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How to Choose a Top Front Tine Tiller


For general garden maintenance and weeding, you need to check out the machines evaluated in the best front tine tiller reviews. Perfect for soft soil conditions and small- to medium-size gardens, running a front tine tiller requires less labor and time compared to using a spade or shovel. These are the aspects you should check out when buying this type of garden equipment.

Best Front tine tiller

Powerful Engine

The best front tine tiller 2019 is outfitted with an engine that is powerful enough to break up softer, unloosened soil. All front-tine tillers on the market now come with four-cycle engines, eliminating the need for messy and fume-producing gas and oil mixes. Four-cycle engines are also more fuel efficient, making front tine tillers more powerful than cultivators. Machines geared with OHV engines run at lower temperatures while producing less exhaust. This results in more power and better fuel efficiency plus a longer life span.


Quality Tines

All top rated front tine tillers 2019 are equipped with standard or forward rotating tines that work to loosen softer soils, enabling the operator to plant flowers and vegetables. The forward rotating tines are also extremely helpful for aerating or weeding. A cool feature on these types of machines is an adjustable tine width. Most machines boast three settings that enable tilling of narrow spaces or rows up to two feet wide.


Easy Maneuverability

When checking out the machines in the best front tine tiller reviews, look for the ones equipped with larger wheels that make the units easier to maneuver in loose soil. Easy transport across sidewalks and driveways is also assured with bigger wheels. Front tine tillers are heavier and bigger than cultivators, which makes shed or garage space an issue for storage. Go for models with folding handle bars to facilitate hassle-free storage.


Useful Features

An adjustable drag bar runs behind the tiller to ensure a consistent depth while loosening the soil. Depending on the tilling application, the depth of the drag bar can be set according to the specific requirements of the job. Adjustable tilling blades enable the operator to lower or raise them according to the demands of the project. A shallow depth works best for weed removal, while deep tilling is required for beginning a new flowerbed or garden.

The tiller controls should be designed for easy access. The tiller should be easy to start, as well.


Top Front Tine Tillers in 2019


To ensure that you can get a quality front tine tiller, you will have to be ready to do some decent amount of research and reading on the choices you have on the market. The extra ten minutes or so you spend on familiarizing yourself with the features of various products will help you determine what will work best for your purpose. To lessen the workload, we have three products worth investing your money on.


Husqvarna FT900-CA


1.Husqvarna FT900-CADesigned with a weight and size that make it superbly easy to handle, the Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller is also exceptionally effortless to maneuver, handle, transport and store. The front tine tiller is ideal for homeowners who need an efficient machine that will help prepare flower beds and garden patches without using a shovel or spade. The machine runs on a dependable and strong 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine. The powerful overhead valve (OHV) engine delivers the needed torque or propelling energy to enable the tiller to handle even the most compact soil.

The machine is equipped with one forward and one reverse gear to ensure problem-free operation, maneuverability and mobility. Working with this machine eliminates the stress of preparing your garden or yard to be planted with your favorite plants and vegetables. The onboard easy-adjust drag bar provides the necessary balance in a variety of tilling applications. The reverse gearbox enables easy control and maneuverability. The carrying handles assist with easy handling before and after tilling. The Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller is made in the USA, ensuring you of superior quality and craftsmanship. It boasts a solid build that serves as an assurance of durability and long-term use.

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Southland SFTT160


2.Southland SFTT160The Southland SFTT160 Front Tine Tiller replaces traditional gardening tools like the shovel and spade while making tilling work less of a backbreaking chore for garden owners. The front tine tiller has an 11-inch tine diameter/tilling depth that digs deep to aerate or loosen the compact soil, making it ready for planting with flowers and vegetables. The onboard gear drive system is characterized by a special Poly-V mechanism that ensures longer life and less wear and tear. The forward rotating tines allow the operator to switch the tilling direction. They also give the tilling blades self-cleaning capability.

To ensure effortless maneuverability in loose soil, the Southland SFTT160 Front Tine Tiller is geared with large ten-inch wheels that help the operator push the machine anywhere from the garden through the driveway and to the shed or garage for storage. The loop handle folds to save on storage space. Ideal for unworked plots and annual garden maintenance, the Southland SFTT160 Front Tine Tiller features a manual recoil start fuel delivery system that ensures problem-free start up and commencement of the tilling tasks. The tilling width can be adjusted from 11 inches to 16 and 21 inches to enable the machine to tackle any size job.

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Earthquake 26750 Vector


3.Earthquake 26750 VectorThe Earthquake 26750 Vector Front Tine Rototiller is an impressive and hardworking machine that offers value for money. It comes with depth control with drag bar, which serves to provide a pivot point between the wheels of the tiller to enable easy handling when making tight turning. The depth control also ensures a smoother tilling result. The durable, ball bearing gear drive transmission extends the life of the engine. The tiller is engineered with removable outer tine shields along with external tines, which allow use in tight spaces while keeping the working area readily visible. The drive control is mounted on the handlebar to ensure easy and quick engagement when needed.

Get even more control with the bicycle-style handlebars that are height adjustable to three positions, helping you work at a level that is comfortable for you. Delivering exceptional smoothness and control when tilling, the Earthquake 26750 Vector Front Tine Rototiller is designed with a uniquely structured uni-body frame that has all the major working parts integrated in a single configuration. This enables effective lowering of the center of gravity while ensuring a small footprint. The more compact profile ensures greater balance and maneuverability. Furthermore, the operator has better control over the machine thanks to how the trajectory of the handlebars is made to intersect with the tine shaft.

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