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Top framing nailers in 2019


In any construction activity, it is needed to have framing nails that will support and upkeep your structure. In any task such as repairing or building your homes or carpentry activities, it is essential to make a heavy duty output. In this case, you must have all the information from the best framing nailers reviews that will help you to choose out of the best product


Hitachi NR83A2 Round head framing nailer


Best Framing Nailers reviewsThe Hitachi NR83A2 model is a kind of framing nailer which can fulfill your needs and demands. Because of the ANSI compliant, rubber grip and open-nose design, every user would really experience the easy usage of this device. It can be modified for a much better handling and working. With the 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch round-heads, you can work accurately and precisely providing a perfect output and compact results. Compared to other framing nailer, this one is one of the most comfortable to use.

“I am an upholsterer with some experience and I also like to play with wood. It is my hobby and have an impressive collection of tools. This nailer has made its entrance a few months ago and the only thing to add is that it is a must have for every handyman.” Kaleb Shaw

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Porter-Cable FR350A Round Head framing nailer


One of the best framing tools you need to have is the Porter-Cable FR350A nailer. This kind of equipment is essential in order to keep your work more reliable. The product mostly comes with 3-1/2-inch roundhead nailer kit which allows you to build and adjust your work in any circumstance. You can use up to 64-nails on a time. Considered as one of the practical models in the best framing nailers reviews, the product received numerous positive feedbacks.

“This is a reliable tool because it didn’t jam, works for hours and has an ergonomic handle. It is powerful enough and works with different types of nails. Has also great pressure being able to shank some hard pieces. I took it from the web because of a small discount.” Antoine Durepos

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Stanley Bostitch F28WW framing nailer


Recognized as one of the best framing nailers this year, the Stanley Bostitch byproduct became more popular. The secret of its popularity are this product’s features. The ergonomic construction really helps in placing the nails confidently. Aside from that, the product has the Smart trigger system making the work easier by controlling and manipulating manually the equipment. Stanley Bostitch F28WW framing nailer comes in handy for attaching, decking and building activities.

“Stainley Bostitch is one of my favorite brands when it comes to power tools. This nailer does its best when it comes to hard boards of wood of different strenght and widths. I used this gun intensly in my carpentry stall and was able to test it at its best.” Josef Navratil

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Hitachi NR90AE framing strip nailer


Many U.S persons are confident whenever they use a Hitachi framing strip nailer as their service partner. The device is a produced by the Hitachi Company guaranteeing its quality compared to other framing nailers in the market. It comes with the 3-1/2-inch round head which provides a big help in the construction field of activity. Furthermore, the 7.5 pound design gives greater ease and comfort for every user allowing them not to experience any muscle strains or fatigues. The NR90AE (S) full-head framing strip nailer can be used anytime in any given situation.

“I had some problems with the trigger. It blocked but thanks to the warranty and good service system it got back to me fully functioning. I’m glad that it works like in the day I first unboxed it. The price reflects its high quality and durability making it a pro choice.” Joshua Dunkley

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Stanley Bostitch PN50 mini impact nailer


If you need a device that will help you in any of your nailing activity, we recommend you the Stanley Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact model. This can perfectly fit your demand allowing you to get your job done in no time. With the 1 lb. weight of the device, you can work with it efficiently. Furthermore, the 360o swivel air fitting brings the control of this device at your discretion. This tool is really compact which means that you can use it for a long period of time without experiencing any troubles.

“Wood feels like butter after using this light yet solid nailer. It is small enough to enter in small spots. Also has a light construction and can be carried around with ease. I was also attracted by its low cost. Now it is an indispensable tool whenever I need to joint something.” Wallace Ragsdale

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