Best Electric Broom for Hardwood Floors Reviews

If you’re here just  to find the best electric broom for hardwood floors and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best electric brooms for hardwood floors on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures,  value for money, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is the best you can find available for sale right now. Besides being made specifically for cleaning hardwood floors, the model comes with the ability to reach difficult areas and capture all the debris stuck in corners, for perfect spotless cleaning results. Now you do not have to worry that you will not be able to reach under your furniture or properly clean your floors around pile rugs, because this electric broom does a really great job. The 20 foot power cord leaves you plenty of room to move around with the broom. If the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is unavailable, you could also consider Dirt Devil SD20505 as the second best option.



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You can’t just go for any product touted to be the best electric broom. Any informed buyer would always take the time to know more about what they’re purchasing with their hard-earned dollars since they could potentially save money on a wise buy. This is especially so since not all units can handle hardwood floors with ease. Working much harder than an ordinary broom, an electric model should be able to help you clean hard wood much more gently than even other types of conventional vacuum cleaners. There are essential factors to consider before purchase to ensure great functionality.

BISSELL 81L2A PowerEdge


Motor and Suction Power

Most hardwood floor vacuum models are not built with brushrolls. They only rely on sheer suction power to do the job. The motor of the best electric broom for hardwood floors should therefore also have ample enough suction power to lift dirt off hardwood floors. Wattage is commonly considered the measurement of a unit’s cleaning ability. An input power of approximately 1,000 watts is what an average model possesses.

High-powered models can have over 1,400 watts. Those who reside in sandy areas or who own pets are advised to limit their vacuum choice to units that offer at least 1,000 watts.



Cleaning Method

To agitate carpets sufficiently for deep cleaning power, plenty of traditional vacuum cleaners utilize a spinning brushroll. These types of brush bars can damage the wood surface if they’re not specifically designed for hardwood floors. The best choice for hardwood floors are vacuum cleaners that have either brushless or a brushroll off switch. To ensure that the vacuum cleaner will not harm your floor even when it has a brushroll, you’d better check with the flooring manufacturer.



Power Source

For their greater portability and flexibility compared to conventional corded vacuums, cordless models have better advantage. These types are also ideal for car cleaning. Cordless models, however, are less powerful and the battery life is not sustained for long periods of cleaning. Choose lithium ion over nickel cadmium batteries, as lithium ion fuel cells discharge more evenly. A model with an external battery is also good, as it offers longer cleaning time and allows swapping of batteries.



Top Electric Brooms for Hardwood Floors in 2019

Read all about the most popular models currently available in the reviews below. Take a look at the main features of each electric broom to find the right one for your needs.



BISSELL 81L2A PowerEdge


The V-shape of the PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum’s base helps you capture both large debris and fine particles without the use of a brush roll. The vacuum’s V-shaped wipers force all of the large debris on your hard floor into the center suction path, while the fine particles are suctioned along the arms. And since the wipers are made of hair-attracting rubber material, they help collect more pet hair than suction alone. Also, the shape of the base allows for easy cleaning along furniture legs, along baseboards and in tight places.

The Bissell PowerEdge hard floor vacuum employs innovative suction technology to capture small, fine debris, particularly pet hair. Lightweight and convenient, the machine is outfitted with a revolutionary swivel head to handle cleaning around furniture legs. It is easy to lift from one area of the house to another, so you can clean from top to bottom without breaking a sweat. The bag-less functionality uses a removable cup to collect debris in, letting you see the dirt that comes off the floor as you clean so you can do prompt emptying every time the collection cup fills up.

Since it is bag-less, the vacuum cleaner lets you clean without having to use a specially bought bag that needs to be disposed of after use.


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Dyson V6 Absolute


1.Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 Absolute comes from a manufacturer with a long standing reputation in making vacuum cleaners. This cordless model is convenient, fast and offers superior performance when you need to clean hardwood floors. An important feature to mention is represented by the two cleaner heads. Particularly designed to clean hard floors, the Dyson V6 Absolute is great for those who have pets inside their households. As you may well know, pets can leave a lot of hair and mess behind, so it is a great thing to have an electric broom capable of cleaning after them.

The HEPA filter ensures that the air in your home will be free of allergens, and you will love how easily the cleaner heads collect all the debris from your floors. The soft head is for getting rid of larger debris and fine dust at the same time. The direct drive head is designed to offer this model 75% more power than the traditional Dyson V6 model. In case you are looking for a vacuum cleaner engineered exactly for cleaning after pets and doing a great job with hardwood floors, this is the one you should get.


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Electrolux EL2010A Ergorapido Plus


Notable for receiving high ratings in the electric broom reviews, the Electrolux EL2010A Ergorapido Plus 2-in-1 Vacuum is a two-in-one stick and handheld model that offers 10.8-volt cordless convenience. Get extra cleaning power on your hardwood floors with its adjustable speed plus hardworking Nickel cadmium battery that offers longer running time. The 180-degree swivel head twists and turns around furniture for thorough cleaning.

This vacuum’s two-in-one design lets you clean on and above floors. It comes with versatile cleaning tools that turn the vacuum into one mean cleaning machine. The machine ships with a dusting brush and a crevice tool that can both be attached to the handheld element for easy cleanup of confined spaces as well as home furniture. The freestanding design allows the vacuum cleaner to stand on its own.

The Ergorapido Plus offers a lightweight, bag-less design that makes it easy to move around with. You can move up and down stairs or from room to room while carrying the machine. The motorized brushroll offers additional floor cleaning strength. The dusting brush and the crevice tool can be stored conveniently in the charging stand. Since it’s bag-less, the vacuum will not need to be used with dirt collecting bags that have to be disposed of.


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Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505


Easily giving any electric Broom from Hoover a run for the money, the Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 Stick Vacuum uses revolutionary Cyclonic Filtration. This technology draws air in via an intake valve, then uses centrifugal force to separate particles from the air stream, flinging them outward against the wall of the dirt chamber. This directs the dirt into the collection cup as air leaves the dust collection receptacle and exits the machine via the exhaust port.

The Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum has a lightweight design that enables you to pick it up and go. It is a powerful stick vacuum made for hard floors, and stores easily in tight storage closets. The ten-amp motor handles bare floor cleaning with ease due to powerful suction coupled with easy room-to-room maneuverability. Clean underneath furniture in a snap thanks to the low profile nozzle. This electric broom for hardwood floors comes from a powerful brand recognized for developing valuable and trustworthy cleaning solutions for thousands of customers.

The 20-foot cord allows further reach so you can clean an entire room in less time without having to transfer from one AC outlet to another. You can also cover more area in less time due to the wide 11-inch cleaning path.


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Cleaning hardwood floors is always a breeze when you have the right machine designed for the job. Both the Electrolux EL2010A Ergorapido Plus 2-in-1 Vacuum and the BISSELL 81L2A PowerEdge Vacuum offer dynamic suction power and technology to enable effortless cleaning without causing damage to your hardwood surfaces. Get any of them and be astounded with the results.



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