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Are you shopping for the best gardening kneeler bench to help you in your work, but your schedule is too crowded as it is to read through all the information we gathered? Here is everything you have to know. The Gardener’s Supply Company Extra Wide is the model we pick as the first recommendation since it offers outstanding value for the price. This kneeler is an optimal choice for anyone wanting plenty of space to kneel and work, as both its seat and its knee pad are 30% wider than what you usually see in a standard kneeler. The padding is made of ¾-inch foam and provides extra comfort so that you can focus on tending to your garden beds, instead of your aching knees. Use the side rails to raise and lower yourself, without straining your back. Should the Gardener’s Supply Company Extra Wide run out of stock, consider the Gardman R616 as a second choice, as it is almost just as good.



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If you’ve been tossing and turning about getting the best garden kneeler bench and hardly know what you’re supposed to look for in such a product, we’re here to give you a helping hand. We have created a comprehensive guide that can assist you in making the right call, whether you’re looking for a model for the elderly or not. Always remember to correlate your personal requirements with the characteristics of the unit you want to spend your money on.

Gardener's Supply Company Extra Wide-Seat Folding Garden Kneeler Green

Ease of use and convenience

It goes without saying that utilizing a gardening kneeler bench should be as easy as possible, considering that you won’t have to rely on your technical skills to put the unit together or use it adequately anywhere you may feel like. However, since the needs of modern owners are different, so are the products you might be interested in purchasing. Some can be folded and as such, stored in a place of your choice, whereas others are not foldable and may prove to be less portable in the long run.

Besides, the weight of the model also matters a great deal, particularly if you’ve ever experienced pain in your back area. No one is keen on the idea of carrying around a hefty kneeler bench as it will make working on your garden a rather cumbersome activity. In most cases, the manufacturing brand clearly states the weight of the product it marketizes, so be on the lookout for these details so that you are able to know beforehand if you risk buying a too heavy unit or not.

Convenience also refers to the material the seat has been covered in. Why do gardeners wear gloves and protective equipment? The answer to this question is quite straightforward – at some point, things might start to get a little too green. Is the fabric on the seat removable and machine-washable or do you have to scrub it by hand? Is it made out of polyester or some sort of other artificial structure? Believe it or not, in this case, it’s actually recommended to choose an synthetic material versus a natural one, as the second might become stained easier compared to the first.




The height of many alternatives can be adjusted depending on the task you plan on performing at any given moment or even in accordance with your physical attributes. Nevertheless, it might be worth noting that you ought to get a gardening kneeler bench that’s somehow fit to your size; what’s more, some people are taller and others are shorter and as such, they’ll find it more or less comfortable to kneel on a higher or lower product. Few manufacturing brands publish size charts that can make it easy for a prospective buyer to associate his or her height with the one of the product.

Since it’s rather difficult to make this estimation online, we recommend you to go to a store and check out or even try out some models before choosing one. Furthermore, you may benefit from reading several user reviews, as many of the individuals who’ve already bought the bench will often express their opinions about it in relation to their physical features.

Yard Butler GKS-2


Let’s be honest. Not all kneeler benches are created the same, just like not all users have the same requirements and expectations. While you might find that using one type may be uncomfortable, your neighbor or friend might tell you that it’s the perfect model for them. Typically, people focus on getting a unit that’s both lightweight and foldable, but often times they also forget to concentrate on details such as the cushioning or whether or not the product comes with handles.

Regardless of your age, you may need to get a hold onto something in order to get up after having sat on your knees for a variable amount of time. This is the core reason why handles are so important and you should probably get a model that has this exact feature. While the frame of most of the options we’ve come across during our research has been constructed out of metal or other sturdy materials, you may need to check whether you can use the unit for kneeling and as a regular bench, as well.



Top Gardening Kneeler Benches in 2019


Some of the best gardening kneeler benches are showcased below. These models are available for sale on almost any online retailer’s websites, including Amazon. From what we have gathered, the following units are critically acclaimed and offer tremendous value for the price.



Gardener’s Supply Company Extra


1.Gardener's Supply Company Extra Wide-Seat Folding Garden Kneeler Green

This option is a reasonably priced product that can be utilized for a plethora of activities, particularly since it’s sturdy enough to be used both as a regular bench and as a kneeler. The neat thing about this model is that it features a wider kneeling surface, thus allowing individuals of different sizes to perform their activities without being bothered by the narrowness of the unit.

The main surface is cushioned, which adds to the overall comfort of the user. It appears that this alternative is preferred by people whose weight is up to 250 lbs and who are looking for a foldable model that comes with handles.


Buy from Amazon for ($49.95)




Gardman R616


According to the consumer feedback given for the R616 fold Away Garden Kneeler and Seat, it is the best gardening kneeler bench in 2019. The R616 is a dual-purpose kneeler that functions as a bench as well. It is durable and sturdy enough to support more than an average person’s weight.

This kneeler is designed so as to reduce fatigue as well as back stress during gardening. The seating pad can be made softer, but all in all, this is an excellent gardening kneeler bench.


Buy from Amazon for ($24.18)




Flexrake CLA103


Compared to the other kneeler benches, the Flexrake CLA103 Classic Wicker kneeler seat has the most unique appearance. It has the only wicker construction, which is comfortable to kneel and sit on. The metal frame is very sturdy and can support more than average weight. It is not as lightweight as the other products but it is definitely sturdier.

The kneeling pad seems to be harder for some people, but generally, this is a good kneeling bench within the middle range price point.


Buy from Amazon for ($41.09)




Yard Butler GKS-2


Another popular item on the top gardening kneeler bench reviews is the Yard Butler GKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat. Just like the previously mentioned model, this product works both as a kneeler and a bench. The seat pad is softer and more cushioned, providing prevention of sore knees.

It is not only used for gardening, it works for other household chores as well. The handles provide support for standing up. It is also foldable, for easy storage and transport.


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Midwest Gloves and Gear 53


The Midwest Gloves and Gear 53 is a well-appreciated kneeler bench, as evidenced by the generous ratings given to it by consumers. The Gloves and Gear 53 is relatively lightweight, but is constructed sturdy enough to support heavy weights. It is rigid enough to provide support when getting up.

The seat pad is cushioned well and is very comfortable. It works both for indoor and outdoor use. This kneeler can be folded and stored easily.


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GARDEN PALS Kneeling Bench


The GARDEN PALS Kneeling Bench/Folding Seat kneeler has impressed a lot of consumers with its durable and sturdy construction, which is exactly what everyone is looking for in a gardening kneeler bench. Its steel frame is rigid and strong enough to carry weight of about 200 pounds.

The seat pad is actually a double-sided cushion that works as a kneeling pad on one side and a seat on the other. Storage and transport is a non-issue because this kneeler can be folded easily into a compact form.


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