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Tips for Purchasing the Best Drip Coffee Maker


For people who believe that coffee-making is an art and a beautiful morning ritual that needs to be preserved, the best drip coffee maker reviews are like manna in the desert. They enable you to discover brands and models that make the coffee-making task less of a chore and more of a pleasurable means to savor the morning in unhurried languor and self-indulgent enjoyment. But what are the things you would want to find in the best drip coffee maker 2019?


Drip Coffee Maker Types

In terms of material or construction, the products featured in the best drip coffee maker reviews may have various characteristics. The product may come with a thermal carafe, perfect for brewing a big pot of coffee that remains hot and flavorful for extended periods. A glass carafe is non-insulated and sits on a hotplate to keep warm. The transparent material lets you view how much coffee is still available. A dual pot system allows brewing of two different flavors simultaneously, great for entertaining or just for homes where residents are entitled to their different tastes in brews.

In terms of operation or power, an automatic drip machine is popular for its programmable features, convenience and ease of use. Manual machines are less expensive and can require monitoring of the brew, as against one that is programmable, which comes with a higher cost but lets you set and forget.


Drip Coffee Maker Features

The top rated drip coffee makers 2019 offer a wealth of features that will make coffee making more pleasurable.

A machine with a built-in grinder frees you from having to grind coffee beans by yourself. The auto-shut off feature keeps the machine from hazardous overheating when the operator forgets to switch the appliance off. A machine that lets you adjust the flow to ensure quality flavor and extraction time is perfect. One that allows pre-setting of time for brewing to commence is also great.

Showerhead holes create a steady spray of water over coffee grinds to ensure even saturation.


Cleaning and Maintenance

The best drip coffee maker 2019 should not entail hard work at cleaning and maintaining. Although permanent filters need to be cleaned daily, they just require dumping out of the excess grinds and rinsing the filter with water. The carafe should also be easy to clean with just warm and soapy water. A decalcifying agent removes scaling and calcium deposits with ease.


Top Drip Coffee Makers in 2019


With the many brands and models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one really deserves the highest ratings in the best drip coffee maker reviews. You may have to go through plenty of literature to find the best product on the market. Here are three that have definitely stood out.


Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker


Best Drip Coffee Maker ReviewsLauded by coffee experts and connoisseurs and avid coffee drinkers in the best drip coffee maker reviews, the Bonavita Exceptional Brew model boasts of German engineering to brew coffee to ideal standards. Adhering to the exceptional policies on contact time, water temperature and saturation of coffee grounds, the machine delivers a perfect cup of coffee every single time. The 1400-watt thermal block heater quickly achieves optimum water temperature.


The stainless steel thermal carafe keeps the brew hotter for extended periods. The drip coffee maker has been one of the few on the market to have been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) for its excellent quality and performance. The shower head is engineered for optimal saturation of coffee grounds and premium extraction. The machine brews 8 cups in as short as five to six minutes. The stainless thermal carafe keeps your brew warm for longer, compared to a conventional glass receptacle.

The water tank is easy to fill, with its wide opening and clear markings to ensure exact filling. The special boiler heater releases water only when it has reached the ideal coffee brewing heat level of 200 to 205OF. The trigger lid of the thermal carafe enables effortless, one-hand pouring with the lid on.

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Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffeemaker


Designed with retro styling and built with the most revolutionary features in coffee machines, the Cuisinart Brew Central makes a great centerpiece of any modern kitchen. Reminiscent of the days of classic design and robust materials, the coffeemaker has a durable brushed metal exterior. The exterior is outfitted with retro-style controls that power the best components in coffee making technology. The charcoal water filter removes all water impurities to help in delivering fine-tasting coffee.

The machine also has state-of-the-art features including a programmable digital clock with 24-hour advanced brew setting, so you won’t have to get up earlier than necessary to make sure you’ve got your best-tasting brew waiting for you when you’ve fully woken up. The automatic shutoff feature is perfect for people who typically forget about plugged in appliances. The machine gives off an audible beep that alerts you of the completion of the brewing cycle.

The reservoir cover flips back so you can easily fill the carafe easily. The showerhead ensures even distribution of water over coffee, minimizing heat loss as water goes through the grounds. The Auto On feature programs the start time of the brew cycle. The temperature of the coffee is controlled after brewing via the heater plate control knob.

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Melitta 46894A 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker


Great-tasting brews are not just the stuff that coffee shops and coffee houses have dominance over. They can also be made available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 10-cup Melitta Brewer calls to mind authentic European cafes with its detailed craftsmanship, intelligent styling, and the full-bodied flavor and elegant caffeine experience you can get from the coffee it produces. The coffee maker brews into a cone-shaped filter to ensure maximum extraction of flavor and aroma.

This drip coffee machine can make the most of your favorite ground coffee. It lets you choose the brewing strength, from regular to bold to robust. Get breakfast-blend, bright or exquisitely mild-flavored coffee without the espresso taste using the Regular setting. Bold, rich and deep coffee from dark, oily coffee beans can be enjoyed with the Bold or Robust setting. Choose the perfect setting to give you exactly the brew you want when you want. Terrific iced coffee can be obtained by brewing double strength coffee with ice, then adding your favorite cream or sweetener.

With regular cleaning, the Melitta brewer can provide extended life. Removing hard water deposits from tap water is easy with just vinegar or a coffee machine cleaner. This appliance serves you faithfully if you willingly clean and maintain it.

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