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If you want to experience high quality sound you might want to consider a pair of floor standing speakers. Able to deliver more power than other models, you can use these larger floor models as standalone speakers or connected for amazing surround sound. With so many models to choose from finding the right speakers can be difficult. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the best floor standing speakers in 2019.

Best Floor Standing Speakers

Arrangement and Compatibility

The best floor standing speakers reviews state that it is important to consider the placement, and to ensure the ones you choose is compatible with your existing stereo system. For the best surround sound experience you want to be able to place the speakers on both sides of the room. The speakers should also be angled toward the audience, and placed at ear level for optimal sound. You also want to ensure that the speakers you choose are compatible with the amplifier and stereo to prevent “blow outs” and distorted sound. Floor standing speakers vary in size from less than 3′ to tall 5′ models, which will make it easier to find the best set for your available space and existing system.



As stated in the best floor standing speaker reviews you also want to consider the design. Not only do you want the speakers to be compatible with your existing system, but the ones you choose should also look great in the room. Floor standing speakers are available in several styles and colors, which ensure you can find the perfect set to blend in beautifully with your décor. Some of the attractive styles to choose from can include wood cabinets with walnut, oak or cherry finishes, along with modern aluminum cases painted a bright or dark color. In most cases the design of the floor standing speakers will be a matter of personal preference.



There are some features to consider, though your budget might limit your options. Wireless floor standing speakers are generally considered more convenient and easier to place, but it should be noted that not all models are capable of producing the same high quality sound as the ones that are wired. Rubber feet and felt pads can protect flooring while providing extra traction, and some higher priced floor speakers feature small spikes for added stability.


Top Floor Standing Speakers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right pair for you, we can show you the top rated floor standing speakers of 2019. Designed to produce high quality sound and be easy to connect to your existing system, maybe one of these floor speakers is exactly what you are looking for.


Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed


1.Pioneer SP-FS52-LRAfter listening to your music through these floor speakers it is easy to see why this is a “best seller” on Amazon. It features an affordable price, and the ability to produce high quality sounds. Manufactured by Pioneer who has over 70 years of experience designing speakers and other audio equipment, you know that everything you play will have amazing clarity and sharp tone definition.

This floor standing speaker features a stylish and functional design that will blend in with almost any décor. It is also compatible with most stereo systems, and is incredibly easy to connect. The tall speaker houses three 5 ¼ inch woofers that can deliver rich, full bass, along with a 1 inch tweeter for crisp clear high notes.

You also have the advantage of the gold binding posts which ensure a smooth, clear sound without distortion or interference. Affordably priced and manufactured by Pioneer, you will love how your music and movies sound with this floor standing speaker. As an added advantage the taller height of the speaker ensures that all of your guests can enjoy the same theater quality listening experience.

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Onkyo SKF-4800


2.Onkyo SKF-4800There is very little not to like about this pair of floor standing speakers, including its affordable price and ability to producing amazing high quality sound. With a maximum power output of 130 watts these speakers are compatible with most stereo systems, and you will also appreciate its broad frequency range.

These 2 way floor standing speakers are designed to reproduce rich, deep bass and clear high notes. It can also clearly reproduce middle range notes and sounds. Its tall and slim design fits easily on either side of the stereo, so you can enjoy surround sound in your living room. It also features a banana style plug that makes it easy to connect to your existing system.

You will love how rich and full music, games, and movies sound with these speakers, and the twin 16 cm woofers ensure that every bass note is felt and heard. You also have the advantage of the include tweeter that will produce crystal clear high notes without interference. Affordably priced and designed for use with most stereo systems, you will love how crisp and clear everything sounds with these floor standing speakers.

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Infinity Primus


3.Infinity PrimusYou will love how easy this floor standing speaker is to connect to your existing system, along with its affordable price. The binding posts ensure a secure connection without distortion or interference. You will also appreciate its tall and narrow design that makes this floor standing speaker ideal for smaller spaces.

Its sleek and modern design will blend in beautifully with most existing decors, and the four feet provide you with additional stability while protecting the floor. This floor standing speaker also includes 3 drivers to ensure that every note is crystal clear.

The taller speaker includes a 4 inch driver that is ideal for vocals and mid range sounds while the smaller ¾” one ensures that every high notes is crisp and clear. The speaker also features a two 6.5 inch drivers which are capable of producing rich and full bass. Perfect for use at home or in the dorm, you will love how crisp and clear everything sounds with this floor standing speaker.

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