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Top fishing reels in 2019


Fishing represents a sport that has millions of practitioners and fans, from all corners of the world. One of the key aspects of this art is obvious the quality of the fishing instruments which need to be precise and useful during each session. People need and want to use only great fishing reels, rods in order to catch fish without putting too much effort into it. Reading some of the current best fishing reels reviews, written by professional fishermen and amateur ones as well, will guide towards finding an efficient model, suited to your needs. It’s time to go out fishing with more confidence than ever before.


Shimano Curado


Best Fishing Reels reviewsFinding the most efficient fishing reel can be a bit difficult but once you come across Shimano Curado model, the selection process will be sure. The reel has a capacity of 200, made out of aluminum frame and with also lightweight graphite side plates, making the user develop more control during the sport. This fishing reel incorporates HED and a super free bearing supported pinion that maintains more control. Furthermore the device has dartainium drag 7 bearings and also 5 shielded stainless steel BB. It’s time to fish in style and without worrying about dealing with empty baits, on the lake or river.

“I always want to have the best gear when I’m going fishing and for this reason I made up my mind and bought the Shimano Curado fishing reel. I feel now that I have full control over the fish when I’m reeling him in and so far I haven’t lost one fish because of it.” Mark Turner

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Okuma Avenger


The majority of the current best fishing reels reviews underline the efficiency of Okuma Avenger model pertaining to the famous ABF Series of Baitcasting Reels. Designed with attention and out of strong materials, this fishing reel incorporates a patented bait feeding technology which permits for disengagement of the spool and also free-loose line. This high quality fishing reel comes in sizes starting from 20 to 90, in order to precisely accommodate every type of fish, from walleye to catfish, rockfish or stripers. The fishing reel permits anglers to quickly disengage their spinning reel spool and implicitly leave the bait to run a bit free.

“What made me buy this fishing reel was the fact that it was great for catching so many types of fish, not just specializing in one particular type. I took it to river and sea fishing an it didn’t let me down one bit and for this reason I recommend it to other fisherman.” Andrew White

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Shimano IX2000RC


Fishing can be fun and exciting but sometimes it can prove tricky if the right tools are missing. Today’s Shimano IX2000RC fishing reel is used with confidence by thousands of professional fishermen across various fisher grounds. This carefully designed, lightweight and rear-drag Shimano IX fishing reel comes equipped with Quick Fire II, Graphite Sideplate, Frame, Rotor, Drag and also spool thus increasing your chances of catching fish easier. This fishing reel was approved for use in saltwater, which improves the fishing experience and implicitly the type of fish captured. It’s time to fish with greater precision whenever you want.

“Everyone knows Shimano is a leading fishing gear manufacturer and when I saw this reel I just knew it had some excellent features. I read some reviews also which were very positive and now that I have been using it I can’t point out any weakness.” Luke Powell

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Penn Battle


Well, which is the most efficient fishing reel from the many models available on the market? According to the present best fishing reels reviews it seems that Penn Battle Spinning reel becomes a great addition to any professional or amateur fisherman. There are 8 sizes to choose from, and the reel is made out of heavy-duty materials which resist even during continuous usage. The model has full metal body and efficient side plates that progressively keep the gear alignment even under heavy loads. Furthermore the fishing has a machined and anodized aluminum spool which makes the fishing experience fuller.

“The description said it was made out only by the best quality metal, plus a spool made from anodized aluminum. I bought it and it is everything the description says and more. It runs so smoothly  when I have to reel in that I have’t lost one fish because it had a problem or something.” Roger Elliott

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Zebco 11


Zebco 11 fishing reel offers people the chance to fish in peace and without worrying about striking out. If you want to experience a quality fishing experience without spending too much money then this is exactly what you need to get things up and running. The model comes with a smooth ball-bearing drive which keeps you in complete control over the rod’s actions. Furthermore the fishing reel is made out of extra-hard magnum gears that provide significant durability thus saving you from spending extra money on other devices. You should also know that model comes with a triggerspin line release, thus creating the proper context for a delightful fishing session.

“For me this is the best deal you can get for a quality fishing reel. I feel in fully in control of the rod when I’m reeling in a fish, because the reel feels so good. I have managed to catch some great fish with it, thus making me recommend it, like others have recommended it to me.” Hugh Sanders

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