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What to Consider When Buying a Top Electric Sweeper


Electric sweepers are a great choice for the times when you need to carry on some routine cleaning, or clean smaller areas. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, they are nice to have next to your dependable vacuum cleaner, helping you keep your house clean and germ free without having to do a thorough cleaning every single day. If you are shopping for one, reading the best electric sweeper reviews can help you a great deal. Also, the next buying guide will take you through all the important aspects to look for in an electric sweeper.

Best Electric Sweeper


The first thing you should check when purchasing an electric sweeper is its voltage. The number of volts used for operating the motor is important, because it tells you how much power the sweeper yields. The simplest rule is that the higher the voltage, the more efficient and powerful the sweeper is.



Since electric sweepers do not have large storage bags for dust and debris like vacuum cleaners do, it is very important to see how much of the dirt collected it can hold until it requires emptying. There are models that need frequent emptying, while they are others that can collect quite a bit of debris until they become full. Depending on what kind of operations you need to use your sweeper for, you can pick a model with larger capacity or one with smaller capacity.


Run time

While there are models that can work plugged in, the most popular ones, according to the vast majority of the best electric sweeper reviews, are cordless models that are preferred because of their convenience. However, since you will be using batteries for the cordless sweepers, you need to know for how long you can count on their power. The best models offer about one hour of operation, so keep this in mind when you go shopping for an electric sweeper, or you may end up changing batteries much more often than desired.



Check to see what accessories are provided with your purchase, such as crevice tools or dusting brushes. These may help you a lot with very specific cleaning jobs.


Top Electric Sweepers in 2019


The products that are reviewed below are the top rated electric sweepers 2019 money can buy today. Consumers love them because of their efficiency, their dependability and the convenience they provide for the times when a thorough cleaning is not required. All of them can help you keep your house clean without straining yourself.


Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo


1.Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep TurboThe Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo offers all the conveniences expected from an electric sweeper. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use, helping you deal with all the unexpected messes happening inside your home, when your pet knocks over a plant pot, or your kids instantly decide to start a battle using popcorn.

This battery operated model is considered by many to be the best electric sweeper 2019, because of the outstanding results it provides, despite not being as efficient as a full fledge vacuum cleaner. Offering you 60 minutes of cleaning time, it allows you to sweep the entire home, if need be, without having to take the bulky vacuum cleaner out of the closet.

The model comes with a top loading container for dirt and debris that you will find really easy to remove and put back again.

A great thing about this product is that it works well on any kind of surface, including on hard floors, so there will be no debris it will not be able to handle. Because of its sleek design, it is easy to leave aside and pick whenever you need it, for small tasks, or for in-between cleanings.

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Ontel SWSMAX Cordless


2.Swivel Sweeper MaxWhenever you need an electric sweeper for cleaning under furniture and other places that are difficult to access, you can count on the Swivel Sweeper Max. Reaching tight corners and along base boards is made incredibly easy and you will be able to enjoy spotless floors, even without using your vacuum cleaner.

Everything in this model is built for convenience. The dirt tray is easy to access by pressing on the tabs on the top; the tray opens and you can empty it without touching it at all.

The brushes of this sweeper spin at 4000 rpm, doing a fine job, regardless of the cleaning task at hand. Crumbs and other small debris is easily collected and sent directly to the dirt tray, so your floor remains completely clean behind.

A great feature of this sweeper that consumers absolutely love is its easy storage. Once you are done with the cleaning, the head of the sweeper swings up the pole and it easily locks on the magnetic latch placed there exactly for this purpose. The Swivel Sweeper Max is very low profile, it takes very little space, and it is a pleasure using it whenever the need arises.

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Shark V2950 Floor & Carpet


3.Shark Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper V2950Equipped with a 13 inch brush that makes it easy for you to clean any kind of surface, the Shark Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper is a great appliance for cleaning small areas or unpredictable messes, as they arise.

Able to deal with any kind of debris, it will leave your carpets and hard floors clean and great looking. Whenever you are in a hurry, and a full scale cleaning is not in the cards, you can count on this electric sweeper. Unlike other models that use replaceable batteries, this one has a Ni-MH battery that can be recharged between cleanings.

The Backsaver Wand is another cool feature of this electric sweeper. This allows the pole to fold in order to reach tight corners and areas where you cannot normally clean well, using other cleaning devices. With 2 different speed settings, the device can be used in different ways for carpets and hard floors, for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Discarding the dust cup is done easily with the push of a button. The model is very lightweight, so anyone can use it for small cleaning tasks. Keeping a low profile and easy to use, the Shark Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their home clean of any debris all the time.

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