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How to Buy a Top Electric Cultivator Tiller


People check out the best electric cultivator tiller reviews to help them purchase a machine that is easy to maneuver when weeding the area during planting season, loosening the soil or just infusing it with compost. To ensure a sensible purchase for this kind of equipment, it is good advice to know what makes a great cultivator tiller.

Best Electric cultivator tiller

Suitable Blades

Depending on the type of work you have to do as well as the soil you have to work on, the best electric cultivator tiller 2019 should be outfitted with the right kind of blades for your specific purpose. Basic tilling requires a different kind of blade from that used in working on clay soils, and also for cutting roots and vegetables. Bolo blades are for deep tilling, while pick-and-chisel blades are for hard, rocky surfaces. Slasher blades cut through thick vegetation and loosely-packed soil.

For areas less than 1,000 square feet and with loosely-packed or soft soil, you want a cultivator feature, while those working on up to 5,000 square feet of soft soil may want a front tine tiller. For areas larger than 5,000 square feet with loosely-packed soil, a rear-tine tiller is great.

Rocky, clay or hard soils in 1,000-square-feet areas and larger are better worked using a rear-tine tiller/cultivator.



Check out machines included in the best electric cultivator tiller reviews outfitted with powered wheels or pneumatic tires for traction and maneuverability, plus counter-rotating tines, which are able to effectively break up the soil. Some models have angled tines to enable loosening of tough soils. Check out machines with good balance in their construction, which enables easy handling. Front-tine machines are driven by their tines, so working in tight spaces is not a problem. Large, open areas need a rear-tine counter-rotating machine for easy forward and reverse mobility.

Dual-rotating tines offer the best of both worlds. Some models accommodate ground engaging attachments or accessories for versatility.


Power and Tilling Performance

An adjustable tilling depth enables you to do shallow tilling when weeding and deep tilling during soil preparation. The top rated electric cultivator tillers 2019 come with higher horsepower ratings to provide greater power and tilling/cultivating efficiency. Smaller models can have a tilling width between 6 to 9 inches, while larger units can have up to 24 inches.


Top Electric Cultivator Tillers in 2019


Serious gardeners know it doesn’t pay to settle for the first tiller cultivator you see. Some decent reading and research is required to ensure that you can make a good purchase. If you can’t spare an extra ten minutes or so reading, we suggest checking out any one of these three machines for your convenience and satisfaction.


Earthwise TC70001 Electric


1.Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller-CultivatorThe Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator helps prepare your soil for planting, aerating it and making the deeply embedded soil nutrients rise easily to the surface. You can also use the machine to mix compost into the soil or just to loosen the soil for effortless planting. This electric tiller cultivator runs on a 120-volt, 60-hertz, 8.5-ampere engine that delivers more than enough power to drive the machine to do its job. The 11-inch cutting width ensures ample tilling capability to dig a wide swath easily. The cutting depth of 8.5 inches enables the tines to go deep into the soil to loosen it, making aeration and cultivation effortless.

The Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator is outfitted with dual four-blade steel tines that can be set to go forward or backward, enabling you to perform thorough tilling of even hard soils while enjoying good mobility. The machine is designed to switch off when the handle is released, ensuring operator safety. The Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator offers easy startup by simply pressing and holding down the button while simultaneously pressing the start lever. The strong handle is precisely angled to give a comfortable, ergonomic grip, like what you would get on a car’s steering wheel.

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Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden Electric


2.Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden Electric Tiller-CultivatorEquipped with 4 durable steel blade tines, the Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden Electric Tiller/Cultivator is balanced and lightweight at 17 pounds, proving to be easy on the body. You will love how the four angled steel blades cut through the earth, making it easy to plant. You can quickly and efficiently loosen the soil for effective planting. This tiller cultivates a wide 14-inch path with every pass, helping you complete your gardening tasks faster. The 7-inch cutting depth ensures deep tilling for hard soils, for easy loosening and aerating. Planting and dirt removal become easy when you have the Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden Electric Tiller/Cultivator to do the hard part of the task for you.

This tiller/cultivator is outfitted with a capable 6.5-amp electric motor that ensures sustained tilling power without producing potentially toxic carbon emissions and annoying fumes. The electric motor is geared to start easily, and to offer effortless running and maintenance. The corded electric design eliminates the need for regular battery purchases and replacements, as well as fuel refilling or getting the exact gas-oil mix to ensure efficient operation. The push-button Start system means this machine is always ready to go every time, with no strenuous pulling or cranking to burden you.

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Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric


3.Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden CultivatorEquipped with a very capable 6.5 amp electric motor, the Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator can efficiently cultivate the soil for effortless planting. The four forward-rotating, eight-inch steel tines with eight blades offer powerful cultivating ability for the terrain. Equipped with best-in-class three-way tines that dig, break apart and turn the soil, the Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator tackles tilling and cultivating work with ease. The tilling width can be adjusted between 6 and 9 inches so you can work effortlessly in tight spaces and between plants. This lightweight machine is equipped with a remarkably well-balanced ergonomic design to ensure easy handling and usage.

The Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator is outfitted with a quality gearbox that works really well with its powerful 6.5-amp electric motor to handle the intense power needs of cultivating the soil. The machine does not require gas, so startup is a breeze. Tilling up to a 9-inch wide path, this unit can help you complete your garden tasks as quickly as you want. Built tough, the Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator is engineered to run through planting season after planting season, capably tackling the harder components of soil preparation so you can enjoy your planting project with less backbreaking chores.

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