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Top garage door openers in 2019


Every home has garage where people safely keep their cars and other stuff protected. In this particular area, it is important to have a professional and high quality garage door opener that can provide and maintain security to the things place inside. In order to find the most efficient one, it is recommended to read some of the current best garage door openers reviews which may prove to be a key element in discovering a great model. This motorized device will help you fully open and close the garage doors, without any problems or restrictions at all, irrespective of the weather conditions.


Chamberlain WD962KEV


Best garage door openers reviewsChamberlain WD962KEV garage door opener is the ideal system to control the access to your garage. This Whisper garage door opener features a built-in battery that manages to back up the security system even when the electricity is down. You have the possibility to automatically close the garage without any problems after 1, 10 or 15 minutes you leave. This reliable garage door opener from Chamberlain is equipped with a ¾ horsepower motor, accompanied by additional safety features in order to prevent burglars from carrying out their deeds. You should also know that WD962KEV garage door opener comes with a lifetime door warranty.

“I wanted to upgrade my garage door with a door opening system and for this reason I went ahead and got the Chamberlain WD962KEV. Everything runs as smooth as silk and I am really pleased with the decision to make this upgrade.” Ryan Sturridge

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Chamberlain PD210D


A growing number of the latest best garage door openers reviews, drafted in great details, emphasize on the fluid functionality of Chamberlain PD210D model, which can be found in thousands of American homes. This model has a powerful industrial-strength chain-drive that helps the user to access better the garage. Chamberlain PD210D garage door opener delivers and maintains an easy and fluid operation system. In addition this model from Chamberlain also promotes a tightened security to the insides of the garage, thus keeping far ways any burglaries. The model is also accompanied by a handy multi-function wall-mount panel which makes it very easy to control all the access options.

“Functionality and security are the main features of this garage door opener in my opinion. Since I have it I feel more secure about my garage and at the same time I control everything via its remote control. I think it is a must have device for every garage.” Will Clifford

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Direct Drive 3/4 HP


Direct Drive is a well-renowned brand regarding garage door openers models. The 3/4 HP garage door opener from Direct Drive has inclined rail for 7 feet and 8 feet door height. In addition, Direct Drive has an extremely quiet garage door opening system that virtually doesn’t create any vibrations, which may cause discomfort. Direct Drive garage door opener incorporates a secure Rolling Code technology that safely keeps safe everything inside. The particularities of Direct Drive recommend this garage door opener as the perfect addition to any home with living spaces above the garage. Easy to install, this model will certainly become a smart addition to any home.

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SOMMER Direct Drive 3/4 HP


As most of the latest best garage door opener reviews pointed out, in details, Direct Drive model from SOMMER will become a great addition to any home. Direct Drive has a solid moving part which keeps away the noises from disturbing you. The motor of the garage door silently glides along the smooth chain which is embedded in a sturdy steel rail. This model has a soft start and stop system which allows you to control all the features without any problems. Easy to install, Direct Drive will certainly improve the way you access the garage, in style and silence.

“You can see by just looking at this door opener that it is a reliable one, because it is made only out of quality materials like steel and sturdy plastic parts. When it operates it is very quiet at the same time so overall I believe it is a great choice for any garage.” Martin Scott

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Chamberlain WD822KD


Thousands of American homes benefit from the precise and quiet operation system of Chamberlain WD822KD garage door opener. This Whisper Drive features 1/2 horsepower belt garage access system which elegantly lets you inside the garage, and safely park the car. WD822KD garage door opener has silent operating system, due to the vibration-free motor; ideal for homes that have rooms over the garage. Chamberlain WD822KD includes the exclusive Motor Vibration Isolation System that progressively eliminates vibration resulting in quiet performance system. You won’t have to worry about dealing with grinding, grating, squeaking and jarring mechanical movement.

“This garage door opener`s popularity made my buy it and based on its positive reviews I have made a very good choice. It works very smoothly and quietly as well, characteristics which I enjoy very much. It is worth its price and more, so this is a safe bet after me.” Robb Downing

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