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Finding the best digital printer can really be a challenge, especially if you are new to these types of products. There are many items on the market, and you have to go through many reviews and buying advice. As this can take a lot of your time, we decided to help you out and collected all the important information you need in order to make the right choice. Our team has concluded that Brother’s HLL2395DW model is worth keeping in mind. It is ideal for small home offices, and it provides fast printing (36 ppm). You can print from compatible Android mobile devices, due to the NFC connection option. Since it comes with a convenient flatbed for fast copying and scanning, the unit uses less electricity than other similar products, making it a cost-efficient device. In the unfortunate event you do not find our first recommendation for sale, the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 is also a great option.



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Essays, business documents, contracts, coupons — whatever you need to print, good digital printers are very useful. The market has a lot to offer in this sense, and you can find products for all sorts of prices; from outrageously expensive, to a cheap digital printer, you have a lot of options.

The price is just one factor you need to keep in mind when you set up to buy such an item, but there are other essential aspects you need to consider.


When it comes to this line of products, you need to know that there are multiple types you can select from. You need to be aware of your necessities.

For example, inkjet printers use droplets of ink in order to form letters, photos, and graphics. Some of them are equipped with one cartridge that holds the cyan, yellow, and magenta inks, and another one for black. Other ones use separate cartridges for each color.

The units used for photos come with extra cartridges with lighter magenta, cyan or gray inks, that can provide a smother aspect for the light sections of the photographs.

Laser printers work similarly to plain-paper copiers, creating images by transferring toner or powdered ink to the paper while moving over an electrically charged drum. This process produces sharp black and white text.

There are also the all-in-one printers which feature copying, scanning and sometimes fax options. Most of these are not more expensive, but they can take up a bit more space than other types. The advantage of using this kind of unit is that it is versatile and can satisfy more needs.

Whichever model you decide upon, we recommend looking for one that has a flatbed design, so you can copy photos, books or other items you can’t put through the slot of a sheet-fed model.



Depending on what you are going to use this printer for, certain features can make your work more efficient. Let’s take the USB port for instance! The way in which a unit connects to a computer depends on what kind of connectivity it has. Most printers are equipped with a USB port which allows them to connect to Mac or Windows devices.

There are products in this line that incorporate a built-in LCD screen which is designed for you to be able to view and edit images from a memory card, for example. These screens are usually small, but there are models which come with larger ones of about four inches in width.

The double-sided printing can make your life easier, and reduce costs by utilizing one paper for two pages. With some models, you can print the odd-numbered pages first, and then flip them over to write the even-numbered ones. A few printers, however, have built-in duplexers which automatically imprint on both sides.



Since we have mentioned this aspect before, this is a very important thing to keep in mind as well. There are many printers which feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even infrared wireless technology.

Units with PictBridge can also connect to cameras, and there are models which can print and download pictures straight from your camera’s memory card.

Networking allows you to print or scan from any computer, or even smart device in either a wired or a wireless home network. Some of the all-in-one models we have already mentioned can communicate with the Internet, running applications which allow you to print online content, and can even send printing to your home, for example, from a remote computer.

One last piece of advice — when you find a model that you like, we also recommend going through some digital printer reviews, to learn about any possible issues other owners might have encountered.


Continuing the guidelines that we presented, we have chosen some of the best options and showcased them below in order for you to be able to select and enjoy a great pick.


Brother HLL2395DW


Ideal for small offices or home, Brother’s HLL2395DW monochrome laser printer offers super-fast printing — 36 ppm. Moreover, it uses less electricity and is equipped with NFC designed for direct printing from Android mobile devices that are compatible.

This product was engineered for convenience, as it comes with a flatbed scan glass for fast copying or scanning. Compared to older models from Brother, this device offers much faster high-quality prints.

The laser printer has a 250-sheet paper capacity which helps to improve efficiency, as less time will be spent refilling the tray. It can also handle legal-sized or letter paper. Another great feature is the Cloud-based print and scan. You have the option to scan or print to and from Cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and others as well.

Since it comes with wireless, the unit allows you to print from laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets. For increased convenience, the manufacturer added the Touch to connect printing with NFC option.

As a bonus, upon activation, Amazon Dash Replenishment measures the toner level and when it is low, orders more from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon for ($112.99)




Canon PIXMA Pro-100


If you are looking for a large format, professional and high-quality printer, the PIXMA Pro-100 from Canon is a great option. This unit brings the technology and functionality you require in order to obtain high-quality results. Your prints will look as good as the images you capture.

The system used is the 8-inch dye based ChromaLife 100+. It offers you an outstanding color range so that your prints will look as vivid as you remember them. The Optimum Image Generating System is used to ensure that what you envision is actually what you get, as it analyzes all areas of the print and selects the best ink mixture.

The Print Studio Pro 2 plug-in software helps you achieve amazing results from photo applications. Wi-fi connectivity, Ethernet, and USB are other great features this unit comes with. In addition, the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 comes with two paper trays.

There is a rear tray for a diversity of fine art and glossy photo papers, and also a manual slot for thicker media — all this in order to meet your printing needs. Due to its size and versatility, this printer can find its way into any office or home.

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Brother HL-3180CDW


You can certainly take the next step in digital color printing, scanning, and copying with the Brother HL-3180CDW unit. It was created with convenience and versatility in mind, featuring strong productivity characteristics meant to improve your workflow and also to help reduce operating costs.

You can obtain high-impact black and white, but also color business documents, thanks to the Brother Digital LED print technology. The device comes with a multi-purpose 250-sheet capacity tray, which is adjustable to legal size or letter and complements the straight-through manual feed slot for envelope printing.

Since it comes with a two-sided printing option, this device helps you save paper. The cloud connectivity and the mobile device printing option enhance your efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, this product allows you to control the color printing costs due to the Secure Function Lock feature which sets color page counts and also limits color printing to a maximum of 25 users. The toner comes with a high-capacity of about 2200 pages, which also helps to lower the cost per copy.


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