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How to Buy a ReliableĀ Electric Wheelchair


It can be difficult getting around if you have a mobility issue, and the best electric wheelchair of 2019 can help. Whether your disability is temporary or permanent, an electric wheelchair can give you back some of your independence. There are several factors to consider if you are thinking about purchasing an electric wheelchair, and the tips included in this buying guide can help you make an informed decision.

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As stated in the best electric wheelchair reviews, one of the first aspects to consider is the type of power the mobility aid uses. There are three different types of power drives to choose from, and each has its own unique advantages. Mobility devices with rear wheel power drives are often capable of slightly faster top speeds, but can be difficult to maneuver around corners. Front wheel drive powered wheelchairs are slower and easier to turn, while models that use a drive located mid wheel can be unstable on rough surfaces. The best electric wheelchair of 2019 features a power drive located mid wheel, and includes the advantages of the other models.



The best electric wheelchair reviews recommend finding a model that is comfortable to sit on. There are several different styles to choose from, and not all will be supportive or comfortable. The most common type of seat is the traditional “captain’s chair”, which is able to support your lower back and legs. Some electric wheelchairs feature adjustable seats that can be raised or tilted to make it easier to sit down or stand up, and you also want to consider if you need additional arm or leg rests included for your comfort. The style of the wheelchair seat also affect the placement of the controls, and you want to make sure that you can easily reach the buttons or joystick when you are seated.



One of the most important aspects to consider, according to the best electric wheelchair reviews is the type of battery. There are several types of batteries to choose from, and these power sources can vary in price and longevity. Gel and AGM batteries are priced the highest, but you also do not have to worry about maintenance. Wet batteries are more common and affordably priced, but you do have to keep up with the maintenance.


Top Electric Wheelchairs in 2019


While we can’t choose the right mobility aid for you, we can show you the top rated electric wheelchairs for 2019. Easy to operate and control, one of these electric wheelchairs might be what you need so you can get around on your own.


EZ Lite Cruiser Mobility Aid


1. EZ Lite Cruiser Mobility AidAs stated in the best wheelchair reviews this sturdy model is capable of supporting up to 396 pounds. You have the advantage of the comfortably padded seat which cushions and supports your back and legs, along with a sturdy foot rest. The durable wheelchair is capable of maneuvering over all types of terrain, and you’ll appreciate the conveniently placed controls.

The joystick makes it easy to maneuver around corners, and this electric wheelchair is also designed to be portable. This lightweight model only weighs 59 pounds, and it can also be folded down into a compact size for convenient storage. With its lightweight construction you do not need to worry about installing an expensive lift for your vehicle, and you will also appreciate its affordable price.

With front wheel power drive you can easily turn tight corners, and the long lasting lithium battery keeps you moving for up to ten miles. As an added advantage you can also connect a second battery, and easily add another ten miles before you need to recharge. Designed to be durable and affordable, you will love the freedom you can experience in this electric wheelchair.

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Smart Chair


2. Smart Chair Electric WheelchairIf you need a powerful and lightweight electric wheelchair, this might be the perfect model for you. Weighing only 50 pounds, it can be easily lifted in and out of a vehicle without the aid of an expensive lift. You also have the advantage of the compact folding design, along with the durable construction.

This electric wheelchair is perfect for traveling, and is also designed to be easy and convenient to use. The comfortable seat supports your back and legs, and the controls are conveniently placed. The small front wheels are designed to tight turns, and this electric wheelchair also has enough power to climb slight inclines. Easily go up ramps and drives, and you never have to worry about running out of power with the long lasting battery.

The long lasting battery can hold a continuous charge for over nine hours, and you will love the quick recharging time. In only five hours the battery will be completely charged, and you can get back to enjoying your freedom.

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Pride Jazzy 600 Power


3. Pride Jazzy 600 Power WheelchairOne of the first aspects you’ll notice about this top rated model is its stylish and comfortable design. This electric wheelchair can go almost anywhere, and features a sturdy suspension that minimizes uncomfortable bumps. This also helps to provide extra stability, which is important when your mobility is restricted.

The front and back castors are smaller than the sturdy mid wheels, and are designed to easily go over small rises. The small wheels also help to prevent jarring landings when you are going over curbs. With the mid wheel power drive you have the advantage of being able to easily make tight turns, and the compact construction is ideal for narrow spaces.

Perfect for use indoors and outside, this top electric wheelchairĀ is easy and convenient to use. Its heavier weight makes it ideal for rougher terrain, and the wheelchair can also be folded for convenient storage. Travel up hills and around your neighborhood without getting stuck on curbs or bumps. The long lasting battery will keep you moving for hours, and you’ll love how easy the electric wheelchair is to control with the joystick. With its durable construction and compact design you can go almost anywhere in this powerful electric wheelchair.

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