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Top electric string trimmers in 2019


Are you searching for the best ways to improve the way your front or back yard looks? If the answer is yes, then you have to use a professional electric trimmer in order to adjust various portions of the grass that are rebellious. You need a uniform grass, without the presence of any singular growths that might disturb the overall picture. Once you read some of the current best electric string trimmers reviews you will be able to locate the one suited to your own requirements and implicitly start work on the yard. There is a model out there that has all the qualities needed to help you get the job done a lot faster than ever.


Black & Decker NST2118 electric trimmer


Best Electric String Trimmers reviewsWhen we think of garden tools one brand comes to mind: Black & Decker. Today, more and more Americans are using with confidence NST2118 electric trimmer, a product that features the exclusive PowerDrive technology. This 12-inch and 18-volt cordless trimmer allows you to cut with ease any grass or roots, within a short period of time. Hard-to-reach areas become a distant memory once you begin to use Black & Decker NST2118 trimmer. Featuring the Groom’N’Edge head which can be rotated 180-degrees, NST2118 give you the possibility to quickly shift between edging and cutting. Furthermore, the trimmer comes with Automatic Feed Spool that dispenses more line.

“The aspect of my yard is important to me so this is the main reason why I got this Black & Decker trimmer. It is very maneuverable, helping me cut every blade of grass in every hard to get corner of my yard. I am completely satisfied whith its performances.” Nathan Green

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GreenWorks 21212 electric string trimmer


A growing number of the present best electric string trimmers reviews recommend people to use GreenWorks 21212 model, a product that emits ZERO carbon footprint. So, while you get the job done on the yard, you also take care of the environment. This high quality trimmer represents a great addition to the millions of Americans that mow their lawns, weekend after weekend. The model has plenty of power to trim with precision various hard-to-reach areas, due to the automatic feed line which keeps you going for a long period of time. 21212 electric trimmer from GreenWorks has a powerful 4 Amp motor that won’t disappoint you.

“I cut my lawn in no time and with the smalles amount of effort since I have the GreenWorks 21212 trimmer. My yard looks very nice and tidy so I get a lot of compliments even from my neighbors. Based on its excellent performances I recommend this trimmer for other households.” Steve Koglin

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Black & Decker LST220 electric string trimmer


Powered by a reliable 20-volt MAX lithium ion battery, Black & Decker LST220 electric string trimmer will help you trim and edge down any part of the yard you want. You can convert the model from a trimmer to edger with a quick turn of the actual shaft within seconds thus saving you time while working. This cordless trimmer is very easy to start and operates quietly, being adjustable in order to suit your personal working liking. LST220 electric trimmer has a generous 12-inch cutting swatch which will definitely help you to get the job done faster.

“The performances of this trimmer are without a doubt above avarage and help me make short work of my lawn. I also like the fact that it is very quiet when I put it to work, not disturbing anyone while I cut my grass. Trimmers don`t come much better than this.” Richard Griffin

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Toro 51480 electric string trimmer


Toro is renowned around the world for its high quality gardening tools, and the 51480 electric string trimmer respects the rule. Powerful, compact and durable this trimmer from Toro packs high performance at every turn helping the user customize his yard just way he or she wants. Powered by a powerful 5 amp motor, Toro 51480 string trimmer easily cuts down weeds and even thick grass. This trimmer has an extra-wide 14-inch dual-line cutting head which helps you work faster and save significant time. You can convert the trimmer into an edger with a simple push of a button.

“Having one of the biggest heads out of any trimmer, the Toro 51480 cuts my lawn faster than its rivals. So far so good, I haven’t had with it any problems whatsoever. Since I don`t have anything negative to say about it, I must recommend it for lawns everywhere.” Mark Orwell

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GreenWorks 21132A electric string trimmer


A growing number of the latest best electric string trimmers reviews underline the efficiency and utter quality of GreenWorks 21142 model, which manages to fully trim down any weed without any problems. Powered by a powerful 10 amp motor which makes any tough weed bow down to GreenWorks 21132A, the trimmer will never disappoint you in the middle of a job. You have the possibility to turn the trimmer in a tiller or edger, pole saw or even blower due to the Quick-Connect Coupler. Do the job faster and easier by appealing to GreenWorks 21132A electric trimmer!

“I wanted a trimmer which would aid me in cutting my lawn faster and with less effort. I found the perfect one, in the form of this one and now my lawn looks better than ever. The powerful 10 amp motor is the key behind its excellent performances.” Franck Watson

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