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Being able to soothe tired, aching feet at home is a luxury that everyone can take advantage of and to make sure you have a relaxing experience we have gathered information from expert reviews, feedback from consumers, social media activity, compared sales figures, prices, value for your money and brand quality in order to find the best foot spa. During our research we noticed that the Brookstone 728219 quickly surpassed the competition and became our choice for the best heated foot spa due to its versatility, roomy size, and convenient design. Even though this might be the best home foot spa we realize that this product might not be compatible with everyone’s budget or easy to find in your area, which is why we also recommend that you consider the Dr Scholl’s Invigorating Foot Bath as a second option. It is also capable of relaxing and rejuvenating the aching muscles and tendons in your feet, and it also comes with a pedicure set so your toes and heels can look as great as they feel. While this might not include all of the functions as the top model it more than makes up for this with its affordable price.



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When you’ve got any of the great items from the best foot spa reviews on hand, you can get rid of foot fatigue and the various aches and pains associated with tired and overused feet. The unit doesn’t even have to be expensive or sophisticated. The important thing is that it delivers the kind of relief that you would consider valuable in such a piece of equipment.

Foot Spa Type

A Massage foot bath vibrates to deliver relief to achy, sore and tired feet. This is perfect for relaxing after a punishing day, as the water movement serves to knead tired foot muscles while providing exfoliation. A heated best foot spa 2019 uses infrared heat to bring relief, relaxation and exfoliation to painful ankles and feet. A foot bath with massage jets offers not only a vibrating function but also comes with jets that work gently on the ankles and feet to improve circulation and relieve tension.

Those with massage rollers use gentle acupressure to relieve pain and tension, and can also offer relief of other pain including backache and headache. Paraffin wax foot spas soften calloused and rough feet. Negatively-charged ions in ionic detox spas balance the energy while managing overall health.




Foot Spa Benefits

Most top rated foot spas 2019 offer a variety of benefits that can make your foot bath experience truly awesome. A major benefit is relaxation, as the warm water helps loosen tired and wound up muscles, ligaments and tendons of your feet to shake the pain out of them. With pain management, swollen, aching feet can get the relief they seek. With increased circulation that comes from stress, strain and certain illnesses, your feet can feel like a million dollars. With exfoliation, your feet are left feeling soft and smooth.



Foot Spa Features

The best foot spa reviews highlight the features that come with any product in this particular category. Those features include a splash guard or hood that prevents water from spilling out of the foot spa to the floor while the machine is carried. Pedicure attachments or tools can include a nail buffer, a cleansing brush, a pumice stone, a nail file and some exfoliating tools. Removable gel inserts provide comfort. With on-board storage, the product enables easy, single-place stashing of the unit and its supplied tools.



Top Foot Spas in 2019


You can always have the best foot spa 2019 if you diligently do some research and reading. It is also essential that you take note of which benefits and features you’d like to find in the unit itself. The three products described below have earned top rankings in product reviews.



Brookstone 728219


Best Foot Spa Reviews

It is easy to see why this foot spa is so popular with consumers. The Brookstone 728219 comes with a durable construction and roomy design, and it is also easy and convenient to use. With all of the features you need to relax muscles, improve circulation and rejuvenate tired feet, you can easily enjoy a spa quality experience in the comfort of your home.


The 728219 comes with a durable construction that will easily hold water without leaking all over your floors. If the plug does leak, you can simply send the foot spa back to Brookstone for an immediate replacement. This home spa also has a roomy design that is large enough for men with size 14 feet.

One of the last things you want to worry about when you are trying to relax in a foot spa is whether or not you need to add more hot water. Once this spa is filled to the optimal level all you have to do is set the simple controls and place your feet in the water. The spa will quickly and efficiently heat the water up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and maintain the temperature through the massage.

This foot spa from Brookstone will massage aching muscles and tendons with its rotating jets, and rejuvenate tired feet with the manual rollers. The speed on the jets can be adjusted to give you the right amount of intensity, and the hot water will soothe away the various aches and pains you can get from standing all day.



It should be noted that this foot spa is heavier than some similar models, which can make it slightly difficult to pick up and clean.


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Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Foot Bath


While this product might be your second choice it is still capable of improving circulation in your feet, along with relaxing tired muscles and aching tendons. It also comes with a convenient pedicure set so you can proudly show off your rejuvenated feet. As an added bonus, this foot spa is also priced to fit almost anyone’s budget.


This foot spa from Dr Scholl’s comes with everything you need to relax and rejuvenate tired feet. The soothing hot water will help ease aches and pains, while the rollers work to loosen tight muscles and tendons. It is also capable of producing massaging bubbles so your feet will feel reenergized and rejuvenated.

You will appreciate the “SMART” heating system that keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. While you still have to fill the unit with hot water initially, it will keep it at a soothing temperature.

Not only can you improve the way your feet feel, but also their appearance. The included pumice stone will slough off rough, dry skin on the bottoms of your feet and heels, while the pedicure set includes everything you need so you can wear sandals without being embarrassed.



Some consumers have noted that they wish this home foot spa would also heat the water, and while this is a nice convenience it does not affect its performance.


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Conair Waterfall Foot Spa


Enjoy remarkably restful foot pampering with the Conair Waterfall Foot Spa. This incredible device delivers waterfall feature that surrounds every nook and cranny of the feet to encourage good blood circulation and maintain softness. The three toe-touch push buttons switch the LED and bubbles on and off. It also turns the waterfall action on and off, and the bubbles on both high and low setting.

With the amazing heat maintenance feature, water is kept sufficiently warm to ensure complete foot pampering. The three included pedicure attachments help the machine deliver awesome relaxation and comfort to the feet. They include: a pumice stone, foot brush and massage tool. Use the foot brush to scrub off rough skin and toughened calluses. Use the pumice to reveal young, bright foot skin. With the massage tool, you can promote great circulation and soothing action.

The big blue LED light on each side of the machine base helps ensure proper relaxation setting. The waterfall feature provides relaxation. The non-skid feet ensure extra stability of the unit in operation. This machine helps you feel peaceful and relaxed as the full bubble action kneads the soles of the feet to effectively wash away tension and pain. The leg rest and two foot rollers ensure proper placement of the feet and provide massage action.


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