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Top electronic deadbolts in 2019


You no longer have to worry about keeping your keys safe. With the advent of electronic deadbolts, the locks of your house are now engineered and unique to an extent that no one can break-in easily. The best electronic deadbolt reviews brings you 5 best models of electronic deadbolts which ensure that only you have the right to entry to your property. In your absence, your house is highly protected since no one can enter unless they know your code. The keyless entry into the house provides one with enhanced security. Read below to find out more about the exceptional features of these deadbolts.



Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot


Best Electronic deadbolt reviewsThe best electronic deadbolt reviews declare this model to be the most durable. It gives you an ease of mind thanks to the keyless convenience that it offers. It is manufactured using Satin nickel.  This electronic deadbolt provides an enhanced amount of security to your house or office. It comes as a single unit and can be installed very easily. It is compatible with 1-3/8-to-1-3/4-inch thick doors. By setting a code, only people who know the code can enter in. You can even change the code by using the unique 6-digit programming code of the electronic deadbolt.



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Kwikset 909 SmartCode


With only a few punches into the electronic deadbolt, one can enter their homes and while leaving, lock it by just one punch. If you feel that in your absence maybe your maid needs to come and clean the house, you can assign a temporary code and later on delete it when you feel, the job has been done. It eliminates the need of having keys entirely thus making it the best electronic deadbolt in 2019. One can also re-key the lock in just 3 easy steps whenever required.



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Schlage BE469NXCAM619 Camelot


As a top rated electronic deadbolt in 2019, it offers NSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security. It is protected against all sorts of lock tampering and the durable resistant touchscreen prevents any fingerprints and smudges so no one can figure out the exact code. When the user enters a code, a strong motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks the system and lets the resident in or out. If there is any intrusion, the built-in-alarm technology ensures that the home owners get an audible alarm alert.



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LockState LS-DB500-SN


The Lockstate electronic keyless deadbolt offers the user with the option of auto-lock function after the door has been opened. For ease of use it also has an illuminated keypad. As one of the best electronic deadbolt in 2019, it can program up to 6 user codes at the same time, each varying from 4 to 10 digits in length. For cleaner and guests, you can use one-time user codes and they can be temporarily disabled whenever required. In case one forgets the code, 2 emergency override keys are included in the package that should remain in the owner’s possession only.



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SimpliciKey SRCED-SN-2


This electronic deadbolt comes with 2 remote control keyholds, each having a 50 feet range. You don’t have to worry about the transmisson being interrupted since the manufacturers assure that it is 128-bit AES encrypted. All in all, it can accomodate up to 8 different keyholds. You don’t have to worry about an intruder cracking your code beacuse the alphanumeric keypad program gives you the flexibility to come up with 16 unique 4-6 digit codes, each of which can be changed any time.



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