hammer drill reviews are electrically powered, but more and more models run on batteries.

A.Hammer Drill


A hammer drill is well suited for drilling holes in stone or masonry. It can also be used to create holes in concrete footings to pin concrete wall forms. In addition, a hammer drill can be employed to drill holes in concrete floors so you can pin wall framing.

Large rotary hammers featured in the best hammer drill reviews are typically used for repetitive drilling of large rebar holes for anchoring, or simply doweling. The device’s hammering action helps to pulverize masonry for easy removal by the flutes in the drill bit.

The top rated hammer drills 2019, which are bulkier and more expensive, are well suited or applications that required use of an unknown material, perhaps wood studs or concrete blocks. A typical example of such an application is when an electrician has to attach items, such as switch box, to either masonry walls or wood studs.


Hammering Power

Equipped with a uniquely designed clutch, the best hammer drill 2019 not only spins the drill bit but also punches it in and out. Although the force of the bit’s blow and the actual distance it travels are very small, the hammering action is quite rapid at thousands of impacts per minute (IPM) or blows per minute (BPM). The blows may each have relatively low force, but their huge number offers adequate power to pulverize brick or concrete with the carbide wedge of the drill bit, which has spiral flutes to whisk the pulverized elements away.

Drilling a lot faster than a regular speed drill, the hammer drill bores holes through hard materials for attachment of wall plugs, concrete screws and anchor bolts.



Hammer drills usually feature a percussion or cam-action hammering system, which has two sets of toothed gears that interact mechanically with each other to execute a hammering action as the drill bit rotates. Using the hammer action alone is not possible, as the drill bit’s rotation over the cams causes the hammering action.

The advanced power machines featured in the best hammer drill reviews provide a bigger impact force through the utilization of a special technology called the electro-pneumatic hammering system. With these types of tools, the air pressure in the electro-pneumatic chamber facilitates the efficient transfer of hammering force. They allow separate use of the rotation and hammer functions, as well as a combination of both.


Top Hammer Drills in 2019


Plenty of hand tool manufacturers have produced their own lines of hammer drills. While this may be good news for the consumer, it makes the search for a single machine more complicated somehow. The buyer may have to perform diligent research before hitting the stores. Here are three units we highly recommend.


Bostitch BTE140K Kit


1.BOSTITCH BTE140KEquipped with a 7-amp motor that delivers more than enough power for a variety of tough applications, the BOSTITCH BTE140K truly deserves a prime spot in the best hammer drill reviews today. This machine comes with Drill and Hammer Drill Modes to give you optimal performance using a wide range of materials. The dual speed transmission, 1 for 0 to 1100 RPM and 2 for 0 to 3100 RPM, enables you to choose the maximum speed and torque in low and high settings. The BOSTITCH BTE140K gives you the power of choice so you can work at a pace that is most comfortable for you, aside from being more suitable for the material you are working with.

The machine’s metal gear housing ensures durability of the tool, aside from helping dissipate heat away from the unit’s internal components during the drilling process. Providing additional control especially in tough applications is the side handle with depth rod, which also provides reliable depth accuracy. For dependable and secure bit retention and operator safety, the BOSTITCH BTE140K is built with a ½-inch keyed metal chuck. The ergonomic handle has an over mold element, which improves user comfort and reduces user fatigue.

The BOSTITCH BTE140K can drill a hole through ½-inch steel, 1 ¼-inch wood and ½-inch cement.

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Skil 6445-02


2.Skil 6445-02Allowing you to tackle tough jobs with ease, the Skil 6445-02 deserves to be the best hammer drill 2019. It is outfitted with a 7.0 amp motor that gives the tool more than adequate power to handle tough applications including masonry. The ½-inch keyed chuck accommodates bit chuck sizes including those with large diameters for cutting and woodworking. The switch lets you set the tool to run as a regular power drill or as a hammer drill with a hammering action. This allows you to perform your tasks in a most efficient manner using only the mechanism needed while giving you versatility.

The machine is built with a detachable side assist handle, which provides better control during operation. You can also maximize the use of the two-finger, variable-speed precision trigger, which lets you carry out the drilling/hammering with reliable accuracy and exactness via control of the drilling speed. The 2-finger trigger also has lock-on that provides greater control throughout the drilling process. The Skil 6445-02 boasts a heftiness that you can genuinely appreciate during hammer drilling.

With this tool, you can drill anchor holes in concrete slabs or drive screws into concrete in hammer mode. This machine works flawlessly to deliver amazing results in no time.

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Black & Decker DR670


3.Black & Decker DR670Built compact yet powerful, the Black & Decker DR670 6.0-Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill can handle tough tasks even in confined spaces. It provides the hammer action you need for power and speed to drill into masonry. You won’t have to worry about having less than the power you need to tackle tough drilling jobs thanks to the machine’s 6-amp motor. The 0.5-inch all metal keyed chuck facilitates easy bit changes while ensuring maximum grip of the drill bit, ensuring safety and tool optimization. The all-metal bit construction also ensures superb durability. Drill confidently into brick and concrete without losing your cool. This tool does it most efficiently for you!

Thanks to the pistol grip design, you are assured of better control and balance while handling the power tool. The comfort grip handle also provides added comfort, along with control and balance. The reversing brush system gives you full power in forward and reverse. The tool is sufficiently geared for drilling holes through a wide variety of materials including plastic, metal and wood. For controlled drilling applications, you can make the most of the tool’s variable speed trigger.

The drill has an overall build that is relatively hefty, ensuring you of long-term usability and reliable durability.

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