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No modern toolshed is complete without a strong and capable tool like those highlighted in the best chainsaw reviews. The electric chainsaw significantly reduces the manual work you have to perform when pruning hedges and cutting through really large logs and branches. It can also save time, energy, and money, since you are able to do more with less. It is best to be informed prior to purchasing this type of power tool, to ensure maximization of its numerous benefits.

A. Electric Chainsaw

Corded or Cordless

Going for a corded model among those featured in the best electric chainsaw reviews ensures sustained cutting energy and fade-free power. The corded electric chainsaw is an ultimately better choice for heavier applications. For cutting firewood, clearing fallen timber or removing large limbs, having the right corded model is always a blessing. Despite the fact that a corded chainsaw restricts your reach, keeps you tethered to a generator, and requires utilization of a heavy-duty extension cord, people are still happy about its assurance of consistent cutting power.

Any cordless model among the top rated electric chainsaws 2019 is liked by many for how it allows flexibility and its low noise during operation. A cordless chainsaw is suitable for trimming in residential areas, as well as for wood cutting tasks indoors. This type has limited power and a run time that is dictated by battery life.


Power Classification

Your choice of the best electric chainsaw 2019 will also depend on the unit’s general purpose.

If you plan to use the machine for lighter yard work such as hedge clipping and tree trimming, go for a light-duty machine weighing between seven and ten pounds. This type can boast a horsepower of up to 3.

A mid-range model is slightly heavier and bulkier than a light-duty machine. Weighing in at about 10 to 13 pounds, this type carries greater durability for heavier work, including mild logging and firewood cutting. A mid-range machine is ideal for farm work and milder landscaping.

A professional-grade chainsaw weighs as much as 22 pounds, and is perfect for heavy-duty, regular cutting jobs. Professional loggers and landscapers find this type perfect for their purposes.



The machines that get raves in the best electric chainsaw reviews carry topnotch features such as a soft start element, which enables the motor to build power slowly to help with smooth adjustment. An automatic bar oiler with reservoir ensures continual lubrication before, during and after use, to prevent chain breakage and ensure consistently smooth operation. To keep the motor from burning out and to prevent injury to the user when a broken chain occurs, a current limiter cuts power off to the motor. Mechanically, a slip clutch is able to achieve the same effect. Chainsaws with reduced vibration help prevent operator fatigue.

Kickback prevention is possible with a chain brake or chain catcher. Tool-less tensioning is also highly useful.


Top Electric Chainsaws in 2019


With the continuous improvements on technology, there are now plenty of electric chainsaw models and brands to choose from. A sensible buyer will certainly do plenty of research to make sure he is getting a premium quality product that delivers as expected. Here are three such products that genuinely deserve to be included in your short list.


Remington 41AZ52AG983 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw


1.Remington RM1415ALauded in many best electric chainsaw reviews, the Remington 41AZ52AG983 comes to you fully assembled. With just a squeeze of the trigger, the electric chainsaw roars to life without the toxic fumes emitted by a mixture of gas and oil. The 8-amp motor is supplemented by the robust 14-inch low-kickback bar and chain, working together to offer ample strength for handling residential limb cutting and arbor maintenance tasks. Cut branches with less fatigue thanks to the electric motor and the lightweight design.

The low-kickback bar enables you to make a smoother cut. This helps you get the job done more efficiently. The push-button oiler allows you to add just the right amount of oil so the machine runs smoothly every time, as the components are protected from getting bogged down with dirt and debris. The external chain tension adjuster ensures easy and reliable tensioning, so the chain is always tensioned at an ideal level. To prevent the cord from disconnecting, the electric chainsaw has a built-in cord lock.

The Remington RM1415A ensures that your hands are kept away from debris, thanks to the wraparound hand guard, which helps you get the job done safely and efficiently. Furthermore, the tool is covered by a two-year limited warranty, proof of its high quality and reliable performance.

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Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw


2.Sun Joe SWJ701EIf you’re still out looking for the best electric chainsaw 2019, you probably haven’t heard of the Sun Joe SWJ701E. Best used for logs, firewood and limbs, the Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-Inch 14 Amp Electric Chain Saw is outfitted with a powerful 14-amp motor that efficiently tackles tough cutting jobs any time. This is a solidly built machine that has a lightweight design, which ensures that you are able to power through those wood cutting jobs easily and with less fatigue for you. The ergonomic handle provides reliable user comfort, so you can do extended periods of cutting without getting too much hand fatigue too quickly.

The hand guard also has kickback brake function, which allows you to adjust to the cutting power and to ensure a smooth cut from the get-go. The 18-inch self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain ensure that all parts and components keep working smoothly so the electric chainsaw delivers impressively cut chunks of wood. This 18-inch bar also allows you to cut through larger logs quite easily. Some users have even compared the electric chainsaw’s cutting power to that of gas-fed models, but minus the annoying fumes of the gas-and-oil fuel mixture. The visible oil level gauge helps ensure there is always sufficient lubrication in the machine.

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GreenWorks 20012 Corded Chainsaw


3.GreenWorks 20012With a reliable 9-amp electric motor that bursts to life in seconds, the GreenWorks 20012 9 Amp 14-Inch Corded Chainsaw gives you sustained power you can count on to get any trimming tasks done. The 14-Inch Oregon bar and chain is specifically designed for cutting logs and branches. This model is also outfitted with chain tensioning that has a quick-to-tighten knob, to ensure that the chain is always ideally tensioned without the need for tools. The automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain, giving you assurance of durability and an extended life of the chain.

The translucent oil tank provides a clear view of the oil level, so you always know when it’s time to add in more lubricant to ensure that the components are always smooth running. This machine belongs to a line of Green Works products that boast a Zero carbon footprint. The machine comes with a four-year warranty, which is twice the industry standard of just two years. The fact that this is an electric model means it needs no maintenance and no tune-ups. And the best news is, it gives off no toxic and annoying emissions.

The GreenWorks 20012 Corded Chainsaw is unlike any clumsy, bulky and noisy gas-powered model that depends on fossil fuel to run.

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