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Top dinnerware sets in 2019


Everything has a place in the kitchen, and all the components create a joyful experience for the whole family. When people dine, it’s important to have right dinnerware in order to satisfy any culinary aspirations and also delight the eyes. Well, as it happens the market has a wide array of products which can accommodate any personal requirements. Reading some of the latest best dinnerware sets reviews, written by housewives, decorators and single moms can help you identify the one suited to your daily needs. With a beautiful and carefully designed dinnerware you will impress your guests, friends and family members.



Corelle Livingware


Best Dinnerware Sets reviewsToday, people use with confidence Corelle Livingware dinnerware set which are designed to impress and take an impact. The pieces of the set are chip resistant and ideal for daily dining within family or special occasions. This dinnerware set comes in various patterns and shapes, which are durable and reliable. How? Well, this set is made out of a unique material, Vitrelle that improves the lifespan even at daily usage. You should also know that every piece of this dinnerware set is lightweight, dishwasher and microwave safe. In a nutshell, the dinnerware accommodates with ease the individual desires of beauty and reliability.

“Every good housewife must have a special set of dinnerware for those special nights when you have guests over and just for these occasions I bought the Corelle Livingware dinnerware set. The design is very modern and it goes perfect with my tablecloth.” Martha Robertson


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Corelle Square


If you desire to eat in an elegant way, boasting your eyes in a pure white that never fades, then Corelle Square dinnerware set is the way to do it. As most of the current best dinnerware sets reviews pointed out, this particular model includes the following: 4 10-1/4 inch dinner plate, 8-3/4 inch lunch plate, 4 12-ounce mug and also four 22-ounce cereal bowl. The material used in the design is Vitrelle, which makes every piece from the set chip and break resistant. Furthermore, besides being simply stunning, this dinnerware set is microwave and dishwasher safe while the lightweight design make it great to pass along.

“ I like to have a very modern house and this includes the kitchen and its accessories. For this reason I have this squared shaped dinnerware from Corelle. The whole set is absolutely lovely, scoring high points on the design chart.” Helene Stoner


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Corelle Simple Lines


Aesthetics makes the difference between a smile at dinner and a grumpy look. This is why Corelle Simple Lines dinnerware set has a stunning design, bent to impress and transmit elegance. This set was created with laminated layers of glass, which makes every piece of the set durable, strong and even lightweight. The 16 piece set is comprised out of four of 10-1/4-dinner plate, lunch plate soup bowl and porcelain mug. It combines style with resistance to heat, making this dinnerware set dishwasher and microwave safe. Families love this dinnerware set, which they use with confidence daily to serve friends and guests.

“I knew from the first time I saw its design that I am going to get this for my home. The design is absolutely splendid, they seem rock solid and they have a very accessible price for a set with so many features and this quality.” Jane Bertrand


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Corelle Livingware Memphis


According to the present best dinnerware sets reviews, Corelle Livingware Memphis model is a great addition to any home because it combines style with visual pleasure. If you have a festive mood or the occasion asks for it, this particular set can deliver the right incentive because it presents a scheme of primary lively colours. This set includes the following services, four out of each: 10-1/4 inch dinner plate, 6-3/4 inch bread plate, 11-ounce mug and lastly 18-ounc soup and cereal bowl. Designed using Vitrelle triple layer glass, a durable material, this dinnerware set is chip and break proofed.

“I must recommend this dinnerware set from Correlle because at least for me, it comes with all the features you would expect from one. The triple glass layer is very solid, the colorful design is very neat and you can easily wash them after you are done eating using the dishwasher.” Britney  Elliott


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Corelle Kobe Square


Glamorous and elegant, Corelle Kobe Square dinnerware set will certainly improve your dinner table’s visual quality and thus creating a soothing feeling for anyone seated on it. This dinnerware set has a stunning design: a delicate yellow flower, a lovely pattern that simply delights. Made out of Vitrelle, every piece of the dinnerware set is chip and breaks resistant. Microwave and dishwasher safe, for long lasting activities, this dinnerware set includes the following components: dinner plates, lunch plates, mugs and cereal or soup bowls in order to accommodate any type of food. This is the subtle dinnerware set you should have in your kitchen.

“I got a lot of compliments from my friedns for my lovely dinner set and I just have to recommend it for other tables because it is beautiful and practical at the same time. And to top it all off the price is very accessible and the set can handle any type of food.” Mary Wilson


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