Best Gas Grill for the Money


How to Select the Best Gas Grill for the Money


You can find a high quality gas grill without having to pay a lot of money, if you know exactly what you need. Additional features and accessories might be convenient, but this usually results in an increase in price. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will help you find the best gas grill for the money.

Best gas grill for the money


One of the first aspects to consider is the size of the grill, and this will generally depend on how and where it is going to be used. Smaller size gas grills are often portable and are perfect for camping trips, while larger models are best suited for backyard cookouts. The size of the grill will also determine the amount of cooking space, along with the number of people you can feed.


Ease of use

You want the gas grill to be easy and convenient to use, and some models include a convenient start button. This helps to ensure a quick spark, so you can immediately start cooking. Clearly marked controls are always appreciated, especially if you are new to grilling. You also want to make sure that the trays are removable for easy cleaning.



Some of the best gas grills also include convenient stands that include additional workspace. Often wheeled for easy portability, some models also include storage shelves for all of your grilling tools. Your budget will help you decide which features are absolutely necessary, and which ones are nice to have.


Best Rated Gas Grills for the Money


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can help you find the best gas grill for your money. Maybe one of these affordable gas grills is exactly what you need for your next outdoor gathering.


Weber 50060001 Gas Grill


1.Weber 50060001This compact gas grill is perfect for camping trips and small picnics. It includes a lightweight stand that is easy to carry, and a durable aluminum construction that is built to last. Since it is already assembled you can start using it right out of the box, and with 189 square inches of cooking space you have plenty of room for burgers and brats.

The small grill is designed to be easy to use, and you will appreciate the push ignition button which ensures a quick and reliable start every time. The two removable racks are easy to clean, and can be replaced with an extra griddle for even more cooking options. Perfect for use at home or on the road, you will love being able to grill hotdogs and burgers virtually anywhere.

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Char-Broil 463620412 Gas Grill


2.Char-Broil 26,500With two burners and capable of delivering 26,500 BTUs of heat, you can cook a variety of items with this convenient gas grill. It is designed to be easy to use, and you will also love the included stand. The wheeled stand makes it easy to move the grill where you need it, and you will appreciate the included storage shelves. There are also hooks to help keep your utensils organized, and the extra work space is always welcome.

The grill is also incredibly easy to assemble, and the included instructions will walk you through each step. The simple push button ensures a reliable start every time, and you also have the advantage of the separate controls. Grill veggies on one burner and burgers on the other for a complete meal in minutes. With the propane tank conveniently stored in the stand, along with everything else you need it is easy to see why this gas grill is popular at backyard picnics and other outdoor gatherings.

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Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill


3.Coleman RoadTripIf you love tailgating or camping this might be the perfect gas grill for you. It features a lightweight and easy to use construction, along with plenty of options for cooking and grilling all types of food. You also have the advantage of the included wheeled stand, and the affordable price that is designed to fit almost any budget.

This durable gas grill features a removable top that can be switched out with the additional purchase of a stove top or griddle. The included stand features a durable construction and the sturdy wheels make it easy to move the grill over bumpy terrain. The table also extends for additional prep space, and you will love how easy it is to fold down for convenient storage. The grill also features a quick start button and innovative technology that will ensure continual performance in almost any weather.

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