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Top electric scooters in 2019


With the use of an electric scooter, you can go around anywhere while enjoying a pleasurable ride. The chance to get your hands on one of these rides is by taking a glimpse at some of the best electric scooters reviews. In this post, we will help you to choose the best electric scooter that will suit your need.


Super Cycles & Scooters 800 watt scooter


Best Electric Scooters reviewsThe Super Cycles & Scooters Super Turbo Elite is considered to be one of the headlights of the best electric scooters reviews this year. This is because of its ability to carry up to a 300lb rider. It can also travel up to 18 miles per hour with real ease. You don’t have to worry travelling long distances because the deep cell lead acid batteries have an 800 watt 36v engine. Furthermore, the Econo/Turbo mode button can help you to go in a faster ride without the doubt that it may get you in trouble.

“This traveling solution suits best for my girl. She’s in the 10th grade now and we had difficulties in getting her to school in the morning. Now she can rely on this electric motor to reach the classes on time.” Timothy Bell

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Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 scooter


Today’s U.S customers are satisfied because of the Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 model present in their life. Now they are able to reach out to their destination with comfort and safety. The product is powered only by an electric battery. The front suspension and high-tensile steel allows you to go smoothly on ride without any road surface disturbances. This model has the DC motor with 25-amp electronic PWM controller and 750w Earth Magnet Electro Drive Motor which makes the product reliable even in long distance rides.

“On the final step of finding fuel free, moving solutions I got to this page of reviews. They directed me to the nearest retailer. It came to my door real fast and I was delighted to see that it was the same thing as in the description. Now I can enjoy some true pleasurable rides!” Mathias Jesperssen

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Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro scooter


Owning a Razor Pocket mod miniature Euro electric scooter is really a good idea. The product can really suit your need by giving you the enjoyment and ease while riding it. It has a padded seat, variable-speed acceleration and retractable kickstand that are all essential for a scooter providing the motorist to ride perfectly in comfort. The 12-inch pneumatic wheels are equipped with durable pneumatic tires that can last for a long. Furthermore, it can travel up to 15 miles an hour without experiencing any problem at all.

“This Rocket Pocket model seems to be the right choice for every average rider. I like to take it out for pleasurable rides near my village. It is also useful to travel long distances as long as you got an electric plug-in. Has a nice retro design that attract sympathies of everyone near it.” Cecilie V. Nissen

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Razor E300 electric scooter


Positive feedbacks are given to the Razor E300 electric scooter because of its functionalities. Aside from this aspect, the affordability of the product makes it one of the leading choices of people in search of buying an electric scooter. The scooter has the 10-inch pneumatic tires which make your ride smoother compared to other scooters in the market. Furthermore, the product has a speed of 15 miles per hour. The motor is really amazing that’s why many are impressed with it. Children aging 12 years old can also control this electric scooter without encountering any problem.

“Finding the right scooter for my kid to take him to school was a difficult task. I searched the web as I’m used to online shopping. Found several reviews and after a quick market comparison I decided to buy him this Razor electric scooter. It is the perfect solution for short distances such as does traveled by my son.” Clint Lowerly

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X-Treme Scooters X360 scooter


Riding in X-Treme scooters X360 model can turn into a quite impressive experience. You will feel a good ride on this scooter because of the 13-inch tires providing a smooth travel wherever you go. It also has the drum brake system that makes your ride secure and safe. In addition, this model is equipped with 350 watt powerful motor and A 3 battery system that can let you go on travel without worrying of losing charges. Many Americans are purchasing this item because of the reliability features mentioned.

“A simple, cheap yet powerful motor that helps me go to work day by day. It has a simple design and the parts on it can all be replaced. It also has a spacious tray that helps me carry several things. Also because it’s so small I can easily put it away on my balcony during snowy season.” Maya Watts

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