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Top Drafting table in 2019


Architects and engineers require a solid drafting table in order to create detailed projects on paper. We know just how important a stable and comfortable table is for professionals. This is why we drafted the best Drafting table reviews. With attention to details, we analyse over 30 high quality tables. After two weeks of studies, from construction to utility, our agents managed to determine that five models are worth your while. Once you install a high quality table in your studio, you will be able to draft without stress any type of sketch. It is important to have at your disposal a sturdy table which can enhance your productivity.


Studio Designs Avanta


Best Drafting table reviewsIn the present there are thousands of people searching for a professional drafting table. If you are searching for the best Drafting table in 2019 you might want to learn more things about Studio Designs Avanta. This high quality table offers great versatility and stability. It was designed with durable heavy gage steel that resists even after long hours of use. The model has a special blue tempered safety-glass top which can be used with ease for drafting different projects. The table has a vertical height that is fully adjustable. It offers a main work surface of 42”W x 24”D, which can be angled by up to 30 degrees for additional support.

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Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower


Most of the best Drafting table reviews underline the efficiency of Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower. You will be able to use this high quality table for different professional actions like drafting, photography and sketching. It has a 33W x 21”D blue tempered safety-glass work area, more than enough for different projects. The table was designed out of durable heavy gage steel and a special powder-coated finish. It brings elegance to your study room. In addition, the desk has a 24” x 9” tower shelf. You can adjust the table to 6 different angles from 0 to 40 degrees.

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Studio Designs Vision Craft Station in Silver/Blue Glass


If you want to invest in a top rated Drafting table in 2019, Studio Designs has the right answer for you: Vision Craft Station. This high quality table can satisfy all your needs as a draftsman and artist. It offers a stunning work surface of 35.5”W x 24”D, designed out of tempered blue safety glass. You should know that table top can be adjusted by up to 70 degrees. This solid drafting table was designed with 3 slide-out drawers, 4 removable slide trays for more storage also 2” deep pencil ledge. In addition, the table comes with special wheel casters.

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Studio Designs Vintage


Artists, engineers and technicians need a high quality drafting table in order to lay down their creativity on piece of paper. Now, you can opt with confidence for the best Drafting table in 2019 from Studio Designs, Vintage drafting table. If you want a classic elegance on your table while studying, choose this beautiful table. It offers a principle work surface of 42” W x 30”D, more than enough to work in complete artistic freedom. This model has an antique surface which pleases the eye. In addition, you have the possibility to adjust the top from 0 to 90 degree, for better versatility.

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Alvin CraftMaster


It is important to have in your study room a stable drafting and drawing table. This is why we recommend Alvin CraftMaster table. With this model in your study room, everything goes smoother. The table has an elegant and stylish design, with 1 handed tilt that can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees. You can adjust the table’s height from 38 to 32 in, for added flexibility. The table comes with 1.5 inch steel tubing and special scratch resistant coating. This product comes with dual 3 drawer units which you can use in order to store different things.

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