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Cooking is a delicious art, probably the only one capable of bringing together friends and families at any moment of the day. Out of the many things that people love to eat it comes as no surprise to see grilled and smoked food among the top preferences. Still, in order to prepare chicken, fish, stakes, hamburgers and other such delicious treats, it is essential to use a high quality electric smoker. Today, more and more Americans seem to prefer electric smokers, devices that truly make the food delicious. Once you read some of the current best electric smokers reviews you will be able to cook tender and tasty meat, for friends and family members, every time you desire.


MasterBuilt New Generation electric smoker


Best Electric Smokers reviewsToday, Masterbuilt Smokehouse is the clear way to prepare tasty smoked food worthy of eating without any remorse. Rich and slow-cooked, everything you put in the Smokehouse will take on that special flavour of smoked food that people simply love. With an impressive 900 square inch cooking space, with four solid chrome cooking racks, Masterbuilt digital smoker will help you prepare delicious food every time you want. Equipped with precise drip deflector and subtle but direct access to the drip, Masterbuilt makes it very easy for anyone to retrieve the food the possibility of getting burned.

“I absolutely love smoked meat and this is precisely why I went ahead and bought this MasterBuilt smoker. It does its job to perfection and the meat tasted sublime, so you can imagine that I am very pleased with my investment.” Vince Sidwell

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MasterBuilt electric smoker


Most of the present electric smokers reviews, drafted by professional cooks underline the efficiency of MasterBuilt model, which is very popular in the US. This electric smoker has more than 1.7 cubic feet of total smoking capacity and an impressive set of cooking features that makes any meat and vegetable taste great. Plug in the Smokehouse, set the timer and temperature, place the meat or whatever you desire to be cooked and wait for MasterBuilt to do the entire job. This model has an intuitive pushbutton digital control panel which allows you to control the temperature which varies from 100 to 275 degrees F.

“I bought this smoker because of its large capacity and the glass window which lets you see what is going on inside. The meat tastes simply billiant after it is smoked inside it and overall it doesn`t add to much to the electricity bill. It is a great device to multiply your culinary choices.” Patrick Wolf

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Bradley BTDS76P electric smoker


Designed to become the perfect cooking tool that you’ve ever used, Bradley BTDS76P electric smoker represents a smart investment in any home. This powerful outdoor barbeque smoker comes with full digital control which lets you customize the whole cooking process starting from temperature, smoke and ending with time. Bradley BTDS76P delivers around 8 hours of controlled cooking, as direct result of the 320 degrees F. BTDS76P smoker is ideal for preparing gourmet food, which people seem to adore. On the 4 cooking racks, you can place hamburgers, fish or anything else you want without any problems at all.

“Going through many smoker reviews I found out that this smoker would be perfect for what I was looking for. The spacious inside, with its 4 racks is a definite bonus and it is one of the main reasons why I have chosen it.” James Walt

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Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill electric smoker


The best electric smokers reviews recommend Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill as a reliable cooking instrument, capable of preparing quality food. UL-listed, Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill will help you to prepare various types of food within a short period of time. Equipped with stay-cool handles made out of wood, this electric smoker can be placed wherever you want without worrying that you will get burned. The model has 2 chrome plated steel grills that can hold an impressive 50 pounds of delicious food, worth sharing with friends and more importantly family. Brinkmann electric smoker comes with a base pan that houses a 1500-watt and even lava rocks.

“Quality smoked meat was what I was aming for when I decided to buy a smoker and the Brinkmann Smoke-n-Grill did exactly that. They say the limit of meat you can place in it is 50 pounds, I just put 40 pounds in it, but its racks weren’t completely full.” Gregg Dillan

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OLD Smokey electric smoker


When it comes to smoked food, OLD Smokey electric smoker will certainly help you prepare virtually anything you want. Old Smokey requires absolute no water, working with precision whenever you want. The model has a sealed lid that carefully captures the meat juices, adding a special taste to the food. OLD electric smoker has 2 cooking racks, smoking chips, carrying handles and also a drip pan. This powerful electric smoker was created out of corrosion resistant aluminized steel and a customizable heat system, optimal for any type of food.  With a power of 1.250 watts which is more than enough for various smoked dishes.

“This smoker works very well and the meat it smokes has an excellent taste. My family and I are more than satisfied with the food it does and I would recommend it for anyone who is intrested in buying it. Plus it doesn`t cost that much, either.” Chris Powel

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