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Are you shopping for the best fertility monitor, but your schedule is too busy for reading extensive research on the matter? Just read this paragraph, and you will know exactly what to buy. We read numerous customer reviews and evaluated sales numbers, and the conclusion we unanimously reached is that the Lady-Comp 4002 is a unit you should invest in. The LCD display makes reading the information easy, and it can show it differently, depending on your preferences. The 99.3% effectiveness of the unit is proved clinically, and it will help you to conceive, by eliminating all the guessing work. You can adjust the sound volume, pick the alarm melody you like best, and also fiddle with the screen brightness, for maximum customization. If you can no longer find the Lady-Comp 4002, the next model on your list should be the Clearblue 10633472022200, a product that is almost just as good.



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A fertility monitor is a very handy tool for women who are trying to get pregnant and want to pinpoint their fertility peak with the highest accuracy. Traditional methods can only do this much, and getting the best fertility monitor 2019 can help a great deal. Different models come with different functions and accuracy rates, so it is important to read more about each product in order to make an informed decision. Our buying guide will help you identify the most important aspects to look for, and below, you will also find more about the most popular models on the market.



Without a doubt, the most important aspect that should be on your list when you are shopping for the best fertility monitor 2019 is accuracy. A good and reliable fertility monitor must be able to predict your fertility peak and show you the best information so you can plan your efforts for pregnancy. Without good accuracy, no matter how many features a model comes equipped with, any fertility monitor will not be a good choice for you.



Ovulation advanced notice and confirmation

A monitor capable of letting you know when you are fertile is a good option, but advanced features like the ability to tell you in advance when your ovulation is most likely to take place and also to confirm it when it is truly happening are even better. If you are reading best fertility monitor reviews about products sold on the market, you will see that the best models come appointed with many additional features to make your predictions easier and more accurate.



Ease of use

Using a fertility monitor should not be any kind of rocket science. The most popular models on the market right now are renowned for their ease of use, most and foremost. They only require a few moments every day, during which a saliva or urine sample will be collected and read. Other conveniences, like portability, compact size, and stylish appearance, can also weigh in when you are hesitating between two or more products that seem to deliver the same accuracy and features.



Top Fertility Monitors in 2019


Find below a list containing top rated fertility monitors 2019 we compiled from many reviews from customers and health care specialists alike. These products are great in every way, and there are little differences in terms of accuracy and essential features. After reading about them, you will find it easier to make a decision.



Lady-Comp 4002


This battery operated device is more expensive than other fertility monitors on the market, and its portability may play a role in its popularity, despite the higher price tag. For both pregnancy planning and pregnancy avoidance, the Lady-Comp Fertility Computer is guaranteed to work better than the calendar method. Nonetheless, experts do not recommend relying only on such devices when you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, although the 99.3% accuracy rate speaks for itself. Other contraception methods may be needed, in order to ensure total prevention.

However, for moms to be, this fertility monitor can become their best friend. Easy to use and very effective, it comes with many quirky features that appeal to many consumers. You will find plenty of best fertility monitor reviews praising this particular model that also comes with two years warranty.

The LCD display is a nice touch, as are the digital icons exhibited on the small screen. An alarm melody will let you know when your test is finished and the display will show the results you are interested in finding. You can adjust volume, as well as brightness, and you will find this electronic device to be exactly what you need to keep track of your fertility days.


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Clearblue 10633472022200


What recommends the Clearblue Fertility Monitor above all other products of the kind is its great ability to predict 6 fertility days. Most monitors sold on the market can only identify two days during which the woman using the product can remain pregnant, while the Clearblue Fertility Monitor provides thrice this number.

Fertility days can be split between peak fertility days, high fertility days and low fertility days. By showing you the exact period during which your chances of conceiving a baby are high, this great fertility monitor practically enhances your possibilities.

An aspect mentioned by most of the best fertility monitor reviews you can read online about this particular product is the fact that this non-invasive method can track both LH and estrogen. These two hormones play a major role in establishing the fertility days with high accuracy. Why is this aspect important? Since sperm can survive for a few days inside the woman’s body, establishing a larger window of opportunity basically increases the chances of conceiving.

In case you are having irregular periods, fret not; the Clearblue Fertility Monitor works and delivers the same accuracy for both women who have regular and those with irregular periods. Leave your worries aside and focus on your desire to have a baby with your partner.


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iFertracker 4033117



Unlike other methods that have you monitor your body temperature on your own, or to supply urine samples, the iFertracker is very convenient and easy to use. You will just need to place it under your armpit, and let the sensor take all the data it needs in concern to your body temperature while you are asleep. According to experts, this method of collecting body temperature data is very accurate and it is essential for proper prediction of ovulation. The app that comes with the tracker serves for storing the data, calculate basal body temperature trends, and even take into account physiological changes that may be too subtle for you to notice them.

The flash memory the machine comes equipped with allows storage for 240 hours of data, and this data can be saved in the cloud, so you can access from anywhere you want. With a high accuracy that features a maximum error of 0.09°F, this unit is a great ally for all the couples who try to conceive. Forget about complicated methods; go for a device that really helps you predict ovulation like this one, and your chances of having a baby will greatly increase.


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OvaCue Mobile


A great thing about the OvaCue Mobile is that it does not require urine testing. Saliva testing is, however, required, and the accuracy delivered is among the highest on the market; studies show that the OvaCue Mobile is 98% accurate in predicting ovulation.

Since extra features are often a great plus to any fertility monitor, the fact that this particular product can predict ovulation 7 days in advance offers would be parents the possibility to plan ahead. The test used by the OvaCue Mobile is based on the fact that the level of electrolytes on women’s saliva suffers important changes throughout the menstrual cycle. This device is capable of registering and reading these changes, so that women using it can tell when it is the right time to schedule the conceiving of a baby.

Women who value convenience will appreciate that this test does not require more than a few seconds every day from their time. Also, those who have irregular cycles can also take advantage of the benefits offered by the OvaCue Mobile. Knowing your ovulation day with pinpoint accuracy can play an important part in achieving success when you are planning for a baby.

Best fertility monitor reviews often mention the OvaCue Mobile as being among the most accurate on the market.


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Shecare Smart


1.Shecare Smart Fertility Monitor Accurate OvulationThis fertility monitor offers you accurate information so you can predict when it is the best time to try conceiving a baby, or to avoid in case you want to use it as a contraception method. By introducing your cycle information, you will enable the monitor to calculate the most fertile days throughout a full cycle. The best part for many women who have tried this model is that no urine testing is necessary. What you will have to do is to measure your body temperature every morning using it, so that the machine can take all the necessary data into account.

If you need this monitor to prevent conception, you should know that it is considered as safe as condoms, with an accuracy of 99.4%, as declared by the World Health Organization. Certified by the FDA and praised by numerous couples who have been helped to conceive, this is a great helper in your efforts to have a baby. The fertility monitor comes with a Bluetooth function and the information can be saved in the cloud, with the help of an iOS app. It must be noted that this app is only available for now on this operating system.


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Clearblue Base – Not Available



It is not easy for every woman to get pregnant, and expensive drugs and procedures are not always necessary or an option. If you are having trouble conceiving you might want to consider this fertility monitor by Clearblue. This trusted brand has been accurately detecting pregnancies for years and now there is a monitor that will track the two main fertility hormones. It is incredibly easy to use, and best of all it is discrete. You can personalize it to your cycle so your results are accurate. The simple display is easy to read and it can usually identify up to six days when you hormone levels are particularly high.








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