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While it can’t be disputed that the power of a full-size vacuum can’t be matched by something as small in structure as the best electric broom, it is still worth considering that a stick vacuum can be better at doing something that its larger counterpart is not particularly good at: getting into tight or confined spaces. Heavy, awkward and inconvenient to use, most full-size vacuums can’t be converted to a handheld, which an electric broom or stick vacuum easily does. It is important to do a bit of research before buying such a cleaning device, as this could help you get the best product on the market.


What to look for when buying an electric broom?


Suction Power and Motor

An upright, full-size vacuum cleaner packs in cleaning power that an ordinary stick vacuum doesn’t carry. However, there will still be products in the electric broom reviews that can do a better job than the other units in its class. Power is typically associated with such words as watts, volts and amps. The wattage rating is especially important, as it denotes the amount of power that goes into the vacuum’s motor.

A different level of power is attributed to every type of battery, and even corded models have varying ratings. Power is directly proportional to suction. Hard floors need less power than low-pile rugs and carpets.


Power Source

For sustained power, a corded vacuum lets you clean without worrying about how much charge you have left. Take note of the length of the power cable, as a cord that’s too short means you need to transfer from one outlet to another while cleaning.

Battery-powered units depend on how much battery charge you have left, with most models operating between 7 and 15 minutes on a single charge or as long as 40 minutes. Charging times vary as well.


Attachments and Capabilities

The kind of attachments that a stick vacuum ships with helps it do more than just serve as en electric broom. Common attachments include an upholstery brush and a crevice tool. For cleaning tight areas, a crevice tool is highly functional. For handling couch cushions, curtains and furniture covered in fabric, an upholstery brush is perfect. For cleaning your vehicle, the stairs or furniture, a stick vacuum with handheld capability is highly useful. Remember though, that not all models have handheld convertibility.


Top Electric Brooms from Hoover in 2019


Hoover Linx BH50010 Stick Vacuum Cleaner


From the company that has brought over 100 years of superbly engineered, easy-to-use household cleaning machines comes this awesome electric broom for hardwood floors. The Hoover Linx BH50010 Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless and bag-less stick vacuum cleaner that lets you vacuum easily without trailing a cable in your wake. The bag-less design means you won’t have to worry about too much decline in suction power as the dust collection cup fills up.

Because you can see how much debris has been collected inside the unit, you can promptly empty the dust cup. There’s no need to purchase special vacuum bags that will have to be disposed of. The legendary WindTunnel that the stick vacuum is engineered with is supplemented by the powered brushroll for unbelievably closer access to corners and walls and that turns off with a flick of the switch for bare-floor cleaning.

The wide cleaning path lets you cover more area while shortening cleaning time. Clean up without ever needing to transfer outlets due to the Fade-free Lithium-Ion battery power. The edge-cleaning bristles of this sleek and versatile stick vacuum lift deep down dirt from hard floors and carpets. The intuitive power controls are conveniently positioned right at your fingertips.

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Hoover SH20030 Cyclonic Vacuum


The Hoover SH20030 Cyclonic Vacuum is the best electric broom from Hoover thanks to its powered brushroll that comes with Hoover’s legendary Cyclonic technology. This special feature allows you to transition easily from hard floors to area rugs and low pile carpeting. This means you won’t have to use different cleaning tools just to complete the cleaning chores. The stick vacuum has Swivel Steering, which lets you maneuver the unit around furniture effortlessly.

The handle features Extreme Recline, which lets you easily reach far under furniture. The WindTunnel technology sucks in dirt embedded deep in the carpet fibers while reducing blowback and scatter on carpet. The brushroll turns on with a simple singular press downward for floors and twice for carpets. The 20-inch power cord has easy cord release mechanism to let you reach far without having to transfer to another outlet.

The stick vacuum is outfitted with a bottom release dirt cup that gives visibility of how much dirt is inside so you can empty it promptly. This simplifies dirt disposal. The wide cleaner mouth handles larger debris. The lightweight Hoover SH20030 Cyclonic Vacuum is perfect for use in small living spaces, for senior citizens and those who feel the urge to vacuum many times during the day.

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Hoover Presto BH20090 Stick Vacuum


The Hoover Presto BH20090 Stick Vacuum is easily one of the top Hoover electric brooms for giving people the convenience of owning two devices in one. This hand and stick vacuum offers 14.4 volts of cordless power to let you finish your chores with ample energy. The revolutionary True Cyclonic Technology enables easy separation of fine dirt particles before they can get into the vacuum’s filter, ensuring easy maintenance of the component.

The powerful cordless hand and stick vacuum combo offers a one-touch release so you can easily remove the powerful hand vac element to accomplish above-floor cleaning. The machine is outfitted with a motorized brushroll for cleaning carpets and hard floors effortlessly. This eliminates the use of multiple cleaning tools just to complete your cleaning duties. The clear dirt cup is easy to clean. It lets you see how much dirt is inside so you can empty it out quickly and efficiently.

The stick vacuum comes with a rinsable filter made of revolutionary HEPA media, which traps almost 100% of pollens and dust down to as tiny as 0.3 microns, so air quality in the home gets improved. The charging base and folding handle enable easy and convenient storage in small broom closets, etc.

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