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Top golf rangefinders in 2019


Millions of people around the world love to play it and millions more watch it with pure delight: golf. This sport is a combination of wit, skill and physical stamina that no other game can match. People want to excel at it, to precisely get a hole-in-one with every chance they get. To this particular end, it is recommended to have the proper golfing help, which comes in the form of great golf clubs, irons and also rangefinders. Information can make the difference between a perfect game and a near perfect one. This is the reason you should read some of the current best golf rangefinders reviews  that can provide the much needed insight on the functionality of the best models.


Bushnell Tour V2


Best Golf Rangefinders reviewsIn the professional world of golf, Bushnell is well-known for its high quality products and the Tour V2 rangefinder finds its way on many players. Receiving great recommendations from some of the current best golf rangefinders reviews, Bushnell Tour V2 is an ultra-compact device which helps golfers with their flag, in a range of 300 yards. The world’s most advanced rangefinder, this model weighs only 6.6 ounces, being accurate in its data from 5 to 1000 yards, which is quite impressive. Tour V2 rangefinder is powered by a 3-volt battery, delivering 5 x magnifications of the flag, including also readings in yards and meters.

“I like to play golf as often as I can and because I’m a golf enthusiast I know exactly how important a rangefinder is for those long shots. I got the best rangefinder there is, the Bushwell Tour V2 for the purpose of improving my score and getting one over my friends.” Henry Wilson

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Bushnell Tour V3 Slope


When it comes to professional and efficient rangefinders, Bushnell Tour V3 has barely a rival. Considered the world’s smallest and technologically advanced golf rangefinder, Bushnell Tour V3 managed to set a new but precise standard in measuring. This model is equipped with Pin Seeker and JOLT technology that delivers pinpoint accuracy in a range from up to an impressive 300 yards. You will see the data on the LCD screen while the JOLT technology vibrates when Bushnell locks on the flag. This model is powered by a great 3-volt battery, while also delivering 5 x magnifications whenever you need on the golf course.

“A high-tech solution for a getting a golf rangefinder is the Bushwell Tour V3, allowing me to see the distance to the hole with pinpoint accuracy. If you want to have the latest generation in golf equipment than you have to get this device.” Matt Gills

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Bushnell NEO-X


Are you ready to play golf with more confidence? Well, if your answer is yes then Bushnell NEO-X golf rangefinder will certainly improve your game. You will be ready to play, while the Bushnell rangefinder is preloaded with 30.000 courses, free of charge. This particular golf rangefinder is the lightest and thinnest golf GPS watch, from the models currently available on the market. The model has a powerful battery lifespan that provides over 3 rounds of golf, in the watch mode, two years you won’t have to change the battery. You should also know that Bushnell NEO-X golf rangefinder is incorporated with USB port which allows you to charge the watch or sync it with your PC.

“I bought it because it hasn’t just one function, it is a rangefinder and a watch at the same time, using GPS technology. I am very pleased with its precision which really helps my game. From my point of view this should be in every gamer`s equipment list.” Richard Impey

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Leupold GX-3i


Most of the current best golf rangefinders reviews, drafted by professional golfers and athletes, underline the efficiency of Leupold GX-3i model, a product very popular in the US and Canada. Leupold GX-3i rangefinder was designed with Leupold’s Prism Lock technology that uses reflective prisms in order to obtain an accurate and intense return. In addition, Leupold GX-3i incorporates high-performance Digital Enhanced Accuracy for tight and fast measurements and also Clicking Diopter adjustment system. This golf rangefinder from Leupold GX-3i delivers optimum accuracy on yard to 1/10 yard range of 5 to 800 yards and also a precise 6 x magnification process.

“I find this rangefinder to be very useful when I’m out on the golf course and I’m trying to improve my game. The readings are very accurate and very helpful at the same time. It has a very affordable price and for these reasons my advice is to get it, if given the chance.” Edward Robins

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Bushnell Medalist


Enter a select group of people that learned to play golf while being assisted by Bushnell Medalist golf rangefinder. This device significantly delivers more accurate pictures, thus helping you accommodate better to the terrain conditions. Bushnell rangefinder provides instant information on the target, improving the way you swing and the type of iron you use. The model features the precise PinSeeker that emits invisible energy pulses which are reflected to the receiving optics. This golf rangefinder has an average from 5 to 1000 yards which you can see with ease on the display.

“I find the Bushwell Medalist to be a necessity on the golf course and at least for me it has proven to be of great value. This device has some very good reviews and it also doesn`t cost nothing at all. If you like golf than I suggest you get this rangefinder.” Malcom Brown

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