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A dog is man’s best friend and it’s easy to see millions of American families have one in their homes. Yet, taking care of a dog requires patience and a special maintenance. One of the most important things of taking care of a dog is the food. In order to keep the dog healthy and strong it’s best to feed him with special treats which take care of its skin, hair and energy levels. Reading some of the current best dog food reviews will help you determine which brand you need to take for your special friend. It’s important to take food that the dog will love.



Taste of the Wild Prairie Formula


Best Dog Food reviewsOne particular type of dog food that seems to be present in thousands of homes in the US today is Prairie formula from Taste of the Wild. This particular formula contains lamb meal, venison, bison, egg product, chicken meal, peas, sweat potatoes, roasted bison, canola oil, tomato pomace, ocean fish meal, tomatoes, raspberries and many others. You should also know that Wild Prairie dog formula contains vital vitamins for the dog such as B1, D, B12, B6, biotin or manganese Sulfate which will do wonders for the general health of the dog. It’s important to keep the dog healthy and happy.

“My dog is very sensitive when it comes to his food, but luckily I manage to come across this food for dogs which he absolutely loves. I am happy with the vitamins that it has and also with the fact that he is eating it with pleasure.” Henry Wiggins


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Wellness Pet Products Grain-Free


Majority of the present best dog food reviews, written by a growing number of families with pets underline the great effects of Wellness Grain-Free dog food. This particular dog formula seems to make dogs happy, by delivering a delightful taste at every meal. Wellness guarantees the maximum levels of both calcium and phosphorus, keeping the dog energized and up and running. This dog food from Wellness, is 100% grain-free, nutrient dense providing a balanced and healthy diet. You should also know that the dog food formula includes antioxidants, probiotics and also Omega Fatty Acids, with tremendous positive effects on the dog’s health.

“I believe this is a very healthy dog food and very tasty as well, cause my dog simply can’t get enough of it. He is full of energy at the same time and this can only mean he has a healthy diet which gives him a lot of strenght for playing and other activities.” Helene Stone


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Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine


When it comes to dog food, people try to avoid formulas that might cause dietary problems later on. This is the reason Taste of the Wild, created Pacific Stream canine dog formula that strengthen the muscles of the dog and improves its health. The formula from Taste of the Wilde contains the following ingredients potatoes, salmon, ocean fish meal, canola oil, potato fiber, salmon meal, smoked salmon, dried chicory toot, raspberries, blueberries and many more. Furthermore the formula delivers to the dog important sources of vitamins such as B2, D, B6, B1, and B12, A which revitalize the dog’s energies during the day.

“A great mix of ingredients which for my dog are absolutely perfect. He is so happy everytime I fill his bowl and eats every last piece. Seing that my dog likes it very much I recommend it to other dog owners. A very good mix for sure!” Steve Williams


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Newman’s Own Organics


A growing number of the latest best dog food reviews emphasize on the great taste of Newman’s Own organics formula, which was specially created for medium sized dogs. Created by the national appreciated dog formula Newman’s Own organics, this dog food will please your dog for sure, while also improving its health and vitality. This high quality dog food includes the following ingredients: chicken, organic peas, organic oats, chicken fat, dried kelp, organic brown rice, chicken liver, sea salt, parsley and many more. In addition, this particular dog food from Newman’s gives the dog an important source of vitamins such as C, K, D3, B12, E and iodine.

“When I see my dog eat every little bit of his food, I can only be happy and acknowledge the fact that it is one  of the best types of dog food around. Also when I look at the list of vitamins it has I am impressed every time.” Edward Harper


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Wellness Pet Products Super5Mix


When it comes to tasty and high quality dog food, Wellness Pet Products Super 5 delivers a special treat to the dog. Your dog will surely like this formula from Wellness, wanting more and more each day. Wellness dog food has 3 animal protein sources that help your dog be active full of energy. Furthermore, all the ingredients placed in Wellness formula delivers the optimal caloric intake that supports a healthy body development. This dog formula comes with Omega 3 and 6 which mix it up, in order to support the dog’s health, protecting the skin and hair. You need to know that Wellness Super 5, contains no wheat, artificial colours or flavours.

“My dog can’t get enough of this mix and seeing him so healthy and happy can only mean that Wellness have created somehting special right here. The proteins and vitamins it has are well balanced and give my dog a huge amount of energy which makes me very happy as well.” Jack Collins


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