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Top Footballs in 2019


Children, their fathers, and guys who love tossing the old pigskin are best advised to consult the best football reviews to ensure that they’ve got a ball worthy to toss around and have fun with. Whether full-grain or top-grain, the product should be of standard size when it’s meant for collegiate or professional use. There are smaller balls for youth play, while mini-balls are great for pick-up games.


Wilson NFL Super Grip Official


Made in the USA of composite leather, the Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football is the best football 2019 thanks to its guaranteed durability and toughness on the field and off. Built with the official dimensions of collegiate and professional football, this product offers the ultimate feel and grip of the official thing. Enjoy throwing this football around with your best football buddies and never worry about the item getting damaged or suddenly bursting when thrown too hard. The composite leather cover and material ensure hours of football enjoyment for the group and the family.

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Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football W/Pump-&-Tee


Precisely made in junior size to fit smaller hands, the Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football comes with a pump and tee to ensure continuous use, consistent inflatability and easy storage. This best football in 2019 is made of composite leather to ensure durability. This product is recommended for young football enthusiasts ages 9 years and above. Let your child explore and learn about the game that could make him a future football superstar. Let him practice his kicks and catch the ball that he throws with his small arms and hands to help him develop his strength.

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Nerf N-Sports Weather Blitz All-Conditions


With the Nerf N-Sports Weather Blitz All Conditions Football, you can play like a professional footballer whether in snow, rain or mud. This product offers remarkable durability and toughness for all-weather enjoyment of a great game of football. Thanks to its easy-to-spot bright neon color, the football is the best football in 2019 ideal for games during adverse weather conditions. Toss this around, throw it like there’s no tomorrow, kick it around as hard as you can to make it go over the goal. With the Nerf N-Sports Weather Blitz All-Conditions Football, no weather is too ugly to enjoy your favorite game.

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Diggin Black Max


Offering great grip with deep, large dimples all over the surface, the Diggin Black Max Football makes a great plaything for young players ages 5 and above. The football is made with a patent-pending spiral throw to enable easy hurling in tighter spirals and longer throws, so it can get to the goal faster and more assuredly. The dimples also make the football easy to throw and catch, so players do not have to scramble around like crazy while trying to gain control of the pigskin. Take the Diggin Black Max during picnics and game practice for hours of active play.

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Wilson NFL MVP


This product is made with exclusive tackified material to make it easier to hold and catch. The deeper pebble and firmer texture enable you to secure it firmly in the hand and to catch it effortlessly without easily losing your grip. This product deserves a spot in best football reviews due to that unique characteristic. The multi-layered lining gives a good shape and superior durability. It uses 3-ply bladder for dependable air retention and effective moisture control. For a truly authentic game experience, the football carries the Wilson and NFL logo on its surface.

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