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Top Grilling Planks in 2019


Plank grilling is an old technique which is done by cooking food directly on a piece of wood. It is about subtly adding the natural flavors from the plank to the food for a more delicious result. This method has been modified over the years to adapt to the regular home cooking. In fact, there are grilling planks that have been modified for oven cooking today. Grilling planks come in different shapes and sizes. There is, of course, a standard size for grilling planks. Furthermore, the flavor coming from the wood depends on the nature of the tree it came from. There are many choices on the market, but the best ones are mentioned in the best grilling planks reviews. We have here a list of some popular products, as rated by the consumers.


Coastal Cuisine Cedar Set of 6


Best Grilling Planks ReviewsThe Cedar Plank Set is a set of 6 grilling planks with the best quality on the market. These planks are well made and have just the right thickness for grilling various kinds of fish and meat. What sets it apart from other plank products is its ability to put a lovely, smoky flavor in the food. These planks do not char as easily as other inferior brands, which means it can be used for a couple times more. It can be cleaned easily. And most importantly, it comes at a very affordable price.

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Fire & Flavor Disposable


The quality of a grilling plank is determined with its ability to transfer that smokiness that makes the food taste better – and this is what the Fire & Flavor Disposable grilling plank is all about. It works well even when cooking large fillets of salmon. After grilling, the food will have a flaky and moist texture. Apart from salmon, this plank can also be used for grilling beef and chicken. It is made from Western red cedar, which is basically the source of the amazing flavor that comes from it.

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Camerons Products 8-Pack Cedar


The best grilling planks in 2019 do not come at a cheap price. For example, the Camerons Products 8-Pack Cedar grilling planks is an expensive product but it does deliver what it advertises. The plank’s size is about 6 x 13 x 3/8 inch, and it can be used for two or three times before disposing. It gives a traditional flavor from cedar and alder. The regular planks sold on the market are thinner and gives less flavor. Overall, these planks are great and the price is fair.

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Elizabeth Karmel’s Organic Cedar Personal


The Organic Cedar Personal Grilling Plank is another consumer-grade grilling plank that comes at a very affordable price. It is mentioned in the top grilling planks reviews as an excellent addition to the traditional barbeque kitchen setup. The planks are great for grilling fish, enhancing its flavor dramatically. It can be used up to 5 times, without losing the smoky flavor it transfers to the food. It is available in a personal size, which means it can cook a portion of salmon large enough for one person.

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Weber 17302 Firespice


The Weber 17302 Firespice Cedar Plank is not as popular as the other four but it does show amazing grilling properties for cooking meat and fish, especially salmon. It can also be used for grilling pork ribs. It adds a savory cedar flavor to whatever is cooked on it. The size of the planks is enough to accommodate average-size fillets. The planks are thin though, which means it can only be used for at most two times. There are two planks included in this set.

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